Can You Freeze Roasted Onions?

When you love onions, you probably make more than you can eat with a meal. This can lead to a lot of waste, especially if you are the only person that you are cooking for or in the case that you are the only onion lover in your family.

You will find that onions keep really well when stored whole in the right location and in the right container.

However, once you have cooked onions, they become harder to keep. This can lead to having to throw out lots of roasted onion that you have prepared.

This can be really upsetting if you have taken the time to prepare a lot of onion and have wanted to use it in the near future.

Roasted onion is only kept in the fridge for about two days. After that, it is not good to eat anymore.

This leads to questions about whether you can freeze your roasted onions for use later on. If you are interested in the process of freezing roasted onions, you need to read on!

Can Your Freeze Roasted Onions?

The answer is that yes, you can freeze onions that have been roasted. You will need to make sure that you store them correctly, but they can easily be frozen to keep them from going bad when you are trying to save them for later.

This is a much better option than trying to keep your onions good in the fridge, and it is also a better option than having to roast onion every time you want to use it for something.

For those who meal-prep or who cook with limited time, it can be really nice to have roasted onion that is ready to be thawed and consumed right on hand.

If you want to have access to this ingredient for all of your cooking needs, you need to learn how to freeze your roasted onion to make it last longer.

How Long do Frozen Roasted Onions Last?

The good news about learning this process is that frozen roasted onions last for as much as eight to ten months!

This is a really nice benefit when you are considering preparing meal items in advance, and you will never get this kind of storage span from them when stored any other way.

This is a great way to prevent waste and to keep your onions from going bad when you want to have them on hand for various uses all the time.

How to Freeze Roasted Onions

There are various ways that you can protect your onions when you choose to freeze them. The storage container that you use can impact their freshness, but if you only have freezer bags on hand or only have Tupperware on hand, don’t worry!

You can store with either of these kinds of storage containers with ease.

When you are preparing something to freeze, no matter what kind of food item it is, you will need to wash your hands before you handle the food when placing it into storage.

You will want to prevent adding bacteria from your hands to the bag or storage container. Despite the cold, dirty hands mean that bacteria will get into the container and cause the breakdown of the onion much more quickly than necessary.

Once your hands are clean, you will need to decide if you are using Tupperware or a storage bag for your freezing needs.

If you are going to use Tupperware, you will want to have some parchment paper on hand to place in between the layers of the onion.

Make sure that you place the onion in a single layer in the freezer bag if you are using this storage container. You will need to place the bag flat on the counter or another surface and press out all the air before you zip the bag shut.

Store the bag flat so that the onions do not all fall to the bottom of the bag and get moist while they are all balled up.

When using Tupperware, place the first layer of roasted onion onto the bottom of the container. You will then layer the onions with parchment paper as needed to keep them from turning into a big clump inside the container.

When your stored onions are all touching, they will impart moisture and oils to one another, which can cause spoiling.

When you are ready to bring your onions out of the freezer to use them, you will want to let the onion warm up to room temperature on its own. This will preserve their texture and make sure that they do not get slimy and soft when they are warm.

You can also thaw them slowly in the fridge if you have a couple of days for them to warm up to a usable temperature.

Freezing Roasted Onion is Really Easy

There are so many reasons that you might want to freeze your roasted onion, and thankfully, this process is really easy.

If you have been feeling bad about wasting food or you want to have onion on hand that you do not have to take the time to roast before you sit down to eat, this is a great storage solution for your needs.

Storing your onion in the freezer is really easy, and if you have the patience and time to make sure that your onion is stored correctly, you will be able to enjoy the onion that has been stored for as long as ten months!

Storing onion before it is cooked just requires the right onion storage container and a cool place away from moisture. When you are ready to cook your onion, make sure that you are prepared to store it all.

Cooking too much onion really doesn’t make sense when you can easily store the uncut onion bulbs for so long.

Having the ability to keep your roasted onion fresh for months is really nice. This process makes it simple to have onion on hand whenever you need it.

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