Ironing curtain to remove wrinkles

Removing Wrinkles From Polyester Curtains [Explained!]

Polyester always gives a smooth feel. Curtains made of 100% polyester are easy to care for as they’re stain-resistant and don’t shrink or stretch out. They can, however, wrinkle especially. How can you remove wrinkles from polyester curtains? Are you curious to know? Let’s start! Reasons Behind Wrinkles Wrinkles may … Continue Reading

Ironing polyester with steam iron

Does Polyester Shrink? [A Comprehensive Guide]

You may be a big fan of Polyester. Why do you like it? It’s comfortable, durable, and affordable. Isn’t it? However, do you know everything about Polyester? Does Polyester shrink? No, it doesn’t. Polyester is known for its shrink-resistant nature. If you wash and dry it at a warm temperature, … Continue Reading

Different Lysol products arranged on a table

Does Lysol Hurt Clothing? [Explained!]

You may use Lysol on your clothes when you come home from outside. But, is it safe for garments?   Does Lysol hurt clothing? Lysol is a powerful disinfectant. Generally, it removes germs from literally any hard surface. You can use it on your clothes too if you want. However, it … Continue Reading

Detergents arranged in store rack

Does Cheap Detergent Ruin Clothes?

Everybody wants to save money. However, you shouldn’t do it for laundry. You may pick cheap detergent from the market and stain clothes.  Does cheap detergent ruin clothes? Most cheap detergents contain harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, artificial fragrances, and phosphates. These elements may discolor fabrics, reduce lifespan, and reduce … Continue Reading

Setting ironing board cover on a ironing board

Can Ironing Board Cover Make a Difference?

Ironing board cover and pad may make your busy day enjoyable. But, do they make any difference? Ironing board covers are the best purchase for sewing, decorative works, and ironing. Most importantly, they protect garments from hot soleplates and dust. In addition, they let you easily remove wrinkles from literally … Continue Reading

Fleas on clothes

Can Ironing Kill Fleas? [Explained!]

Fleas can be a big problem for you and your pets. So, controlling them is crucial for you. It may be possible that you bought some chemicals from the market to kill fleas. But is it necessary to do so? Why don’t you iron your garments? Does ironing kill fleas? … Continue Reading

Reheating pasta in microwave oven

Can You Reheat Pasta Twice?

“To reheat pasta twice or not, that is the question.” The good news is that we have the answer, but it’s not a simple “yes” or “no”. This is because reheating leftovers more than once requires extra caution. This is to reduce the possibility of bacteria in the food which … Continue Reading