Can You Machine Wash the Ironing Board Cover?

Ironing board covers can save you from many hassles. So, it would help if you cleaned it regularly. But, can you machine wash ironing board covers?

You can machine wash your ironing board covers if it is made of 100% fabric. Just use a gentle cycle of your washer to wash it and let it dry. However, it is always recommended to check the garment label to identify whether it is machine washable or not. 

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Throwing the cover into the washer

How to Machine Wash Ironing Board Cover

Covers allow you to iron smoothly and protect your dresses. So, wash it regularly to ensure efficient ironing.


First thing first, read the care instructions to identify whether the cover is machine washable or not. If it states machine washable, you’re free to go. Generally, board covers made of fabric like felt and cotton are machine washable. However, checking care labels is always the best practice.


Now, set up your ironing board and remove the cover from the metal or plastic frame carefully. In most cases, you may notice starch buildup or dirt on the covers.

Removing the cover from the frame
Removing the cover from the frame


Throw the cover into the washer. Add mild detergents instead of harsh ones. If your cover is made of cotton, harsh detergent may shrink it a bit. Set a delicate cycle for washing and wait a while for that to end.

Throwing the cover into the washer
Throwing the cover into the washer


Great! Your job is done. It is time to dry the cover. Air dry this item instead of using a clothes dryer as high temperature may ruin the coating on the cover. That’s why I suggest you air dry it.  

When to Avoid Machine Wash Ironing Board Cover?

If the care label states hand wash, then wash it with a gentle detergent. Avoid machine washing to avoid damage.

Interestingly, sometimes washing instructions are wipe clean only. In such cases, take a sponge and soak it in lukewarm water. Add detergent to it and gently wipe the cover. After cleaning, air dry the cover.

How Often to Machine Wash the Ironing Board Cover

Always keep your board cover clean. When you notice too much dirt, or debris on it, throw it in your washer. Never worry, as most of the covers are durable and shrink-resistant. Moreover, they aren’t that expensive.

Therefore, you can machine wash them after every two or three months.

By the way, clean board covers mean-

  • Smooth gliding of soleplate over fabrics
  • Easier and more comfortable ironing experience.
  • The smooth surface of the garment will be protected.

How to Get Scorch Marks off the Ironing Board Cover

If the scorch mark is new, soak the cover in cold water as soon as possible. This technique will possibly remove the marks. In addition,

  • Prepare a solution of equal parts of vinegar and water.
  • Apply this solution to the scorched area and clean it properly.
  • Repeat the process until the marks are gone.


  • Apply lemon juice to the damaged area.
  • Air dry the cover.

In most cases, marks may be removed. If not, then apply hydrogen peroxide to that spot. It may save you. Check the procedure-

  • First, take a clean towel and dip it in hydrogen peroxide.
  • Apply the towel to the scorched area and run a hot iron. To avoid other scorch marks, don’t use too hot a soleplate.
  • Repeat the process several times.

Hopefully, all scorch marks will be gone. If not, the fabric may be damaged severely. Think of buying a new one instead of losing time on this!

How Long Do Ironing Board Covers Last

You can find various types of ironing board covers in the market. Standard covers can last more than a decade, provided that you take proper care of them.

For better ironing experiences, you should change it when you notice damaged areas on it. Sometimes, coating on covers may be ruined too. That’s why changing is the best option for such situations.

Tips for Extending the Life of Ironing Board Cover

Okay, so now you’ve either thrown your cover into the washing machine or opted for the handwash – high five! But how do you make sure it stays in top-notch condition for the long haul?

Storage Wisdom:

When you’re not in ironing mode, fold your ironing board cover neatly. Proper storage prevents unnecessary creases and ensures it’s ready for action when duty calls.

Handle with Care:

Avoid activities that could damage your cover. Sharp objects, heavy items, and pets with a penchant for clawing should be kept at a safe distance. Treat your cover like the VIP it is!

Regular Check-ups:

Just like a visit to the doctor keeps you healthy, a regular inspection keeps your cover in peak condition. Look for loose threads, weak spots, or any signs of distress. It’s all about proactive care!

Final Thought

Using an ironing board cover can make ironing comfortable and fun for you. It reflects heat to polish and remove wrinkles from garments easily. It lasts longer and has served you better over decades. So, take proper care of it. 

The machine washes it if the instruction label says so. Otherwise, satisfy yourself with a hand wash or wipe clean only.

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Happy ironing!  

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