Is Wrinkle Release Spray Bad For Clothes?

Do you use wrinkle spray and are not satisfied with their performance? You may be curious to know whether it affects your clothes negatively or not. 

Is wrinkle release spray bad for clothes?

Most sprays contain harmful elements like alcohol, Acrylic Acid, and Methyl. These elements can harm your clothes and health in the long run. Therefore, avoid this spray to save your garments. Instead, you can use homemade spray that works perfectly on every fabric.

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Clothes after using wrinkle release spray

Cons of Using Wrinkle Releaser

Not great for all fabrics

Manufacturers of wrinkle releasers say that their product works great on all fabrics. However, it isn’t true at all. If you’re a big fan of polyester and satin, you should think twice before using them. It doesn’t work great on my 100% polyester shirts. So, what do I do?

I use vinegar that works excellent on all of my garments. Moreover, vinegar doesn’t hurt fabrics.

Leave stains on clothes

You should apply this spray in small amounts. Otherwise, it may leave stains on garments. This spray contains alcohol to remove dark spots and marks. When you use them more, they may discolor fabric permanently. 

That’s why I recommend you try it in a smaller area to see its reaction. After getting positive results, you may apply it to the whole cloth. Otherwise, use a homemade spray. 

Not perfect for stubborn wrinkles

Are you a little bit worried about stubborn wrinkles on garments? In such scenarios, ironing properly and using vinegar are the best options.

Some of you may try to use wrinkle releasers to remove hard wrinkles. This spray can remove regular wrinkles, not hard ones. So, don’t waste your money.

Weird smell

Wrinkle releaser spray uses alcohol to process clothes. This may perform well when you use it in tiny amounts. However, if you use this in larger volumes, dresses may smell a bit odd. 

In contrast, you can use essential oil to remove bad odor. Moreover, this oil kills dust mites effectively. 

Require more time to dry

Do you prefer to travel a lot? Then, you may buy this spray and expect to treat your dresses within seconds. If you think so, you’re living in a fool’s paradise.

In reality, you need to hang clothes overnight to dry them after using spray. Sounds horrible! Then, be a fan of denim or polyester like me! Wear clothes more and never see wrinkles. 

Otherwise, buy a garment steamer and magnet ironing blanket. When you travel, take those with you and remove wrinkles from almost any fabric. Are you worried about timing? 

Garment steamers can remove wrinkles within the blinking of eyes. Just follow helpful ironing tips and safety rules.

Is Wrinkle Releaser Harmful to the Skin?

I’ve already mentioned that wrinkle spray may contain harmful elements. These elements are detrimental to both clothes and skin.

Most spray uses alcohol to remove marks from clothes. Although there are many helpful types of alcohol, stay away from them if you have sensitive skin. Alcohol can irritate your skin.

Another harmful element of this spray is Dimethicone. There is no specific evidence that it is harmful to the skin. However, it may trigger an allergic reaction. So, if you observe irritation, itching, and swelling in your skin, avoid using them.  

Therefore, you should stay away from using a chemical-based spray. So, what to do? How to remove wrinkles from clothes effectively? Luckily, you can make wrinkle releasers at home. So, prepare it and save some dimes. Bingo!

DIY Homemade Wrinkle Release Spray


  • Distilled water(one cup)
  • White vinegar(one cup)
  • Essential oil (five drops)
  • Spray bottle(one piece)


Mixing all the ingredients


First thing first, mix distilled water with vinegar and essential oil into a spray bottle. 

Shaking bottle to mix the ingredients


Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients well.

Spray on the clothes


Hang clothes with a hanger or lay them on an ironing board, and moist with the spray.


Line dry garments and see the results.

Remember, you must first test this mixture on a small part of your dress to see the reaction. If your garment doesn’t fade, apply it. 

Most importantly, always use distilled white vinegar in limited amounts. If you use it in excess amounts, your clothes may smell odd. 

Are There Other Ways to Remove Wrinkles From Clothes Easily?

Obviously, there are many ways to remove wrinkles in garments easily. Take a look-

  • You can use a garment steamer to solve this problem. Most importantly, you can carry it while traveling. It is fast and works great on all fabrics.
  • Buy a mini iron and take it when you are on a trip. It can polish garments perfectly. Moreover, it is so easy to carry in your suitcase.
  • Never forget to wet clothes a bit before starting ironing.
  • Store clothes in the closet appropriately. Wrongly stored garments grow creases quickly.
  • Hot shower steam can work great on wrinkles. Just put them in the bathroom when you take a shower.
  • Use homemade fabric softener to washer. It can smooth out most wrinkles.
  • Try to wear synthetic blend fabrics. They don’t require frequent ironing. Moreover, you’ll look great in these outfits.

Does Wrinkle Releaser Work on Polyester? 

Getting wrinkles out of polyester is tough. Generally, this spray works better with 100% cotton dresses. However, it can’t work better on synthetic fabrics like polyester and satin. 

Therefore, iron them carefully if you want to remove wrinkles from polyester tablecloths, curtains, and drapes. Just iron them at the optimal temperature mentioned on the garment care label. Ironing in too-hot settings can ruin polyester permanently. 

Moreover, you can line-dry them instead of using a dryer. However, if you want to use a dryer, use it in low to medium settings. 

For better results, toss some ice cubes for it. Lastly, never use too hot water to wash them. Instead, use regular water or a mixture of hot and cold water.  

Is Wrinkle Release Spray Safe?

First of all, this spray doesn’t work on most fabrics. However, it may contain harmful elements like alcohol. So, it isn’t safe. 

Therefore, always check the spray ingredients before buying it. If it doesn’t contain harsh materials, use it sensibly. 

Generally, it can’t polish stubborn creases from synthetic fabrics. Moreover, it may stain if used in excess amounts. 

Instead, you can prepare a homemade wrinkle releaser. It never damages garments. Or, you can use white vinegar.

Final Thought

Using wrinkle releasers can affect your garments and skin negatively. Therefore, always depend on natural solutions instead of using chemicals. 

Preparing a homemade spray is a matter of seconds. Prepare and use them for all fabrics, from delicate to synthetics.

So, what do you think? Do you know any homemade spray formula? Feel free to share that with me.

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