Top 15 Ironing Safety Rules [Facts You Should Know]

Ironing may be an everyday task for you. However, you may not realize that this process is a little bit risky. So, I advise you to follow some rules to avoid an accident.

Are you curious to know the ironing safety rules and advice? Is it yes? Then, you are in the right place.

In this article, I have mentioned 15 safety rules and advice just for you.

Let’s explore those!  

Checking the safety option before ironing clothes

1. Buy From Trusted Manufacturers 

Nowadays, many renowned companies are producing irons for you. Both cheap and expensive versions of those irons are available in the market. So never buy one from a fake store.

Remember, buying an iron is not a waste of money. Instead, consider it as an investment. A standard iron can save your life. However, you don’t need to spend too much money on this purpose. Even you can buy an excellent iron for just $30

2. Read Catalog

Reading a catalog could be a great way to understand the functions of iron. It helps you to know the exact setting for different fabrics. 

You should know which iron works better with Wool, Silk, Denim, and other types of fabrics. For example, dry iron can damage muslin, linen, and denim; and burn those. 

So, reading instructions is a must for you

3. Use Standard Ironing Board

Using a sturdy ironing board can make ironing easier. In addition, it keeps your home organized. 

Many of you may prefer ironing on clothes. However, ironing on clothes, especially nylon, could be a little bit dangerous. It can quickly melt and set fire. So, buy an ironing board. Now!

The latest models of ironing boards have the following features-

  • Made up of suitable materials. Those aren’t melted.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can be folded and placed everywhere.
  • Have wide legs. So, irons can’t be toppled over.
  • Adjustable height.

4. Automatic Safety Features

You may know that steam irons produce steam. However, if the soleplate is not hot enough, it won’t create vapor. Thus, water may leak from the soleplate. The Anti-Drip feature prevents iron from producing steam at low temperatures.

Many irons have an auto shut-off feature too. Because of that, your iron will turn off if you don’t use it for several minutes. 

For example, many irons turn off after 15 minutes if left in an upright position. However, if it is kept on the soleplate for 30 minutes, it will be turned off. 

Does your steam iron have this feature? Check the box of your iron!

5. Never Overfill Water Tank

You may complain about the leaking problem of your iron. What is the leading cause? Do you know? Make a guess. Yes, you have overfilled the water tank. So, tiny drops of water come from iron and damage it soon.

So, how can you solve the problem? First, go and check the maximum limit of the reservoir. Never fill the water tank beyond that particular level. 

6. Keep Children’s Away

Iron burns are common among young children, especially among boys aged between 1 and 2 years old. Sometimes, serious injuries may even happen. So, be careful. Otherwise, your kid may be a victim next time. You don’t know when your kids are going to touch the soleplate.

Therefore, never keep your kids around while ironing. Instead, let them play with their friends during that time.

7. Check the Power cord 

The power cord can cause serious trouble for you. That’s why avoiding corded iron is better. 

Cordless iron can save you from a lot of trouble. For example, your kid may want to jump over the cord. However, if you don’t like this iron, purchase retractable cord irons. This iron will eliminate the risk associated with a power cord.

However, if you have decided to stick with a regular steam iron, make sure that the cord is insulated. It adds another layer to the existing security of the wire.

8. Check the Connection to the Power Source

Irons always use higher watts to operate. For example, steam generator irons use almost 5000 watts. In contrast, steam irons use around 2000 watts.

Therefore, you need to check whether you operate a high-wattage device with iron on the same circuit or not. For example, you can’t run a clothes dryer with iron on the same course. 

If your connection is overloaded, it will harm the iron. Most importantly, always turn off the iron before plugging it in and out.

9. Keep Iron Away From Water

Iron and water never work better together. That’s why never immerse your iron in water because of the possibility of electric shock.

When you clean your iron or fill the water tank, always disconnect it from the power source. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock. If the shock is major, admit to the nearest clinic.

10. Never Use Damaged Iron

If your iron is broken or damaged, try your best to buy a new one. Don’t even try to repair it by yourself. Such actions could be dangerous for you.

Iron experts recommend visiting service centers to get your iron checked by a professional. If your iron leaks water, there is a higher risk of receiving electric shocks. Moreover, faulty irons can never remove stubborn wrinkles or sensitive spots from dresses. 

You can easily buy a brand-new iron for just $40. So, why do you use a damaged one? Change it now and get yourself dazzled by the features of the latest irons.

11. Never Leave an Iron Unattended

It would help if you never left your iron unattended. Your kids are always curious to know the unknown. They may try to feel the iron too. 

Never start ironing when you are busy. Then, you may leave the iron unattended. Moreover, keep your smartphone close during ironing. You can even use an iron caddy to keep it safe or store it in a secured place after ironing.

12. Never Got Distracted

I know that ironing is a tedious task. After a busy day, nobody prefers to do so. Honestly, I’m not too fond of it. So, distraction is pretty usual.

But, iron experts suggest that you never got out of your mind during that period. Furthermore, studies show that we commit more mistakes when we are inattentive. Hence, never multitask while ironing. The steam burst feature can easily impress your kids or pets. So, keep an eye on them.

Yesterday, my wife was ironing and watching her favorite serial. However, she didn’t notice that our kid was trying to touch the ironing board. Luckily, she saw and kept her away from there.

So, be cautious.

13. Set Safety Measures at Home

It is too difficult to fold the ironing board and pack the iron every time after ironing. That’s why I suggest you iron in a specific area of your house. Such actions will help you in numerous ways. I am mentioning some-

  • It is hassle-free.
  • Improve the longevity of the ironing board and iron.
  • Safer approach for family members.
  • Keep you organized. 

Always keep the door of the ironing room closed. Everyone is safe.

Enjoy your coffee!

14. Unplug and Cool Down the Iron

A turned-off iron can harm anybody. You may touch it without knowing that it is still hot. Therefore, cool down your iron quickly. Follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Unplug the cord from the power source. 
  • Empty the remaining hot water.
  • Set the temperature dial to the minimum level.
  • Place steam leaver to no steam position.
  • Place iron on its heel.

15. Check Cords and Plugs

You should regularly check power cords and plugs for potential danger. Of course, it is better to check it every week. However, if you are a heavy user like me, you must check it every day.

If something unusual is observed, contact service centers immediately. Never hesitate to do so. A slight negligence in this context could do more harm to you.

So, be careful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Irons Safe?

Irons are safe to use if you follow safety precautions and rules. Children are more prone to accidents if they-

  • Touch the soleplate.
  • Sit on a weak ironing board and hurt them.
  • Play with damaged iron.
  • Try to touch the steam burst.
  • Touch and leak the power cord.

Sometimes, adults burn them when working with iron too. So, keep alert. Always check on your kids. Moreover, installing fire alarms and safety measures are always recommended.

What happens if an Electric Iron is Left Switched on For a Week?

Most modern irons have an auto turn-off feature. For example, suppose you don’t use iron for a certain period. It will turn off. 

As a result, turning on such irons for a week won’t cause a problem. Most modern irons use a thermostat to check the temperature. If you leave your iron unattended, the thermostat will keep the temperature constant. So, it won’t create a problem for you.

However, this safety option is not available in traditional irons. In addition, these irons may cause fire and harm you if you forget to turn them off. So, consider buying a new one instead of using an old one.

How Do You Protect Clothes When Ironing?

You can protect clothes during ironing in various ways. I am mentioning some of them.

Let’s take a look-

  • First, read the manual to understand the perfect setting for your clothes.
  • Buy the latest iron from a trusted buyer. Modern-day irons are safer than ordinary irons. 
  • Iron clothes inside out.
  • Never iron dry clothes as it will damage fabrics. Instead, iron slightly damp clothes for better results.
  • Use a standard ironing board. It is easier to iron and ensure smoothness with an ironing board.
  • Vertical steam your clothes.

Why Does Ironing Leave White Marks?

Sometimes, you may notice white marks on your dress after ironing. In many cases, such spots may be permanent. So, you need to know the exact reason behind this white mark.

If you iron your clothes at high temperatures, it may burn the fabric and ruin the texture. So, understand the exact temperature for your material. For example, if you want to iron a Nylon dress, you need to set the temperature dial to 135 C/275 F. Similarly, set 148 C/300 F for ironing silk fabric.

However, using high temperatures is not the sole reason. Sometimes, you sit on your fabric for a long time, and a white spot may appear. This is because you have compressed the material by sitting on it. That’s why we always observe white areas around the backside area.

Final Thought

Sadly, ironing accidents are common in American homes. You may not know when such accidents are going to happen to your family.

Always use a standard ironing board, or iron, and avoid using damaged iron to keep you safe. Luckily, irons of the 21st century are safer than the traditional irons of previous centuries. Therefore, buying a new one is highly appreciated. 

Apart from that, you should always check power sources to prevent short circuits. Also, use cordless ions for more safety.

Do you have anything in mind to share? Never hesitate to leave it in the comment. You are always welcome.

Have a great day! 

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