Chef installing sous vide rack

Sous Vide Simplified: A Rack to Perfection

Sous vide cooking is an appropriate way to achieve restaurant-quality cooking outcomes. Even so, this cooking method comes escorted by one major annoyance- keeping sous vide bags plunged in a hot water bath throughout the entire cooking session. Has this issue prevented you from achieving your culinary goals? If yes, … Continue Reading

Wrapping plastic stretch film on white background

How to Organize Plastic Wrap and Foil

Despite the fact that plastic wrap and kitchen foils come in storage boxes, they can still be hard to store and hard to keep from getting in your way. The boxes are often all different sizes and can break down some over time and start to be hard to work … Continue Reading

A bunch of almost ripe bananas wrapped in a transparent plastic bag

How to Keep Bananas Fresh with Plastic Wrap

Keeping fruit from ripening too fast is a constant struggle for those who love fruit. It seems like you can never make it through an entire bunch of bananas before half of them have become too ripe to enjoy. Wasting money on fruit is all too common because any large … Continue Reading

Sandwich with avocado and poached egg

How to Poach an Egg in Plastic Wrap

Poaching eggs requires a light touch and a bit of skill. Not everyone learns to make eggs this way the first time they try and some people give up on the idea of learning this egg-making skill. You should not throw in the towel too fast, however. There is more … Continue Reading

Woman puts tray of meat in the oven covered with plastic wrap

Is it Safe to Put Plastic Wrap in the Oven?

The plastic wrap feels like one of those items that are the answer to almost everything. Rather than duct tape, it can be easy to think of plastic wrap as the solution for almost any kitchen need. That being said, there are sometimes questions about what the limitations of plastic … Continue Reading

Plastic bags of fruits and vegetables

How to Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

If you have been wanting to have access to a grocery bag dispenser, you might have felt like the process of adding one to your home or your business can be daunting. You will find that this is not actually the case and the process of hanging this useful item … Continue Reading

Man carrying paper grocery bags

How to Fold and Store Grocery Bags

Grocery bags are an increasingly common personal item that people own. These bags are meant to be reused and are taken with you to the store each time you go to save money on plastic or paper bags. The movement to use reusable bags is great for the environment as … Continue Reading