How to Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

If you have been wanting to have access to a grocery bag dispenser, you might have felt like the process of adding one to your home or your business can be daunting.

You will find that this is not actually the case and the process of hanging this useful item can be quite easy. You will not have to struggle to hang a quality grocery bag dispenser and you can find out how by reading further.

Most of these grocery bag systems are made to hang with two screws and use sticky tape on the top and bottom of the dispenser to help it be stable.

You will simply need to sink the two screws most of the way into the wall as directed in the instructions and then press the dispenser firmly against the wall to complete the installation process.

If you want to learn how to install a grocery bag dispenser with ease, read on for more information.

What is a Grocery Bag Dispenser?

These handy items are made to dispense grocery bags from a wall-mounted unit. You will be able to pull the bags that you need out of the dispense when you need them. You will also be able to refill the dispenser with ease.

These bag dispensers are designed in many ways but most of them follow a basic model. Bag dispensers are a common tool that is used in many different applications and places, so this is a well-developed technology that is easy to use.

You will find that these items are not that expensive either, which makes them a great choice for your needs if you want to have access to quality grocery bags at a moment’s notice.

How to Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

You will need to have a power drill on hand for this process. Make sure that the drill bit that you are using is the right size for the screws that you want to affix to the wall.

You should also consider making sure that there is support behind the installation location like that of a stud. While your grocery bag dispenser is not going to be that heavy by itself, it will experience some pressure when people pull bags from it.

This can make the dispenser want to pull away from the wall over time if you do not attach it to a solid surface behind the wall.

1. Unbox the dispenser and make sure that all of the parts are there. You should also take the dispenser housing and make sure that it will fit in the space in which you are thinking of locating the grocery bag dispenser.

It would be very disappointing to drill the holes needed for the screws only to find that the dispenser will not fit in the space that you have planned to place it.

2. Make sure that you check that you have both screws and measure the distance that the screw holes need to be apart. Match up your drill bit to the size of the screws.

3. Make sure that you measure the distance between the two holes that you are going to drill and mark them with a pencil or a small dot from a pen.

You should also be sure that you measure the location of the two holes to be sure that they are not uneven on the wall. You do not want to have the dispenser hang crooked or to be touching the side of a door or other wall hanging.

4. Drill the holes carefully and be sure not to allow burring or other issues that might make the screws strip out when you place them.

5. Put the screws into the wall and make sure that you leave them sticking out of the wall just a little. This is how the dispenser will hang on the screws.

6. Remove the covering over the two sticky strips from the top and bottom of the dispenser. Slide the dispenser onto the two screws and make sure that the dispenser is centered.

7. Press the dispenser against the wall firmly top and bottom to secure it. You can test that the dispenser is stable by pulling gently side to side to be sure it will not slide around.

8. Load bags into the dispenser and you are ready to start using it!

9. Make sure to register the product with a warranty if it is offered. This is usually a simple process and protects you from not being able to get help if the dispenser breaks.

These handy devices are very easy to attach to any wall and you will love that you can refill them so readily. This is a simple way to gain access to any kind of bag that you want to use in your home or business.

Bag Dispensers Are a Great Tool to Have on Hand

Bag dispensers are handy tools that you can use for a variety of unique needs. There is nothing that is quite as nice as being able to just pull your bags off the wall as you need them and go about your business.

You can use these items to dispense shopping bags for customers or to help you to go shopping with ease. You will find those bag dispensers are easy to use and affordable and you can install them yourself readily.

If you have been worried about adding a bag dispenser to your wall at your business or in your home, this article should have shown you how easy the process is.

It takes only a minute or two to attach your bag dispenser to the wall and you will be shocked at how easy it is to take care of this process.

You will not have to stress about how to get this bag dispenser attached to the wall and you will be glad that you took the time to do the process once it is installed.

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