How to Organize Plastic Wrap and Foil

Despite the fact that plastic wrap and kitchen foils come in storage boxes, they can still be hard to store and hard to keep from getting in your way.

The boxes are often all different sizes and can break down some over time and start to be hard to work with for easy access. If you have been struggling with your plastic wrap and foil storage solution, you are not alone!

There are various dispensers and storage solutions that can be added to your drawers or pantry to help you with your plastic wrap and foil storage needs.

Wall-hanging storage or storage racks, as well as drawer organizers, can greatly improve your ability to store your plastic wrap and foil.

If you are ready to learn more about how to use these storage solutions for your plastic wrap and foil, read on!

How to Organize Plastic Wrap and Foil

1. Wall or Cabinet Door Dispenser

These handy items are easy to buy and you can attach them inside a cupboard door or your pantry on the wall. You simply slip the boxes of your foil and plastic wrap into the slots and they will be easily accessible with no trouble.

This solution can make your wraps and foils really easy to access and it will keep the boxes from breaking down and becoming too floppy to use.

The cutting part of the box is easily accessible with this solution and you will love that you do not have to fight with the box to get the right amount of each material cut off for your needs.

2. Multi-Option Dispenser

There are many organizers that offer the option to hang a paper towel roll as well as insert a roll of foil or plastic wrap into their own slots.

These are often made to hang off the bottom of a cabinet or they can be attached inside a cupboard door. These are really easy storage solutions that will dispose of the box altogether which can be nice.

You will get a great storage solution that is tidy and easy to use with this option but you might have to decide if you have the right kind of space for this solution. There are some kitchens that will not allow the right space for this option to be used.

3. Shelves

There are many great kitchen shelves that are made to hold these kinds of items for easy access. These shelves are often complete units that can be moved around or placed anywhere that you want them to be.

You will be able to keep items of various sizes on these storage solutions and the racks will keep the boxes from sliding around and falling off.

You will still have to take the boxes off the shelf to use them with this storage solution but it is a really affordable and easy-access solution that can make a lot of sense, particularly in small kitchens.

If you do not have room to attach a storage solution to the wall or room in your drawers for the boxes, this can be the perfect solution.

4. Under Shelf Rack

These racks will remind you of a shoe rack and you can attach them to the bottom of a shelf if you have space inside of a cupboard or other storage areas for this.

You will just screw these simple items into the bottom of a shelf or other flat surface and your boxes of wraps and foils will slide into the rack with ease.

This is a really great solution if you have a pantry on hand but it can work inside of cupboards and cabinets in some cases as well.

Not all of these shelves even need to be made for this specific use and you can invest in a simple shelf for this need. This is a very cost-effective DIY way to solve this need for your kitchen.

5. Designer Boxes

If you want to have your foils and wraps stored in attractive versions of the boxes they are sold in, you can buy these items.

These storage containers are usually wood or resin and are made to allow you to slip the container inside of them. The product will still dispense out of the top of the container but the box looks much nicer.

These designer-style boxes can be stored on your kitchen counter or put inside of a cupboard but they will look much nicer and hold up for much longer than the boxes that these products come in.

This is a great solution if you want to match your storage solution to your kitchen décor for a sleek finish.

6. Inner Drawer Storage

If you want to keep your foils and wraps inside a drawer, you can get organizers that will keep the boxes from sliding around in your drawers.

This can help you to keep the boxes from fighting with one another in the drawer and make it much easier to access unique boxes. The boxes of each product will hold up better overall with this solution in place as well.

You will need to make sure to measure the interior dimensions of your drawers to make sure that your storage solution will fit inside your drawers.

Storing Foils and Plastic Wraps Don’t Have to be Hard

These storage solutions can make your foil and plastic wrap storage process much easier. Being able to gain access to your products with ease and without fighting to free them from a drawer or shelf is very helpful.

You can make your kitchen much more organized and tidier with these solutions on your side. All of these solutions are affordable and you will love that you can apply them in most kitchens.

Only very small kitchens might not have room for all of these storage solutions. Usually, you will be saving a lot of space by adding these storage solutions to your kitchen.

Storing wraps and foils can be easy with these handy devices for your storage needs.

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