Olive to Oil – 10 Best Olive Oil Dispensers for Cooking

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Nowadays, olive oil is a high-end luxury product, so best if it is stored away in an equally sublime container.

Ever since ancient times, in countries surrounding the Mediterranean, olive oil has been widely used for culinary purposes. Extra virgin oil serves as the base for salad dressings, while oils with a lifespan exceeding one year are used for cooking.

Extra virgin oils produced in specific regions taste significantly different from those from other manufacturers. That’s why cold-pressed olive oils have reached a similar status to wines. You can choose from a variety of strengths in flavor and color, aroma.

Olive oil has become a frequently used product since the ’80s worldwide, while in the Mediterranean countries it’s a part of their history and culture. The popularity rose abruptly forty years ago ever since scientists discovered the benefits of consuming olive oil, which includes the reduction of cholesterol and richness in antioxidants.

It can be best appreciated with a hearty slice of sourdough bread and a pinch of sea salt, perhaps some balsamic vinegar.

Or, with a salad like the Italian Caprese.

Cook wearing apron pouring olive oil into vegetable salad while standing at kitchen

To guarantee a classy presentation of such luxury food, it’s best to store our olive oil in a practical and elegant oil dispenser. Olive oil deserves only the best olive oil dispenser.

With so many dispensers out on the market, it’s difficult to make a choice.

Fear not – we have prepared a selection of the best oil dispensers available on Amazon. Surely there is a piece suiting all tastes.

Why Should I Store Olive Oil in a Dispenser?

It’s so important to store your olive oil away in a suitable, air-tight container. Light, heat, and oxygen are the greatest enemies of olive oil, otherwise, even the highest-class EVOO will turn rancid (with a waxy smell, like a crayon or old walnuts – no good!).

Exposing olive oil to excess light will result in a chemical reaction with the chlorophyll contained in the olive, called photo-oxidation. The reaction destabilizes the oil and results in the oil quality decreasing.

Similarly, with heat. You should store your oil in a heat-proof, or even a dark-tinted bottle, most of all – away from direct sunlight or stoves.

The tricky part is avoiding oxidation because the moment you open a bottle, the air floods in immediately. What you can do is choose a bottle with an air-tight spout, or even a lid/cork if you decide to store it away for longer periods.

What Features are Important in an Olive Oil Dispenser?


You  can choose from:

Glass bottles either clear or color-tinted

A classical way of storing olive oil, if you choose a darker bottle, you will lower the risk of your olive oil catching too much light, which will prolong its shelf-life

Plastic bottles

If you are an immense olive oil lover, then your olive oils probably empty fast. In this case, plastic bottles are a good choice. Otherwise, if you use olive oil sparingly, and need to store your EVOO longer, then we advise glass bottles instead.

Stainless steel and ceramic

These models block sunlight even more effectively than the other types, so if you want to store your oils for extended lengths of time, then this is your best bet.

Drip-free Spout

This is a really important feature when it comes to olive oil dispensers – you don’t want the oil to be running down the bottle, and making your dining table all greasy. Especially the table cloth – not fun washing it out!

The best olive oil cruets are usually equipped with such mechanisms.

A Cork or Cap – for Longer Storage

If you have just purchased a year’s supply of your favorite olive oil brand, exported especially from Italy, then we are guessing you don’t want it to go to waste. Check whether your dispenser comes with an air-tight cork and cap in the set.

Easy Cleaning

It’s handy to choose containers that are dishwasher-proof, and where the neck of the bottle is a bit wider, which makes cleaning so much easier!

Simple Dosing

If you are very careful about measuring out your olive oil for recipes, or just to cut down on calories, then go for dispensers with either:

  • A graduated oil reservoir
  • A spray

This way you can dose out just enough to ensure a full flavor, without sabotaging your diet. Sprays are actually a great solution, especially when it comes to sautéing – if you want to use just a dash of oil.

So, Where Should I Store My Olive Oil Dispenser?

The best place for storing is tucked away in a dark shelf, away from direct sunlight and heat. If you insist on keeping your oil handy near the stove, then we suggest going for darker tinted glass, or best ceramic or steel.

The latter has the advantage of keeping the oil additionally cool. Oil should be stored best at room temperature; anything above may cause it to lose its qualities and flavor.

Can I Hold Oils With Additives, such as Chillies, Thyme, Garlic, etc. in Dispensers?

Yes, of course! For this cause, we suggest:

  • Clear glass dispensers
  • With a special filter inside

The glass will make your oil dispenser a work of art when you stuff it with herbs and spices. This looks just so good on a dining table or kitchen counter! Create your collection!

It’s also handy, but not compulsory to choose a dispenser with an inside filter so that you will pour out only flavored oil, without the spices themselves.

Best Olive Oil Dispenser Reviews

1. Aozita Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set: Best Overall

Aozita Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Product Information

Package Dimensions12.52 x 7.01 x 2.91 inches
Weight2.64 pounds

Highlighted features

  • Extra accessories
  • Non-drip design
  • Multifunctional bottles
  • Value for money

Not only does it strike with its elegant appearance, but also scores points for practicality. Most of all – the green (for oil) and dark brown bottles (for vinegar) come with a stainless steel rack, so they can be stored neatly away on your counter.

The best olive oil dispenser we found on the market! The manufacturer also included three chalkboard labels, two inner corks, and screw caps. The whole is finished off with non-drip stainless steel pour spouts.

You will never spill oil again! And your guests will feel like they are dining at a high-end restaurant. Now let’s get cooking!

2. Aozita Olive Oil Dispenser

Aozita Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Product Information

Package Dimensions12.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches
Weight1.1 pounds

Highlighted Features

  • Easy dosage
  • Non-drip design
  • Two colors
  • Accessories (including cork and screw cap)

Number 2 on our list is actually a one-piece version of the Aozita olive set mentioned before. It could easily classify under budget pick as well – great value for money!

The package includes one of the olive oil bottles (choose your color between “dark brown” and “clear”) with two types of pourers and a funnel. Just like in our top pick, the bottle has a non-drip design.

A very simple, yet effective appearance in a classical form. The classic funnel makes refilling an easy task, while the nozzle gives full control over pouring.

3. Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Zeppoli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set

Product Information

Package Dimensions14.1 x 6.1 x 3.3 inches
Weight2.5 pounds
ManufacturerEquinox International

Highlighted Features

  • Classic, elegant design
  • Capacious
  • Great value for money
  • Durable rubber stoppers

Our next pick is the Zeppeli Oil and Vinegar Bottle Set for buyers with a classical aesthetic. Also, a great bargain because for a small price you get two bottles, a stainless steel rack, a removable cork, and a dual olive spout…

You rock if you managed to read this sentence in one breath!

So many extra gadgets, all made of high-quality materials and practical form, making it ultra-simple not only to dose the olive oil and vinegar you put on your dishes, but also refill the bottles when they empty.

Unlike Zeppeli’s competitors, the bottles can hold up to 17oz, which saves you the hassle of constantly refilling them. Especially if you love olive oil, it tends to go quickly!

4. Rachael Ray Olive Oil Bottle Dispenser with Spout

Product Information

Package Dimensions9.3 x 5.3 x 9.3 inches
Weight1.2 pounds
ManufacturerRachael Ray

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish design
  • Versatile cruet
  • Comes in a range of colors

A very stylish and playful form designed by Rachael Ray. The ceramic material of the dispenser protects oils and vinegar from oxidation. Goes perfectly with a modern interior and dinnerware sets.

If you want to add that little extra charm to your kitchen, then this is your best pick. The practical, easy-to-grasp bottle is easy to dose, and will not slip from your hands. No matter how greasy they get.

It comes in a wide range of vibrant colors, which you can match to your style. Serving dinner accompanied by this piece will definitely make an impression.

5. Dwëllza Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Dwëllza Kitchen Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle

Product Information

Package Dimensions2.8 x 2.8 x 11 inches
Weight1.94 pounds

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant two-piece set
  • Very easy dosage
  • Clog-free spray, drip-free spout
  • Perfect for calorie-watchers

A well-deserved 5th place goes to the practical set from DWËLLZA KITCHEN. What we find appealing about this 2-piece set is that it’s perfect for those who count their calorie intake.

You can choose to spray your salad or pan surface with oil (to avoid excess) or dose out the optimal amount of oil using the graduated oil reservoir.

It has never been so easy to add oil to your favorite dishes without making a mess! The oil cruet has a zero-drip spout, while the oil sprayer has been equipped with a mechanism preventing clogging.

 A great buy!

6. eHomeA2Z Italian Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet: Budget Pick

eHomeA2Z Italian Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Product Information

Package Dimensions12 x 2 x 2 inches
Weight5.6 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Minimalistic design
  • Drop-free spout
  • Heavy-duty

And once again, we return to our budget pick – the eHomeA2Z Italian Glass Oil and Vinegar Cruet – a square and slender bottle equipped with a proper pourer spout, ensure a nice, steady stream of oil.

What we love about these simple designs, is that they present themselves particularly well when filled with cloves of garlic, or vibrant red chili peppers. Impress your visitors, when you present your oil creations on the table.

7. Eleton Olive Oil Dispenser

Eleton Olive Oil Dispenser

Product Information

Package Dimensions3.54 x 3.54 x 7.28 inches
Weight5.6 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Original, elegant design
  • Practical pourer spout
  • Collar collects drips
  • Comes in a range of volumes

We really love the ELETON Olive Oil Dispenser because of its classy form. Minimalistic and practical design, matching with all interiors. The shape of the drip makes drizzling oil simple and mess-free.

The spout has a built-in collar to catch drips, so you can pour our fave oils as your heart desires!

There are three volumes you can choose from – if you need to share your beloved chili-flavored oil with your family, then purchasing a larger volume makes sense!

Or, if you want to create a variety of flavored oils to choose from – why not purchase several small ones?

8. Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Set

Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Set

Product Information

Package Dimensions13.98 x 8.19 x 4.45 inches
Weight2.35 pounds

Highlighted Features

  • Modern and chic
  • Control oil dispensing
  • Filter for flavor
  • Ergonomic design

Another undeniably elegant piece is the Superior Glass Oil and Vinegar Dispenser (comes with two bottles and pouring spouts).

Once again, this is a perfect buy not only for those closely watching their oil intake but also for cooking enthusiasts, as well as professionals. Sometimes you just got to get your measurements right!

You can easily dose the amount of oil and vinegar necessary to make your favorite Vinaigrette dressing.

What we adore about this set, is the sleek, modern look (a beautiful addition to any table setting), as well as the clearly marked measurements on the side. Now, many of us are huge fans of flavored oils – they go so well especially with Italian dishes!

Pizza, pasta you name it.

This little pearl product has an advanced filter on its lid, keeping spices and flavors (like spicy chili, or garlic) away from the pouring spout – so they don’t clog the nozzle.

9. OXO Good Grips Pour Glass Oil Dispenser

OXO Good Grips Precision Pour Dispenser

Product Information

Package Dimensions8.07 x 2.36 x 2.76 inches
Weight8.7 ounces

Highlighted Features

  • Two flow speeds
  • Controlled drizzle
  • A collection of dispensers
  • Drip-free

If you are a fan of simple designs, perhaps your house is decorated in a modern manner – this next dispenser could be THE ONE you need. There are three types of OXO dispensers – so you can ensure your oil, vinegar, and soya sauce are stored in matching containers.

Create your own collection and proudly present it to your guests at home. You can also purchase just the oil and vinegar set (comes together), a soy sauce dispenser, or the oil dispenser.

The cool thing with these containers is that they come with two flow speeds, for those who like to drown their food in goodness, and those who want to use only just enough.

If you tilt the bottle a little, the oil will be drizzled with control. After tipping a bit more – you will achieve a steady pour.

There are two types of people – you know! The whole comes easily apart for washing and is dishwasher safe.

10. Gminsun Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Gminsun Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle Set

Product Information

Package Dimensions3.19 x 5.55 x 11.65 inches
Weight2.07 pounds
ManufacturerGM GMISUN

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant, simple bottle
  • Sealed & non-drip spout
  • Three-piece set

Now, we realize we have reached last place on our list. However, this is still a product very well worth checking out (after all – it has made it on our list!).

One thing is for sure – it has a minimalistic style, and comes with three bottles, making it a definite value-for-money buy.

The bottles are all clear and come with a unique, sealed, and non-drip spout. Yes, this one really differs from other products on the market – it isn’t messy like the auto flip spouts. With a flick of the fingers, you can control the stream of olive oil or vinegar.

They also come with funky chalkboard labels, which make liquid storage and choice easier than ever,

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the top 10 best oil dispensers on the market, coming in sets or individually, various colours and forms, with measurement indicators or in solid colours, spouts or sprays. Above, we discussed the key factors to keep in mind when choosing the product that suits your needs.

Consider whether you are strict on your diet, or abundant in using olive oil and vinegar – there is definitely some clever spout design out there adapted to your dosing. The same goes for measurement indicators on the bottles – it all depends on your needs!

Last, but not least – take a look closely at the design. If you like the classical, Italian bistro design, then go for traditional containers with a simple, classical bottle shape. If your place is full of art-décor, then on the contrary – your best bet is to go for the modern pieces, which sometimes look themselves like a piece of art.

At times, it’s best to look at the functionality of a piece carefully, the appearance is important, however, if you want to create flavoured oils, best if the dispenser has a filter, to avoid having a mouth full of chillies (for example).

Also, if you like to get creative in your kitchen with oils, then a transparent and simple form will suit you best. Store your bottles with peppers, garlic cloves, rosemary, thyme or sage… let your imagination run wild.

We hope that this guide will help you to make the right pick for yourself! Long live the mighty olive oil!

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