Different types of cookies lay on a plate

Can You Freeze Baked Cookies?

Cookie baking is a lot of fun and you will find that you will probably make enough cookies in a batch that you will not get them all eaten before they start to go stale. If you want to have cookies on hand for later or if you have made … Continue Reading

Glass jars with various cookies and crackers

Alternative Uses for Cookie Jars

Cookie jars are very useful for holding cookies, but what else can they be used for? There are many ways that you can use cookie jars if you are done using them to hold bakery items that you have made. If you have a lot of cookie jars stacked up … Continue Reading

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Can You Rebake Cookies to Make Them Crispy?

Cookies are one of the best and most comforting baked goods around. Who doesn’t love a good cookie? But if you have made cookies and they are limp or not crisp enough, what can you do? Most people who have made squishy cookies think that there is nothing to do … Continue Reading

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What to Put In a Cookie Jar Besides Cookies

Cookie jars are versatile. You can use them to organize your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, laundry, and almost every room in your home. So, if you have a spare jar on your kitchen shelf or cabinet, don’t let it lie idle. Here are creative ways to reuse that cookie jar. … Continue Reading

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Do Cookie Jars Keep Cookies Fresh?

Yes, cookie jars keep cookies fresh by providing an air-tight seal that minimizes exposure to air and moisture, preserving their flavor and texture. Cookie jars are indispensable for people with a sweet tooth. These canisters will keep your biscuits, macarons, candies, and other treats safe from moisture, germs, dirt, and … Continue Reading

Different types of cookies kept in cookie jar

Cookie Jar: Keep Your Cookies Fresh

Investing in the cookie jar is a genius way to keep your cookies fresh for a long. This jar shields your delights from germs, roaches, pests, pets, excessive moisture, and any other contamination. Despite the benefits, finding a suitable cookie container is an uphill, since stores have all sorts of … Continue Reading

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How to Make a Cookie Jar Airtight [5 Easy Ways]

Doubtlessly, a cookie jar should be airtight. That’s the only way the jar will keep moisture, dust, dirt, and other contaminants away from your treats. Then again, not all cookie storage containers are airtight. Perhaps, the manufacturer made the so, or their lids have worn out with time. If you … Continue Reading