Can You Freeze Baked Cookies?

Cookie baking is a lot of fun and you will find that you will probably make enough cookies in a batch that you will not get them all eaten before they start to go stale.

If you want to have cookies on hand for later or if you have made too big a batch of cookies to eat all at once, you will want to freeze the remainder of your batch of cookies.

Freezing baked cookies is actually a really good way to save your cookies from going bad when you have made a large batch that you cannot eat within a few days.

Many kinds of cookies will freeze quite well if you prepare them correctly to go into the freezer. Being able to save cookies for later is a big benefit to learning to freeze baked cookies.

If you are ready to learn more about how to freeze baked cookies, you need to read on!

Things to Think About Freezing Baked Cookies

You will need to be sure that you are prepared to store cookies in the freezer. You cannot just drop them into a plastic bag and freeze them unless they are a certain kind of cookie.

Preparation and having the right storage items can make all the difference in your freezer storage experience.

Different kinds of cookies will freeze better than others. Certain sugar cookies and thicker cookies that have more moisture in them can sometimes freeze poorly.

You will need to remember that some cookies will not freeze well and make sure not to bake too many of these cookies if you think that you cannot freeze them reliably.

Freezing Baked Cookies

The steps to freezing baked cookies are easy. If you follow these steps, you will get good results each time you store cookies in this way. Freezing cookies properly will preserve them for months at a time with ease.

You will be able to slowly defrost them and enjoy them whenever you want them if you freeze them properly.

1. Make Sure the Cookies Are Cooled Fully

You will need to make sure that you allow your cookies to cool all the way. Storing cookies in the freezer that are still hot in the center will cause steam to damage the integrity of the cookies.

This is a key thing that you need to remember to make sure that your cookies are not soggy or freezer-burned when they are thawed out.

2. Freeze in Containers

Most cookies will freeze better in Tupperware containers. You will have much better luck freezing cookies in plastic containers than plastic bags.

Plastic bags can lead to trapped moisture that will ruin your cookies.

3. Use Parchment Paper Between Cookies

You will want to make sure that you use parchment paper between layers of cookies to keep them from sticking to each other. You will have better luck with freezing cookies if you make sure that they will not stick together.

Keeping the cookies separated can also help with moisture management so that the cookies do not get freezer burn.

4. Use Quality Freezer Bags

If you do want to use freezer bags, you need to be sure that you use high-quality ones so that the bags do not stick to your cookies. Cookies that are stuck together in a blob will fall apart when they are warmed up.

Using freezer bags can be challenging but it works best if you make sure to use good ones that will prevent freezer burn.

5. Consider Freezing Dough

Sometimes freezing cookie dough is much easier than freezing the finished product. Freezer dough will hold up much better overall than finished cookies.

You can freeze the dough for many months and then just bake your cookies as needed and in the size batches that work best for your needs. Cookie dough freezes much better than finished cookies so this might be your best bet for freezing cookies.

This is the best form to freeze them in to prevent freezer burn and poor texture.

Warming Up Cookies To Eat

The best way to warm cookies to eat them is to let them warm up on the counter slowly. If you are in a hurry, you will want to microwave them on a low setting for 10-second intervals.

Make sure that they do not burn or end up mushy because you have been cooking them too hot and too fast.

Warming large batches of cookies that are stored together can be challenging. You will need to let the cookies warm up slowly at first. If you try to pry them apart you will damage them.

Warming them up at room temperature is the best way to get started on the warming process if you have a large batch to thaw.

Once the cookies are partially thawed, you can gently separate them and think about warming them one at a time. Warming cookies is still the same process as listed above.

You will want to go slowly when warming cookies up after they come out of the freezer to be eaten and you will have better results overall.

Freezing Cookies Can be Easy

If you want to freeze cookies with good results, do a little research before you freeze the cookies that you are planning to make. Some kinds of cookies do not freeze well, no matter what preparations you make before you freeze.

Cookies that are frozen need to be carefully prepared and put into the freezer in the right way to make sure that they will survive the freezing process.

If you need to freeze cookies that you have made, you will need to use the right containers and some parchment paper for the best results.

Frozen cookies often survive freezing quite well if you make sure that they are not getting crushed in the freezer and if you use parchment paper to keep them apart.

Freezing cookies is easy and if you warm them up slowly and carefully you will get great results from this storage process.

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