Two Cakes on the uncovered container

How to Store a Cake Without a Container

The cake is a really enjoyable sweet, and if you have made a normal size cake, you will probably need to store some of it after the event it was made for. No one wants to waste cake, and you will find that storing cake can be a big part … Continue Reading

Amazing pink cake with raspberries on an iron table

How to Carry a Cake on a Bike

Transporting a cake can be a responsibility. If you have been tasked with bringing a cake to a party, but you only have a bike, how can you get your cake there? There are actually some ways that you can safely get a cake to an event, even if you … Continue Reading

People on airplane holding birthday presents for passenger, including delicious cake, champagne and roses

How to Transport a Cake in Hot Weather

If you make cakes for a living, or you have been asked to bring a cake to an event that you have made at home, you will need to transport the cake to the party with care. There are some considerations that you have to think about when the weather … Continue Reading

amazing pink cake with raspberries on an iron table

How to Transport Cake Long Distance

If you have baked a cake for an event, you now have to figure out how to get it safely to the event. This might be a location that is right around the corner, but what if you are going to have to drive a long distance with the completed … Continue Reading

Top view of woman hand wrapping chocolate sponge cake in plastic for storing on wooden background

How to Wrap a Cake in Plastic Wrap

The question of how to preserve cake so that it is still good to eat many days later is a popular one. There are so many ways that people proclaim to store cake so that it will not dry out and taste bad. You will find that almost everyone has … Continue Reading

Colorful cupcake cases ready for baking

How to Keep Cupcake Liners From Pulling Away

Baking is a really fun pastime, and one of the easier bakeries’ treats to make is cupcakes. Kids and parents alike love to make these fun little bakery items. This is a great way to make cake eating easy for a party or to share your treats with friends and … Continue Reading

Paper baking cups for Halloween cupcakes

How to Use Cupcake Liners With Foil

Cooking cupcakes can be a lot of fun, but sometimes one of the big downsides can be having cupcakes that are stuck to the pan. Cupcakes that had stuck to the tin can be ruined when you are trying to take them out and though they might taste good, they … Continue Reading