How to Cover a Cake Without a Cake Cover

If you have a cake that you need to transport, but you do not own a cake carrier, you might be in a bit of a panic.

Making a cake can be a ton of work, and it is reasonable to want to be sure that you can protect it from damage whether you are driving with it to a party or you are storing it in the fridge.

Covering a cake without the exact right tools can be easier than you might think.

If you are ready to learn more about the cake covering process if you do not have a cake cover, you will want to use these tips.

These are great options when you are not in possession of the right cover for this need. Protecting your cake can be really simple if you use these ideas to take care of this need.

You might want to make sure that you invest in a cake carrier for your next cake creation.

If you are ready to learn more about how to cover a cake without a cake cover, read on!

Covering a Cake without a Cake Cover

For any of these solutions, you will need a base for the cake to sit on. Some cakes can be carried on a plate with ease, but others might be big enough that you will need a tray or cookie sheet to hold them.

Without a good base under your cake, your cover efforts will not work out. Make sure that you always take the time to put a stable base under your cake before you start covering it up.

1. Use a Box

Sometimes a cardboard box can be a big help for covering a cake that you need to keep safe during transit or when it is sitting on your counter.

You will want to be sure that the box is deep enough so that it will not press against the top of the cake, and you will also want to check that the box is clean.

If you have access to toothpicks, you can use some along the top of the cake to prevent the box from slipping too far down over the cake and ruining the decorations.

If this is your best bet to transport your cake or to protect it before it is served, consider decorating your cake after you remove the box.

2. Plastic Wrap

This is the best method for protecting your cake without a cake cover. Make sure that you place toothpicks strategically over the top of the cake and then cover it lightly with plastic wrap.

Do not pull on the plastic wrap as you stretch it over the cake. You want it to be loose enough that it will not pull on the toothpicks and disrupt the top of the cake.

Plastic wrap can be a great way to keep your cake safe and secure without having to risk pressing something down over the top of the cake.

This is often the best way to make sure that your cake does not have anything fall onto it and that it does not get damaged.

3. Foil

Foil can be a good replacement for plastic wrap in some cases. You will need to be sure that you add some more toothpicks to the cake to hold up the foil. It is slightly heavier than the plastic wrap, so you will need to be sure that you support foil a bit more carefully.

Making sure that your foil is supported properly is key to using this solution for your cake covering needs.

Foil can lead to trouble with the cake being pressed on, so you will need to be sure that you do not use too small of a piece of foil.

Trying to force a small piece of foil to fit over the cake can lead to damaged edges of the cake or a lot of pressure in the middle of the cake.

Making sure that you have enough support for the cover that you put over your cake is important.

4. Wax Paper

This is a really good option if you do not have access to foil or plastic wrap. This is a lighter-weight option than foil, but it is less flexible.

You will have to carry the cake carefully, and you will need enough of the paper to hold it under the edges of the cake as you move it. Wax paper can be a great choice if you are going to place the cake on a counter or table.

This is another solution that will require more toothpicks than some other solutions. Wax paper is hard to form around toothpicks, and it can easily droop in between the toothpicks and slip and slide.

Wax paper is the worst option of the group listed here, but it can take care of your needs in a bind.

Covering a Cake Without a Cover Can be Easier Than You Think

Covering a cake doesn’t have to be hard. You can use items that are probably in any kitchen to cover your cake, and if you have toothpicks on hand, most materials can cover a cake without damaging it.

You will be surprised at just how effective these materials can be at covering a cake. If you have the right support under the material, it will work. Covering a cake is necessary for storage of any kind.

You will want to cover your cake on the counter and if you put it into the fridge. Cakes are often frosted, so you will be protecting the frosting from being contaminated in some way or damaged.

Cake covers are a big part of keeping your cake safe and ready to eat. Investing in a cake carrier can be a good long-term solution for your cake protection needs, but these tips and tricks will keep your cake safe when you don’t have access to this tool.

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