How to Transport a Frozen Cake: 8 Tips to Protect from Damage

Transporting a frozen cake isn’t an easy task. Temperatures outside the freezer will melt your cake’s frosting and decorative icing, thereby ruining the effort you took to decorate this sweet confectionary.

All in all, delivering the frozen cake intact isn’t impossible. You just need to transport the cake with the utmost caution, under cool conditions. If this is going to be your first time transporting a frozen cake, check out the expert tips below.

They’ll help you reduce the chances of ruining your beautiful cake by exposing it to heat and impact.

8 Tricks to Transport a Frozen Cake

1. Remove Cake from Freezer Only When You Are Ready To Hit the Road

Many bakers mess at this point. They get their cake out of the freezer a couple of minutes before they are ready to transport it.

As a result, the cake’s frosting or icing starts melting way before the journey starts.

Don’t commit this plunder, if you really wish to deliver your cake in its perfect shape. Dress up for the occasion, gather the essentials you need to take with you, and then, start the journey immediately you get the cake out of the freezer.

2. Weatherproof Your Cake’s Butter Cream Frosting

Normally, buttercream, the major decoration frosting used on cakes will start melting a few minutes after you get your cake out of the freezer. That means you’ll hardly deliver your cake in its top shape, on those sunny and hot days.

But fortunately, you can avoid the mess by simply making the buttercream frosting more heat-resistant. How? Mix it with cornstarch, royal icing sugar, or powdered milk to make your frosting stiffer.

That way, it will stay for a couple of minutes before it starts melting. You’ll manage to transport your cake unfrozen before the buttercream starts melting.

3. Use a Portable Freezer to Transport the Cake

A portable freezer is a lifesaver for serious bakers who sell and deliver cakes as a business. This accessory will save you the headache of looking for DIY ways to transport your frozen cake.

Therefore, if you have a budget, don’t shy off from buying a dedicated freezer for transporting your cakes. With a freezer, you’ll never have to worry about the outdoor temperatures messing up your cake.

Rest assured, with a good portable freezer, you’ll transport and deliver your cake undamaged even on those days when the temperatures are too high.

4. Use Ice Cubes to Keep the Cake Cool

You don’t have to buy a freezer to transport your frozen cake. Instead, you can just improvise one, and use it to protect your cake’s frosting and decoration against the high temperatures out of the freezer.

Speculating how to transport a frozen cake in an improvised cooler? Get a large carton. Place your cake carrier or box in the large carton, and fill the remaining space with ice cubes stored in zip-lock bags.

Just like a real freezer, the DIY model will shield your cake against the damage associated with heat. You’ll transport your cake for long distances, and its frosting and decorations will still remain undamaged.

5. Power on Your Car’s AC Unit

Cars can get extra hot when driving on a sunny day. In that event, your cake’s decoration will melt too quickly.  We bet you will hardly transport get a frozen cake to the destination undamaged.

For this reason, bakers who have been in the cake delivery business for years advise that you turn on your car’s AC ten minutes before the journey begins. Be sure to keep the AC running throughout the journey.

6. Block Direct Sunlight with a Window Shade

The heat from direct sunlight is an enemy to frozen cakes. It will melt the cake’s frostings in minutes.

As well, the heat will cause your cake’s colors to run and mix, and it will distort the cake’s beautiful decorations. You’ll disappoint your client if you deliver such a cake.

Therefore, if your car’s windows aren’t tinted, it would matter to block the sun rays with a window shade, or anything else that can shield your beautiful cake from direct sunlight.

As an alternative, you can place your cake in an area that doesn’t receive the sun directly.

7. Invest In a Good Cake Carrier

A good cake carrier can simplify the transportation process of your cake. In fact, it is a necessity for anyone who wishes to deliver their cakes without using disposable cake boxes which are way expensive.

The carriers are designed to protect your cake against direct sunlight during transit. As well, the cake carriers will minimize the chances of your cake distorting in the event of transportation.

The good thing is carriers aren’t expensive. You can get one for as little as $20. If you are looking to buy a stylish carrier that won’t disappoint, check out our list of top rated cake carriers to see if you find the best fit.

8. Refrigerate the Cake Until Time to Cut

Once you arrive at the venue, don’t expose your frozen cake to heat and the elements. Keep it in a fridge, portable freezer, or improvised cooler until it is time to cut and share.

Leaving it exposed to heat will melt the frosting and decorations, thereby ruining the effort you took to bake and transport it.

Take Away- How to Transport a Frozen Cake

Transporting a frozen cake shouldn’t be a challenge.  You just need to keep it in a cool place where its frosting cannot melt and protect it from distorting in the event of transportation.

Keep the cake in a freezer till you are ready to transport it, power on your car’s AC system, and block direct sunlight from hitting your cake carrier or box.

Alternatively, you can transport the cake in a portable freezer. That way, you will minimize the chances of ruining your cake greatly. If you don’t have a freezer, you can just improvise one.

Put your cake carrier in a large box, and fill the remaining space with ice cubes.

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