How to Transport a Cake Without a Cake Carrier

Using a cake carrier is the best way to deliver cakes to clients, friends, or family. Nevertheless, sometimes, you might want to transport your sweet confectionary, and yet you don’t have a carrier on standby.

Perhaps, the one you have is not of the right size, you are yet to purchase one, or you want to transport several cakes, and yet you have fewer carriers.

Whichever the reason, there are several ways you could transport a cake without a carrier. Wondering how? This post highlights some of the most practical methods to help you deliver your cake.

5 Tips to Transport a Cake without a Cake Carrier

1. Transport the Cake with a Large Flat Platter

Arguably, this is the simplest method to transport your cake without a carrier.  Many bakers have been using this method to transport their cakes short distances, let’s say from the kitchen to the dining.

But transporting your cake on a platter isn’t just ideal for short distances. You can use it to transport your cake over a long distance so long as you are ready to be extra cautious.

Using this method is a no-brainer. Just place your cake on the flattest plate you have. Then cover it with aluminum foil or plastic paper wrap to shield the delight against dust, germs, and other contaminants.

Before wrapping the cake, stick some toothpicks around the top and sides of your cake before covering your cake. That way, the aluminum, plastic, or paper towel wrap won’t mess with your cake’s decoration.

2. Use a Cake or Shipping Box to Deliver Your Cake

A cake carrier isn’t the only appliance designed to transport cakes. You can as well deliver the confectionary in a cake box. These boxes are designed to help you store and carry all types of cakes. Many bakers use them to deliver their delights to clients.

Alternatively, you can use an empty shipping or gift box to transport your cake. If you find one, wrap its interior with aluminum foil, cling film, or paper towels to minimize the contamination that could occur when your cake touches the carton.

Afterward, place your cake on a platter, and stow it in the box.

The good thing with cartons is that you can personalize them in line with the event. Wrap the shipping box or print a personalized message to your client to make the box more presentable.

When using shipping or gift wrap, make sure you cover it properly using a gift wrap. We bet, your clients wouldn’t be happy to receive their cake in the wrong box.

3. Deliver Your Cake in an Inverted Bowl

Doubtlessly, bowls are versatile. You can use them to mix ingredients, preserve leftovers, and store things like sugar or flour. So, if you have one in your kitchen, don’t overthink how to transport a cake without a cake carrier. Your bowl will come in handy.

Take the lid off the bowl, and lay your cake on the lid’s interior. Afterward, cover the cake with your bowl, and fasten it to make a cake carrier that you can use to deliver cakes to clients, or carry them to an event.

Make sure the bowl you choose has a flat lid and it is large enough to accommodate your cake. Otherwise, the makeshift cake carrier will ruin your cake’s shape and decoration. As well, the bowl should be food safe.

4. Use Disposable Cake Containers to Supply Cake Presentably

DIY cake carriers aren’t always great. At times, they might let you down in the presence of your visitors. And if you are baking cakes for sale, we bet using DIY cake carriers could send away customers.

This is where disposable cake containers come in. They are designed to help you deliver cakes professionally. They have a cake board where your cake sits, and a high dome lid to protect your beautiful creations against the elements.

Many disposable cake containers have a transparent construction to display the beauty of your cake to friends and clients. The containers will shield your cake from dust, germs, contaminants, and physical damage

Just like the conventional cake carriers, disposable cake containers come in multiple sizes to let you get one that would fit your cake appropriately. You can get some from your favorite online shop.

5. Use a Cake Stand to Transport Cake over a Short Distance

If you are out of options, and you have a cake stand within reach, use it to transport your cake. Using a stand would be another great way to transport your cake over short distances. You can use it as an alternative to transporting your cake on a platter.

So, how do you use your cake stand to transport a cake? It is easy. Just place your cake on the stand, and cover it loosely with a paper towel, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, or any other wrap that you can find.

Before wrapping the cake with your preferred wrap, stick several toothpicks onto the cake so that the wrap won’t mess with your decorative icing. Lay the wrap loosely, and transport your cake with uttermost caution.

Beware; a cake stand wouldn’t be reliable if you are looking to transport your delights over a long distance.

Final Thoughts—How to Transport A Cake Without A Cake Carrier

If you’ve just found yourself in a situation where you need to transport a cake and yet you don’t have a cake carrier, don’t think too hard. There are several ways you can accomplish this challenging mission.

You can transport the cake on a platter or cake stand, covered with towel paper, plastic paper wrap, or aluminum foil. Alternatively, you can transport the cake in a carton, cake box, disposable cake container, or an inverted bowl.

But, if you want an easy time transporting your cake, don’t hesitate to buy a top-rated cake carrier. This kitchenware is designed to help you carry your cake conveniently, lest protecting it against dust, germs, and elements.

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