How to Wrap a Cake in Plastic Wrap

The question of how to preserve cake so that it is still good to eat many days later is a popular one. There are so many ways that people proclaim to store cake so that it will not dry out and taste bad.

You will find that almost everyone has a method that they swear by that is supposed to keep the cake from getting dry and crumbly when it has been stored for a long period of time.

Wrapping a cake in plastic wrap is not as hard as you think. This method of keeping the cake from drying out is quite effective when done properly. You can use this method before and after you assemble your cake as well.

If you are ready to learn more about how to wrap a cake in plastic wrap, read on!

How to Wrap a Cake in Plastic Wrap

First of all, decide if you want to wrap your cake with or without frosting on it. If you have to assemble a cake later for an event but want to bake it in advance, you will have better luck if you wait to ice or frost the cake.

This is when plastic wrap can come in handy in a big way. You can also use this material to protect your cake after it has been frosted.

Here are the steps to wrap a cake without frosting in plastic wrap:

1. Cook the cake until you can handle it with your bare hands. You should not cool your cake in a pan for too long or it will stick.

2. Roll out some plastic wrap on your counter. Make sure that you have enough to wrap around and over the edges of the cake or cake layer that you want to wrap up. Gaps in the plastic will lead to air getting in and ruining or drying out the cake.

3. Place the cake or layer of cake onto the plastic wrap.

4. Fold the edges of the plastic wrap gently up and around the cake. If you have some leftover plastic wrap, simply wrap it under and around until it lies smoothly against the cake. Make sure that you do not leave air bubbles or large bulging spots in the plastic wrap that might let air in.

5. Place the cake into the fridge or leave it out to be transported to its new location and assembled. You will still need to handle the cake layers with care so that you do not damage the cake or break off parts of the layers.

Here are the steps to wrap up a cake that has been frosted with plastic wrap:

1. Make sure that you are able to keep the frosted cake on the tray that it is currently on or in the pan that you want to use to transport the cake.

2. You will need to place toothpicks strategically around the cake if it is assembled and free standing or you can place them into the corners and center of a cake that is in a pan or a form.

3. Make sure that you have enough toothpicks to support the plastic wrap once it has been applied.

4. Wrap the plastic wrap gently over the top of the tin or pan or around the cake from the top down. Make sure to wrap the plastic wrap around and under the container or tray. This keeps air from getting under the plastic and harming the cake.

5. You will want to be sure that you do not pull hard on the plastic wrap or you might pull out the toothpicks or drag the plastic wrap across the frosting that you are trying not to harm.

Always make sure that you remove the plastic wrap from the cake layers of the frosted cake carefully. Pulling it off too hard can cause damage to the cake as well as damage to the frosting.

You will always want to be very careful when removing plastic wrap layers from the cake in case the edges have become stuck to the cake itself. This should not happen but it can sometimes take place.

Can I get More Durable Plastic Wrap?

There are two kinds of plastic wrap on the market. The plastic wrap that you get from the grocery store is flimsy and less likely to hold up to this kind of use well.

The hardier version of this kind of plastic wrap is what is used in restaurants and food preparation locations.

These better kinds of plastic wrap are more durable and less likely to roll up and stick to themselves in an unhelpful way.

Investing in better quality plastic wrap can offer you better results for your efforts when you are trying to protect your cake from damage.

You will find that this improved plastic wrap comes off the roll more readily and is less likely to get stuck to things that you do not want it to adhere to. Make sure that you look into this option if you have to use plastic wrap often for baked goods.

It can be a big help to your final product to be protected by this kind of plastic wrap when compared to the cheaper version.

Plastic Wrap can Keep Your Cake Moist and Free From Damage

Using plastic wrap can help keep your finalized and assembled cakes, as well as your cake layers, from being damaged. Plastic wrap can be a big help in this goal, but only when used correctly.

Make sure to follow the steps above if you are going to use plastic wrap to keep your cake from being damaged or drying out.

Using plastic wrap properly can make your cake assembling process much easier and can help you to move a cake from one place to another with ease.

Being sure that your cake will arrive at a party or wedding without being damaged can be a big help to your peace of mind.

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