How to Keep Bananas Fresh with Plastic Wrap

Keeping fruit from ripening too fast is a constant struggle for those who love fruit. It seems like you can never make it through an entire bunch of bananas before half of them have become too ripe to enjoy.

Wasting money on fruit is all too common because any large volume of fruit purchased might go bad before you can get to eating it.

Using plastic wrap to keep your bananas fresh is a great way to prevent the loss of half of each bunch of bananas after you get them home from the store.

Plastic wrap can help to keep your bananas fresh and prevent the ripening process from proceeding at the usual rate. This makes it much easier to enjoy the entire bunch of bananas that you have bought.

If you want to learn more about the process of keeping bananas fresh with plastic wrap, read on!

How to Keep Bananas Fresh With Plastic Wrap

The key to keeping fruit fresh is to stop the ripening process for long enough that you can get around to eating it. You will struggle to stop or delay the ripening process without a little intervention, particularly with items like bananas that are gathered in bunches.

Bananas are one of the biggest culprits for excessively fast ripening. You can prevent this with plastic wrap.

These are the steps that you need to take to keep your bananas fresh with plastic wrap:

  1. Separate the bananas from one another. Make sure that you do not put them all back in the same space in a pile. This will work against your efforts to stop the ripening process.

2. Wrap each banana stem with plastic wrap. Make sure that you do not wrap the whole banana in plastic wrap.

3. Place the side of the banana by side on your counter or other storage location.

4. Enjoy your bananas before they go bad!

Why Does Wrapping Bananas in Plastic Wrap Work?

The process of wrapping the stems of your bananas in plastic wrap works because the plastic wrap helps to contain ethylene gas. This is what the bananas produce when they get ripe. With the plastic in place, the ripening process is slowed significantly.

When you do not separate the bunch of bananas and do not use plastic wrap, the ethylene gas can get to all of the bananas and lead to them ripening quickly.

This is what makes half the bunch of bananas go bad before you can get around to eating them. Plastic wrap traps in the ethylene gas so it cannot get to the other bananas and cause them to ripen.

Why Should I Separate the Bananas From the Bunch?

When fruit is touching, or very close together, it can communicate ethylene gas to other fruit. Additionally, moisture and bacteria can get trapped in between the fruit.

This can lead to spoiled fruit that will then contaminate the other fruit next to it. When you separate fruit that is touching, you will help all of the fruit items from going bad almost at once.

Always make sure that any overripe fruit is removed and disposed of as soon as possible. If you can eat it, then do so.

This will make sure that your fruit is not causing issues for one another and making the ripening process speed up or causing contamination that will make your fruit unsafe to eat.

Does Plastic Wrap Stop the Ripening Process?

The plastic wrap will not stop the ripening process but it will slow it down. Half of the success of your ripening prevention efforts comes from separating the fruit from one another.

You will get added benefits from using plastic wrap to stop the sharing of the ethylene gas between the fruit that you have on your counter.

Plastic wrap helps slow down the ripening process but will not stop it altogether. You will still need to be sure to eat your fruit in a timely manner so that it does not go bad.

You will get some added days to do so, however, when you use plastic wrap on your fruit.

Does Contact With Other Varieties of Fruit Make Bananas Go Bad?

You will want to be sure that you do not let other fruits come into contact with your bananas either. All fruit will create the same problem related to the release of ethylene gas when they are near one another.

You will find that your bananas and your other fruit will all last longer when they are not touching one another. This is a good rule of thumb to follow for all kinds of fruit unless you want the fruit in question to get ripe quickly.

Make sure that you have a cool and dry place for your fruit to be stored while you are waiting to eat it. There is nothing that is worse for fruit than heat, direct sun, or wet and muggy environments.

Your fruit will have the longest life span when stored properly and with the added benefit of plastic wrap to keep it fresh.

Keeping Fruit Fresh is Easy When you Use this Method

Making sure that you keep your fruit fresh long enough to be able to eat it can save you a lot of money. You will be able to eat an entire bunch of bananas when you use this method of slowing the ripening process.

This means that you will save money and also get to enjoy more delicious food that will not have to be thrown away. Being able to eat your entire bunch of bananas is a really nice way to take care of yourself and to make sure that you do not waste money.

Plastic wrap is not nearly as expensive as bananas and you will be glad that you took the time to separate and wrap your bananas to prevent them from going bad quickly.

This simple hack makes your fruit-buying process much easier every month.

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