Is It Better To Freeze In Foil Or Plastic Wrap?

Freezing food can be a great way to keep food fresh for a long time. If you want to make sure that the food you have made stays fresh for quite a while, you will want to make sure you are using the right practices to freeze it.

Freezing food that you have made in advance can make sure that you have delicious food on hand whenever you need to be able to eat a meal and don’t have time to cook.

Aluminum foil is one of the best ways to keep food safe when you have to freeze it. You will get a great barrier from moisture and cold when you use foil for your freezer wrap.

Foil makes a great durable freezer wrap for all kinds of food when compared to plastic wrap.

If you want to learn more about if it is better to freeze in foil or plastic wrap, read on!

Comparison Table: Foil vs. Plastic Wrap

Let’s break it down visually:

FeatureFoilPlastic Wrap
Prevents Freezer BurnExcellentGood
Maintains Texture and FlavorExcellentGood
Airtight SealNot as tight as plastic wrapExcellent
Convenient for PortioningNot as convenient as plastic wrapExcellent
Types of FoodsMeat, casseroles, baked goodsSoups, stews, neatly portioned items
Duration of StorageLong-termShort to medium-term
Environmental ImpactHighCan be high, depending on the type of plastic

Is it Better to Freeze in Foil or Plastic Wrap?

Freezing in plastic wrap is recommended by the US Dept of Agriculture. You will get the safest and most economical material for freezing food with this material.

Most plastic wrap will not actually keep moisture out and it might tear or pull away from the food. Freezer burn cannot be prevented if you are using a plastic wrap that has pulled away from the food that you are trying to freeze.

Plastic wrap can trap unwanted moisture and air pockets into the wrapping that you have done for your food.

This can lead to the food going bad while it is in the freezer even though it appears that your food has been carefully wrapped before being stored in the freezer.

Aluminum foil is much more durable and will not trap in moisture or air pockets when it has been properly smoothed and sealed around the food.

Aluminum foil is a really good product to use for securing food in any circumstance where you want to prevent your food from being exposed to moisture and too much contact with the air.

There are many other ways to store your food safely, but aluminum foil can be the best way to handle this storage need if you do not have the other methods available to you for one reason or another.

Aluminum foil can also hold up well to contact with acidic foods, which cannot be said of plastic wrap. Plastic wrap is just not meant to be used in this way and acidic foods can break down plastic wrap fast.

This is why plastic wrap is used for different purposes like short-term storage and heating food up and keeping it warm.

What Are Other Ways to Store Your Food in the Freezer?

There are some other ways to make sure that you can store your food in the freezer. If you do not have aluminum foil on hand, you can use butcher paper that has been properly sealed or you might also choose to use freezer bags that have been correctly sealed.

These are the two other ways to ensure you are storing your food safely in the freezer.

If you want a double layer of protection, you can wrap your food in foil and then use butcher paper or a freezer bag for some added protection. This is not always recommended for every food but there are instances where this might be helpful for your needs.

Aluminum foil can readily replace either of these other solutions, but you might not be able to access your foil in every situation.

There are not many materials that can take care of this kind of job with ease, but aluminum foil, butcher paper, and freezer bags are your best bet when trying to store your food in the freezer safely.

You should never store anything in the freezer without taking the proper care to store it safely.

Which Side of the Tin Foil Do You Use?

Not everyone is aware that there is a right and wrong side to aluminum to use when wrapping food up to be frozen.

You will always want to be sure that the shiny side is not in contact with your food. This will not make a huge difference, but the shiny side of the foil is the really durable side of the foil.

Making sure that the durable side of the foil is out will make sure that you do not get lots of moisture in between the layers of foil and your food.

You will also get better durability out of aluminum foil that has been turned in the correct direction. It is also easier to wrap your foil when it is turned in the right direction.

Aluminum foil always performs best when the shiny side is turned out and you should remember this when you are wrapping up food to store in the freezer.

Freezing Food Properly is Easy with Aluminum Foil

When you are trying to keep your food safe in the freezer, you need the right materials for your food storage needs. You will want to be sure that you consider aluminum foil one of the best options for this storage need.

You can choose aluminum foil, freezer bags, and butcher paper for this need, but foil is often one of the best products for your needs.

When you want to store food for the long term in your freezer, you will want to be sure that you have the best material to keep it safe while it is in storage. Aluminum foil is tough, durable, and locks out moisture and other issues that can lead to your food spoiling.

The freezer can be busy and full, so the aluminum foil can easily take care of your durable storage needs.

Making sure that your food is stored safely and securely can make all the difference between food that is safe to eat later and food that has spoiled.

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