Chef chopping fresh garlic with knife on a board

How Long Does Chopped Garlic Last?

Garlic is a really delicious ingredient that can be added to all kinds of dishes to improve flavor. This is an affordable item that keeps well before the bulb is peeled and the cloves start to be used. Because this is such a popular ingredient in lots of cooking items, … Continue Reading

Roasted garlic on board

How Long Does Roasted Garlic Last?

Roasted garlic can be a great addition to many dishes. This is one of the best ways to prepare garlic, and it offers a very special taste profile that fresh garlic will not deliver. While this might be a really fun way to serve your dishes with garlic flavoring, you … Continue Reading

Minced garlic on wooden serving spoon

How Long Does Minced Garlic Last?

Garlic makes almost everything taste better. There are many dishes that can benefit from garlic being added to them, and this is an ingredient that is always best when it is added fresh. This means that many people buy garlic bulbs in the hopes that they will use all the … Continue Reading

Fresh garlic in a basket. On a black background.

How Long Does Fresh Garlic Last?

If you love to cook with garlic, you know that this is an ingredient that is best when it is fresh. Everyone has also had the disappointing experience of going to the refrigerator or pantry to get your garlic for a recipe and it has sprouted or has molded! This … Continue Reading

A bulb and clove of fresh garlic with a ceramic garlic keeper storage pot

Why Do Garlic Keepers Have Holes?

If you love cooking with garlic, you know that this is a very flavorful item that can make many kinds of dishes more delicious. This is also a hard seasoning to keep fresh because it tends to want to sprout or dry out even when stored in the fridge. Some … Continue Reading

Raw Organic Peel Garlic Cloves for Cooking

Storing Peeled Garlic in Fridge [Explained]

Garlic is a really enjoyable addition to many dishes and you might have found that this is one of the most fragrant and enjoyable herbs to add to your cooking processes. One of the key things that you need to remember about garlic is that it needs to be stored … Continue Reading

Garlics kept beside garlic keeper

Garlic Keepers to Lengthen Garlic’s Shelf Life

Nothing is more effective than the garlic keeper when it comes to extending your garlic’s shelf life. It protects your super ingredient from light, temperature fluctuations, excessive moisture, and other conditions that could lower your super ingredient’s lifespan. You might be wondering, “What’s a garlic keeper, and why do I … Continue Reading