How Long Does Roasted Garlic Last?

Roasted garlic can be a great addition to many dishes. This is one of the best ways to prepare garlic, and it offers a very special taste profile that fresh garlic will not deliver.

While this might be a really fun way to serve your dishes with garlic flavoring, you might not be sure how long roasted garlic will last.

Roasted garlic can be stored for up to two weeks if it is placed in the right container. You can freeze it for up to one month.

This is a big improvement over peeled garlic cloves or diced garlic that is fresh, but it is still not as long as you might have wished.

If you are ready to learn more about how long roasted garlic lasts, you need to read on!

Ways to Store Roasted Garlic for Long

If you have roasted garlic that you are trying to make last so that you can cook with it again, you need to consider using these different storage methods.

There are some good options for your storage needs that can make it simple to keep roasted garlic around for a while.

1. Sealed Container

This is the easiest way to store your roasted garlic, particularly if you want to use it again right away.

You can place your roasted garlic into a sealed container and then place it in the fridge. This should keep it fresh and good for cooking for about two weeks.

Always make sure that you use a quality container that will not let air in that can spoil the garlic. When you use something like a plastic bag, you might not get the bag sealed.

It is usually best to use a Tupperware container or a device with a lid that you can trust to stay sealed.

This is true whether you are storing with oil or storing your garlic without. A sealed lid keeps out the oxygen that makes the garlic go bad.

2. Freeze It

You can store roasted garlic in the freezer for up to one month. This method is a great choice if you are going to want to have your roasted garlic on hand for recipes that you are not planning to make right away.

Always use freezer bags and make sure that the bag is fully sealed with all the air pressed out of it before you place it in the freezer.

You should try to spread out the garlic so that it will not be touching too much inside the bag. This will prevent spoiling due to moisture.

When you are ready to use the garlic, you will need to open the bag and let it warm up to room temperature on its own.

Another way of freezing roasted garlic is to place the roasted garlic on a tray and place it in the freezer. When the garlic has frozen, you can just scoop it into a bag and then seal it up.

This can be easier than trying to keep the softer version separated from other cloves when you are transferring it to be stored.

Some people also use ice cube trays to freeze the garlic before turning it out into a storage bag.

3. Infused in Oil

When you are thinking about storing your roasted garlic for a long period of time, you should also consider storing it in an infused oil.

This is a simple process to complete, and you will simply add your roasted garlic to a small jar, cover it with olive oil, and then store it in the fridge.

This kind of garlic works really well for sauces and seasonings, and you will be able to keep your garlic for about two to three weeks in most cases when you use this method.

This can impact the texture of your garlic and the taste somewhat, so you need to be aware of this before you decide to store your garlic this way.

Ways to Prevent Wasting Garlic

If you have gotten tired of wasting garlic bulbs due to storage issues, there are some things that you can do to improve the longevity of your garlic once it comes home from the store.

You can use a garlic keeper to keep the bulbs fresh, and you can only remove a few cloves at a time as needed for cooking.

When you keep your garlic cloves from being peeled and have access to heat and light, they will be much less likely to go bad.

Garlic bulbs that have not been peeled can last for as many as six months when they are kept away from light and moisture. Peeled garlic often breaks down in a couple of days.

If you are going to be cooking with garlic consistently, you might want to invest in a superior storage method for your garlic bulbs and avoid opening the bulb up too much as you use it.

It is fairly easy to peel off just a few cloves at a time, and you will not waste the entire garlic bulb this way.

Storing Roasted Garlic Can be Easy

If you have been struggling to store your roasted garlic, these tips should make sure that you never have any trouble again.

There are many ways that you can store your pre-made garlic so that you can use it again later with ease. Always be on the lookout for brown or smelly garlic that might have gone bad.

It is best to must make new roasted garlic if there is any chance that it might have gone bad while it was stored.

Getting the right storage tools like a garlic keeper can make a big difference in your overall storage experience. If you cook with garlic a lot, this tool can make your storage of fresh garlic much easier.

Keeping roasted garlic good for long periods of time is more realistic than trying to keep fresh and peeled garlic safe to eat for longer than a few days at a time.

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