Cup of coffee at the coffee maker, coffee time.

Are Coffee Makers Allowed in Dorms?

If you are heading to the dorms for your first year of college, you might not be sure what you can bring with you when you move in. You probably know that you will have limited storage for your clothing and personal items, but you might not know what kinds … Continue Reading

Couple putting their new mattress on the bed

Can I Bring My Own Mattress to College Dorm?

Many people love their mattresses. It is one of the most comforting parts of their home and they want to take it with them on vacation and everywhere that they go. This is of course not practical overall, but what if you want to bring your mattress to your new … Continue Reading

A table light on a white tree trunk in a college dorm

Should I Get a Trunk for College Dorm

When you are moving into the dorms, you might have a lot of questions about how to make the small storage space in your dorm work well for your needs. While it might seem like there is not going to be enough room for everything that you need to bring … Continue Reading

Young woman opening fridge door covered with motivating stickers

Should I Buy a Mini Fridge for My Dorm?

Moving into the dorms can be a really exciting experience. Most students spend at least a few weeks preparing for their move into the dorms and they have lots of questions about which things they should bring with them and which things they should leave home. Common questions include how … Continue Reading

Student locking dorm room door with key in hand

How to Secure Valuables in a Dorm Room

Moving into the dorms can be very exciting and also a little daunting for new students. There are so many things that you might have questions about before you move in. From picking the right storage solutions to figuring out if you or your roommate is bringing a microwave, there … Continue Reading

Group Of College Students In Shared Dorm Room Studying Together

How To Make Dorm Room Smell Good

If you are about to move into the dorms, there are lots of things that you have probably been planning and considering. You have had to think about where to store your clothes, and what appliances to bring, and you have had to learn about the rules of your new … Continue Reading

Two Female College Students In Shared House Bedroom Studying Together

Is it Better to Live in a Dorm or Apartment?

Moving out to go to college can seem daunting. Many people worry about making the right choice when they are picking between the dorms and living on their own or with roommates in an apartment. There are pros and cons to both styles of living arrangement and what is right … Continue Reading

Shoes in a pile near some stairs in a college dorm

How to Store Shoes in College Dorm

Everyone knows that college dorms have limited storage. This can lead to struggles with regard to having room for items like boots for the winter and more than a few pairs of tennis shoes. For students who play sports, the demands for space for footwear can be hard to grapple … Continue Reading

Cute domestic cat sitting in cage on the table

Are Pets Allowed in Dorm Rooms?

This is a question that has some variables related to it and which can also be answered differently depending on the college that you attend. Pets can be a big benefit to mental health while you are in college, and if you are an animal lover, you might be worried … Continue Reading

Interior of the closet with women's wardrobe

Do Dorm Rooms Have Closets?

One of the biggest questions that people often have about dorm life is how much of their personal stuff can they bring with them to the dorm. Large items are almost always a no-go, like TVs and large fridges, but some people also want to know about the closet arrangement … Continue Reading