Are Coffee Makers Allowed in Dorms?

If you are heading to the dorms for your first year of college, you might not be sure what you can bring with you when you move in.

You probably know that you will have limited storage for your clothing and personal items, but you might not know what kinds of appliances you can bring with you.

There are varying rules at different schools about which appliances you can bring with you, and you will always have to check with the dorm staff before you bring items from home that have to be plugged in to be used.

Microwaves are often allowed, but most dorms will only allow you to bring one per room. You might also have to work with your roommate to make sure that you do not have two of every appliance with you when you move in.

While coffee in your room can be nice, you might not be allowed to make it with your coffee maker in some doors.

If you are wanting to find out more about whether or not coffee makers are allowed in the dorms, read on.

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Are Coffee Makers Allowed in Dorms?

Yes, coffee makers without a hot plate are usually allowed in the dorms. This means that single-cup coffee makers like Keurigs are allowed in the dorms. The hot plate style is not allowed because any source of heat can cause a fire.

Thankfully, there are so many styles of coffee makers on the market these days that do not need a hot plate that it is easy to get a coffee maker that is allowed.

You will always need to ask about the electrical solutions at your dorm since some pots might need plug-in styles that are not present in older dorms.

This is part of why you need to always ask about the rules for your unique dorm even if you know someone at your college that is allowed to have a coffee pot in their room.

Some of the older buildings have limitations on what kinds of appliances are allowed to be used in them for safety reasons.

What Other Options Do I Have?

You might have a dorm that offers a shared kitchen space where a regular coffee pot can be used. This is usually part of why individual coffee makers will not be allowed in your dorm room itself.

If there is a shared kitchen, most dorms will ask for you to make your coffee in the kitchen space and not your room. You might be able to bring your own coffee maker if this is the case, but you might be expected to use shared appliances in the kitchen space.

You might be within walking distance to your dorm’s cafeteria, and these locations often also have coffee that you can pick up as part of your food allowance for each month.

There are also often coffee shops all over campus that you can go to for your morning coffee. Buying coffee at a shop every day can add up to a lot of money every month, so you need to be careful about counting on this method of getting your coffee each morning.

Another option that can work well for your needs is to drink tea rather than drinking coffee. You will often have access to hot water in your dorm and you can easily brew tea for yourself in the morning.

Tea offers almost as much caffeine as coffee which means that you will get your morning pick-me-up with ease. Tea is also a lot more affordable than buying coffee each day and you will probably enjoy saving that money for other things.

Bottled coffee is also an option and you can keep your coffee in your mini-fridge to be enjoyed each morning. If you prefer hot coffee, you can heat your pre-made coffee as well by using your microwave.

This is a viable option for the days that you do not have time to go buy coffee or head by the cafeteria.

Can I Bring an Espresso Machine?

You will not be allowed to bring an espresso machine to your dorm. Not only is it large, but it is also noisy and heats water to a very high temperature.

This machine has all of the components of the other appliances that are not allowed to be brought to the dorms with you. You might love espresso, but this kind of machine will not be allowed in the dorms when you move in.

You will almost never be allowed to bring in large appliances like this into the dorms and you should not plan on this being an option.

Remember that even large fridges are not allowed in the dorms, so large cooking appliances will not be allowed either for all the same reasons.

Getting Your Coffee in the Dorms Can be Easy

If you have been worried about getting coffee for your morning pick-me-up in the dorms, you will have lots of options to take care of this need. You will be able to have a pod-style coffee maker or machine or you might be able to keep cold coffee in your fridge in your dorm.

There are also lots of locations that can provide coffee on campus, so coffee is never far off.

Campuses are aware of the love that college kids have for coffee and you will find that it is never hard to get access to your caffeine fix. Some dorms even offer coffee that is free to take in the shared kitchen.

You will be able to get your coffee in a variety of ways and none of them are difficult or expensive. Make sure that you talk to your roommate before you both bring coffee makers with you. You will not both be allowed to bring a coffee pot with you in most cases.

Getting a small coffee pot that offers a pod-style coffee making method is easy and you will be able to enjoy coffee with ease right in your dorm room.

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