How to Store Shoes in College Dorm

Everyone knows that college dorms have limited storage. This can lead to struggles with regard to having room for items like boots for the winter and more than a few pairs of tennis shoes.

For students who play sports, the demands for space for footwear can be hard to grapple with. There is almost always storage under your bed in your dorm, but what if you have other items stored under your bed in boxes?

This is one of the biggest dilemmas that many students face when they need to move into the dorms. This is particularly true if there is variable weather where you are going to school.

Places like Arizona might not lead to much need for a variety of shoes for the seasons but many other campuses will have lots of seasonal clothing that is needed during each school year.

If you want to learn more about how to store shoes in college dorm rooms, read on!

Shoe Storage Ideas for College Dorms

There are actually many ways that you can store your shoes with ease in the dorms. You probably have never had to look into these kinds of shoe storage solutions, but they are very reasonably priced and can save you tons of space.

1. Over the Door Shoe Caddy

These handy cloth items hang over the door of your dorm room and can fit up to 16 pairs of shoes in most cases.

This might not be the perfect solution if your dorm roommate also needs to store a lot of shoes, but many students split the shoe organizer in half and each use one part of the caddy for their shoes.

There will still be closet space in your small dorm closet, so you can put your larger shoes in the closet and all your smaller items in the door caddy. This is one of the best storage solutions for your dorm shoe storage needs.

2. Hanging Shoe Caddy

In a twist on the shoe caddy that hangs on the door of your dorm room, you can also get soft-sided shoe racks that hang up in your closet space. You can hang these off a hanger or the clothing rack in your clothes closet and place multiple pairs of shoes in them.

This can be a great way to add lots of storage space and you might even be able to fit some of your bigger shoes into the larger of these storage solutions.

Because these shoe racks are soft-sided, you can fold them up and remove them if you do not need them or even hang them off the end of your bed if you have bunk beds. This can be a great way to add shelving to your dorm space as well, and you do not have to use the whole shoe caddy just for shoes.

3. Stacking Plastic Containers

There are many kinds of stacking plastic containers that you can invest in and some of them have drawers that pull out while others are made to be closed and snapped together once the bin is secured.

You can store a lot of smaller shoes in these kinds of bins and slide them under your bed, or they might fit on the floor on your side of the room. Some of them are also made to fit within your dorm closet space.

Stackable containers can be made to fit many other clothing items as well and you might find that you have more than enough room in your plastic stacking containers to add other items to the storage unit as well as your shoes.

Being able to keep all of your accessories and shoes stored neatly away can help with clutter in your dorm room.

4. Adjustable Shoe Racks

These are often easy go-to shoe racks that can be placed at the bottom of your dorm closet. These shoe racks are set up to be made taller and shorter and you can place larger shoes on the top racks and smaller ones on the bottom.

This can condense your shoe storage down to a small shelf that will hold all of your necessary shoe items with ease. If you have sports shoes and really tall items like boots, you can place them next to the shoe rack in most cases.

Shoe racks can come in many materials and can be folded down when not in use when you get the right design. You will usually only need to get a smaller plastic shoe rack for this kind of need and you can simply remove it from your closet during seasons where you are not using as many shoes.

These kinds of shoe racks are also made in single row format so you could place this shoe rack under your bed for easy access to the shoes that you are storing when they are not in use.

Shoe Storage in Your Dorm Can be Easy

If you have been worried about your shoe storage needs in your dorm room, you should consider one of these solutions for your needs. You can share some of these items with your roommate if need be, and most of them are very affordable options that will take care of all of your storage needs with ease.

Always remember that you can send home or take home shoes that you have found that you are not using while you are in school.

Being able to store all of your footwear with ease in your dorm room can make it much more comfortable to deal with the different seasons that you might have to navigate during your time at school.

Being able to have access to snow boots, flip-flops, tennis shoes, and high heels doesn’t have to be tough when you have the right shoe storage solutions on your side!

Maximizing your dorm room storage space can be easy when you use the right storage items and solutions for each item that you need to find a home for.

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