Are Wax Warmers Allowed in Dorms?

When you are getting ready to move into the dorms, you will have lots of questions about the things that you are allowed to bring with you. Dorm rooms are not very big and you will have to share with a roommate in most cases.

Dorms also have their own safety rules and sometimes have curfew rules that you will need to follow.

The comforts of home might seem very far away when you are moving into the dorm and homesickness can be caused by all kinds of little things that are missing from your dorm room.

That being said, college is a very fun time in anyone’s life and there are many adventures that you can go on while you are in college. Your dorm room will start to feel like home as soon as you have been moved in for a while and you will figure out how to make it comfortable for your needs.

If you have been wondering if you can use a wax warmer in your dorm room, read on for more information.

Are Wax Warmers Allowed in Dorms?

Everyone usually knows that candles are not allowed in dorms. Open flame is a risk and smoke and heat can set off the fire system in the whole dorm.

On top of this, some candles have very strong smells and this can bother your roommate or other dorm residents.

This might lead you to ask if a wax warmer might be allowed in your dorm room. This is a reasonable question, and many people will find that their dorm will allow them to have wax warmers as long as it is not big and does not require an open flame to work.

If you have been wanting to enjoy the benefits of a candle in your dorm room without exposing the whole building to a fire risk, a wax warmer can take care of your needs.

Some Considerations When Picking a Wax Warmer

Even if wax warmers are allowed in your dorm, you should think about a few factors before you bring one with you to your new dorm.


Remember that your dorm room is going to be small. You will not have lots of shelf space free for anything that is not school-related. You will need to consider whether or not the wax warmer that you have will fit on the shelf space that you have access to.

Some warmers are quite large and will not fit in your small available space in your dorm room.


While this is not an item that uses an open flame to work, you will still need to think about the heat that is going to be generated by the warmer’s lightbulb.

The bulb inside the warmer does not get that hot, but it can still be a fire risk if it is placed in the wrong location. Make sure that no curtains, bedding, or clothes will be in contact with your wax warmer.

Strong Smells

Always consider that other people have allergies and might have strong reactions to excessive scents. You should make sure that you ask your roommate if a wax warmer in the room is okay with them.

You should also touch base with your RA to see if there are scents that are not allowed to be used in the dorms.


These are not high-cost units, but they are still more expensive than some people realize. Quality waxes can cost quite a bit of money if you are using them on a daily basis. As a student, you might not have a huge budget to work with.

You should look at costs like this as unnecessary overall and this should be one of the things that you should not choose to pay for when compared to books and food.


Wax warmers often cast quite a bit of light. Consider getting warmer that does not cast a lot of extra illumination. Dorms are not very big and you might disturb your sleep or the sleep of your roommate with the warmer.

If you get a small warmer you will not be as likely to fill the dorm with light when it is in use.

Why Might My Dorm Forbid the Use of Wax Warmers?

There are some common reasons that wax warmers are not allowed in dorms.

  • Safety
  • Smells
  • Size
  • Health concerns

The heat from the warmer and smells that are made by the wax might cause safety and health concerns for others in your dorm as well as your roommate. Some dorms rule out warmers for the same reasons that they forbid candles.

At the end of the day, this is not an essential item for your dorm room’s function and many dorms want to avoid the risks that come with these items.

Wax Warmers Can be a Good Solution for Your Dorm

If you know that you cannot use a candle in your dorm but still want to bring fresh scents into your dorm, you can often use a wax warmer. If these items are not allowed in your dorms, remember that this is for safety reasons and it is not personal.

There are other ways to enjoy fresh scents in your dorm room and making sure to do your laundry with fresh-smelling laundry products can go a long way toward making your room smell great.

Always make sure to ask for the checklist of items that are not allowed in your dorm room so that you do not accidentally get into trouble with the dorm staff after you move in. While it might seem hard to give up some of these items when you move in, you will find that you will get used to going without them pretty quickly.

You will probably be too busy having fun on campus to miss your candle or wax warmer once you have gotten moved in.

Wax warmers can be a great option for your dorm room use so long as they are allowed by the dorm rules.

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