Various plastic cutting boards on the table. Kitchen utensils and accessories in trendy pastel colors.

Is a Plastic Cutting Board Sanitary?

Plastic cutting boards are sanitary until they start developing cracks from continuous knife use. All things that come in contact with our food may be potential sources of contamination. And, the risk of contamination raises the risk of foodborne diseases. Cutting boards are no exception to this rule. So, it’s … Continue Reading

Wooden sturdy surface to prep on. Utensil for cooking food. Linen napkin. Oak chopping trivet.

Are Wooden Cutting Boards Antibacterial?

Wood is proven to be antibacterial. According to a study done by the University of Wisconsin, 99.9% of bacteria put on a wooden cutting board died within only several minutes. The board was left at room temperature overnight and the next day, there were no remaining bacteria alive. Plastic cutting … Continue Reading

Washed wooden cutting board at shelf on brown wooden background

Can You Wash a Wooden Cutting Board with Soap?

You can wash your wooden cutting board with soap, but not with every type of soap. The safest option is dish soap. Washing your wooden cutting boards in the sink is the preferred choice. They’re not dishwasher-safe because the high heat and water and moisture can damage them. When cleaning … Continue Reading

Woman cutting coriander leaves on wood cutting boards while preparing the food

Can You Recycle Wood Cutting Boards?

Considering the fact that we have a problem with waste and pollution, recycling our wooden cutting boards is essential. Recycling helps preserve energy, lowers the pollution of the water and air, conserves natural resources, and lowers greenhouse emissions. Old kitchen items are often found in our trash bins, without us … Continue Reading

Kiwi fruit on a bamboo cutting board

Can You Sublimate Bamboo Cutting Boards?

If you love personalized kitchen items and bamboo cutting boards are on top of that list, you’ll be happy to know that you can sublimate bamboo cutting boards. Sublimated bamboo cutting boards bring a unique flair to kitchens. You can find sublimatable bamboo cutting boards. They’re usually made of sturdy … Continue Reading

Nuts on the bamboo cutting board

Are Bamboo Cutting Boards Antimicrobial?

If you’re looking to maximize food safety in your kitchen, opt for a bamboo cutting board. It may provide antimicrobial properties! Bamboo’s antimicrobial ability is the reason why it grows at a fast rate. This plant has a natural barrier against microbes. If a bug tries to attack this plant, … Continue Reading

Olives and olive oil on a wooden table

Can You Use Olive Oil on Bamboo Cutting Boards?

Olive oil must never be used for the maintenance of bamboo cutting boards. You should also never use corn oil and sunflower oil to oil your bamboo cutting boards. This is because these oils are prone to rancidification. This process results in a strong and unpleasant smell. You definitely don’t … Continue Reading