Fleas on clothes

Can Ironing Kill Fleas? [Explained!]

Fleas can be a big problem for you and your pets. So, controlling them is crucial for you. It may be possible that you bought some chemicals from the market to kill fleas. But is it necessary to do so? Why don’t you iron your garments? Does ironing kill fleas? … Continue Reading

Pieces of fried onions in bowl on white table.

Can You Fry Onions in the Microwave?

If you love cooking with onion, you know that it can take some time to get onion ready to add to recipes. Preparing your onion by frying, it can take even longer. Sometimes onion is the most time-consuming part of the cooking process when you are using it in a … Continue Reading

Onions in a basket put on the table

How to Soften Onions in the Microwave?

If you love cooking with onions, you know that preparing them can take quite a bit of time. You will have to peel and chop onion in order to cook with it, which can add up to extra time when you are cooking. And then if you have to prepare … Continue Reading

Whole onions in a basket with halves of onions on the table.

How to Store Whole Onions Long Term?

If you love onions, you know that storing them can be tough. This is particularly true when you are considering the storage of more than one onion in a small space. Onions can make other vegetables stored near them break down, and they can also impact the smell of your … Continue Reading

Two heaps of white onion bulbs in green plastic baskets

Can You Store Onions in Airtight Containers?

Storing onions is one of the things that can be the hardest to do. If you love onions, you probably realize that it can be complicated to store onions that have been cut or have been prepared for use. Onions tend to go bad rather quickly due to their chemical … Continue Reading

Close-up view of vegetables as onion, potato, celery, scallion

Can I Store Onions and Potatoes Together?

Storing food can be more challenging than you might think. Some food items do not get along well with others, and there can be issues related to smell or taste being impacted negatively when you store the wrong items together, even in the fridge or the freezer. You might have … Continue Reading

Leftover chopped onion in ceramic pan

What to Do With Leftover Onion?

Onion is one of those vegetables that is used in cooking frequently, but it can lead to an excess of onion that does not get used for a recipe. If you hate to waste food, or you want to keep your onions to use later, there are some strategies that … Continue Reading

Pasta with ham and cheese with caramel onion

Can You Freeze Caramelized Onions?

Storing onion can seem impossible. Onion tends to break down rapidly once it has been chopped or cooked, and it can go bad in a matter of hours when placed on the counter. If you have been struggling to keep prepared onions fresh in your fridge and are tired of … Continue Reading

Raw onions in a box on a wooden table

Can You Freeze Raw Onions?

Onion is one of the most delicious ingredients that you can add to your recipes. This is a common flavorful ingredient in many savory dishes as well as a great choice for pickling or even use as a raw topping on things like burgers and salads. For people who love … Continue Reading

Fresh red onions with water droplets on those

Can You Freeze Red Onions?

Onions are a flavorful addition to many dishes. You might love onion in so many different meals of the day, from your breakfast to dinner. This might also mean that you know how long it can take to prepare and chop up onion when you are ready to make a … Continue Reading