Should I Buy a Mini Fridge for My Dorm?

Moving into the dorms can be a really exciting experience. Most students spend at least a few weeks preparing for their move into the dorms and they have lots of questions about which things they should bring with them and which things they should leave home.

Common questions include how to store items effectively and how to keep things stored in the dorms safe and secure.

If you have been wondering if you should buy a mini fridge for your dorm, the answer is a resounding yes! A mini-fridge can help you to have drinks and snacks on hand that will tide you over between meals and keep you from snacking on vending machine food and other unhealthy items in between classes.

Most students will have a microwave in their dorm room, so having a fridge opens up a lot of food possibilities within the dorm room setting.

If you want to learn more about whether or not you need to buy a mini fridge for your dorm, you need to read on!

Can I Get a Big Mini Fridge in My Dorm?

There are various sizes of mini fridges out there. They range from very small models that are just enough for a few drinks and maybe a couple of small snacks and some fridges can hold a few freezer meals in the freezer compartment as well as bottled drinks and soda and fruit.

The average size mini fridge that is allowed in most dorms will be about 2 cubic feet in size. This is about desk height and you can find these almost anywhere.

Some of these models even come with a small freezer unit that can hold a couple of Hot Pockets or some other quick-to-microwave snacks for your eating needs in your dorm room.

You might have to talk to your roommate and coordinate with them if they are thinking of bringing a fridge and a microwave with them. Not every dorm room will have space for both dorm residents to have their fridge and microwave.

Sometimes the power arrangement in the dorm will also not allow for this. In that case, you might be able to have a larger fridge that you and your fellow student in your dorm share.

Are There Rules About Mini Fridges?

There are often a few rules that surround the use of this kind of appliance in a dorm room. You will probably have to make sure to buy a new enough fridge that is safe to use and meets the safety requirements.

You will also typically be encouraged to get an energy-efficient model as well. There may also be some height or size limitations that you might have to meet per the rules of your dorm.

Some of the other things that you should think about are whether or not your larger fridge might get in the way of the walking space in your dorm or partially block your roommate’s desk.

You should also be sure not to keep or store smelly foods that might impact your roommate or other dorm mates.

Smelly foods like fish and other things that most people do not like the smell of are often discouraged by dorm staff. Some people are also allergic to some of these foods and you could cause issues with both the smells and the presence of these foods in your dorms.

You should also think about being sure to keep all the bottles of liquids that are in the fridge tightly capped. Spilled sodas and other sticky liquids can make a big mess around your fridge.

How do I Know What Fridge to Get?

Many dorms can help you to pick the right kind of fridge. There are often informational lists or packets that show some photo examples of the appliances that are allowed in your dorm.

You might also be able to ask some of the floor Ras what fridges other students have. This can make it a lot easier than just guessing blindly and hoping for the best.

Some parents will move their child in and then head out to get a fridge while they are in the process of unpacking. Having an idea of the exact size space that you are able to fill with a fridge can make it easier to buy the right one.

These are common appliances so they are easy to head out to buy on a whim if that is the best way to get one moved into your dorm room.

You might find that you have bought a fridge that is too large and this can be a really big disappointment for students who are just moving in.

Getting a Mini Fridge Can Make Your Dorm Comfortable

Having access to the right snacks and drinks that are cold and ready to be eaten can help you to eat healthier when you are living in the dorm.

It can also make it easier to store quick snacks that can be eaten when you are not able to leave your dorm because you don’t feel good or you are hungry at an odd time of day.

Some campus dining halls do not offer snack foods and you might miss having access to snack foods between meals.

Your dorm will have some limited requirements about the kind of fridge that you invest in, so you should check with them before you assume that you will be able to bring the fridge that you have always dreamed of having.

You also need to be sure that your fridge is new enough that it will be allowed. Some fridges are the right size but are too old to meet the minimum safety requirements of the dorm rooms that you are moving into.

Always make sure that you check with your roommate and the dorm staff to be sure that a fridge will be allowed in your dorm and then make sure you get one that offers the features that you want.

You will love having this amenity in your room and it will make your dorm so much more comfortable.

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