How To Make Dorm Room Smell Good

If you are about to move into the dorms, there are lots of things that you have probably been planning and considering.

You have had to think about where to store your clothes, and what appliances to bring, and you have had to learn about the rules of your new home away from home. 

For some students,  one of the most frustrating and surprising things about dorm life is that their little room can end up smelling bad.

Thankfully, there are some easy ways to make your dorm room pleasant to spend time in despite sports clothing, wet shoes, and other challenges to the freshness of your living space. 

If you are ready to learn more about the ways to make your college dorm room smell great,  read on!

How to Make Your Dorm Room Smell Great

Most of the things that you can do to keep your dorm fresh are easy and just take a little attention on your part each day.

These simple things can be a big help to your dorm life experience. Make sure to discuss with your roommate some of these items so that you are both on the same page.  

1. Keep Things Clean 

While it might seem like it will be hard to keep your clothes and your bedding Clean since you don’t have your own laundry room, you can easily keep all your dirty laundry and bedding free of smells by setting a day each week or two days each week that are devoted to laundry.

This will make it easy to cut down on bad smells and make your room smell amazing. 

Make sure you ask about the policy for washing bedding as your dorm might have special requirements for washing large items like quilts. Sheets and other smaller bedding items can be washed with your clothing with ease.

If your dorm has a laundry service,  you will just need to plan to have a second set of sheets for your use until your bedding comes back from the laundry service.

2. Dry Wet Items

Wet items like wet shoes and clothes can smell really bad if they don’t get dried out. Make sure you have a place where wet shoes can dry and hang up wet clothing to make sure that it doesn’t start to smell.

Throwing your wet clothes into a hamper can lead to really bad smells after a day or so.

Investing in a small drying rack can help dry out coats and large items that might get wet frequently. Offer to share the rack with your roommate so you don’t have two racks taking up space.

You will be amazed at how much wet clothing can impact the smell in your dorm room. If you get a lot of rain at your school, this is something you have to prepare for. 

3. Air Fresheners

This is something that can help a lot with smells but you need to be careful that you don’t make your roommate or someone else in the rooms near you sick. Some fragrances in air fresheners can lead to allergic reactions that can be quite serious. 

Consider getting a good Hepa filter for your room if you are worried about air fresheners causing issues for others around you. This will filter out a lot of smells and bacteria from the air and make your room fresh even better than a plug-in air freshener. 

4. Take Care When Cooking 

Cooking smells can be really tough to get rid of once they are in a small space and if you cook the wrong foods in your microwave,  even your clothes and bedding might smell like food.

Make sure to think about what you cook and avoid fish and other items that have strong smells. This can make it very hard to keep your room smelling nice and can make the whole floor of your dorm smell bad. 

Remember that you have access to a cafeteria with your dorm room fees and consider eating most of your meals there rather than heating quick snacks in your room.

You might want to talk to your roommate about these issues before you run into problems related to cooking smells that make your dorm room unpleasant to live in. 

5. Open Windows

If your dorm has windows that can be cracked open or opened up wide, consider doing this at least once a day for a while. You will get the benefit of the fresh air as well as improving the smell of your room. 

Even windows that can only be tilted open can still help with bad smells and you will be happy you took the time to do this when your dorm smells fresh and pleasant each day. 

Taking Care of Your Dorm Room is Easy

Taking care of your dorm room can be easy if you use these tips and tricks. Keeping things clean is often the biggest help for your efforts and you will find that this might take care of almost all of the smells in your dorm.

Make sure to have drying racks and a quality clothes hamper on hand to help care for wet clothing. 

If you and your roommate are careful about what you cook in your dorm room this will be a big help. Also, make sure to keep things clean and dry, you will have a pleasant smelling room that doesn’t feel unpleasant to come back to each day.

Caring for your living space is easy when you keep on a cleaning schedule and consider the activities that you do in your dorm each day. 

Always be sure to inquire about school policies for air fresheners and food that you can have in your room. This makes it easy for you to know right off what you can bring and what you can’t bring with you into your dorm for cleaning.

Think of your dorm as your second home and you will have a great dorm life experience every day. 

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