Can I Bring My Own Mattress to College Dorm?

Many people love their mattresses. It is one of the most comforting parts of their home and they want to take it with them on vacation and everywhere that they go.

This is of course not practical overall, but what if you want to bring your mattress to your new home away from home at school?

After all, you would be able to bring your mattress with you if you were moving into an apartment, so why not a dorm?

Most dorms will not allow you to bring your own mattress with you. The beds that the rooms are equipped with have mattresses and these are the ones that you are expected to use.

It will often be impossible for the dorm to remove the mattress to storage and mattresses are hard to maneuver in the small spaces of dorm halls on move-in days. This is a big part of why mattresses are not allowed to be moved in with students.

If you have been worried that you will not be comfortable on the mattress that is in the dorm already, you should read on for some more information.

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Are There Situations Where I Can Move in My Own Mattress?

There are a few situations where you might be allowed to move in your mattress. If you have a disability or an injury that requires that you have a certain kind of bed, you will probably be allowed to bring in your own mattress when you move in.

You will probably have to have a doctor’s note that states that this is required for your health in order to get permission to make this change.

If you are wanting to move in your own mattress for health reasons, then you will need to reach out to dorm staff well in advance of your move-in date.

Dorm management will likely have to sign off on this change. There will need to be arrangements made for your move so that your bed is ready for you when you move in your personal mattress on move-in day.

Being attentive to this process well in advance of move-in day can make a big difference in your ability to be comfortable in your dorm. Make sure that you start the process early so that you can try to ensure your success.

What Are Some Other Solutions I Can Use for Comfort?

So, if you can’t move your own mattress to the dorms to be comfortable, what can you do? There are actually some solutions that you can use to make your dorm room bed more comfortable for your needs.

While most dorm mattresses are actually pretty high-quality and comfortable, you might still want to have some added softness or support for your sleeping needs.

You are allowed to bring in a mattress topper that will offer the balance of softness or firmness that you want to have in a mattress.

You can bring in a foam mattress topper if you are used to a foam mattress at home, or you can bring in a fluffy topper for your mattress to make it softer and cozier.

You are also allowed to bring in blankets and quilts for your comfort and you can bring in lots of added pillows if you wish as well. Many people bring their own bedding and a mattress topper and feel quite comfortable as soon as these items are in place.

If you are still really uncomfortable, you can talk to dorm management and seek a solution. You might have to work with a doctor to get a note that states that the bed in your dorm is impacting your health, but the dorms will often help you get comfortable.

What Size is a Dorm Mattress?

Dorms use XL twin mattresses. This means that they are made for one person but are as long as a King bed. This means that tall people will sleep in comfort in these narrow beds.

This means that it can be hard to get sheets and blankets and quilts for these beds, but there are companies that sell bedding in this size.

If you are looking for this size of the bedding, you might have to order online to get it, so make sure that you look around in advance to be sure you have the bedding in time for your move.

You might also want to consider looking into the average temperature in your building. Some buildings are old and you might need blankets or quilts or flannel sheets to help keep you warm.

Being warm enough in the winter is important and dorm staff can offer you some advice about the right ways to prepare for the seasons and your comfort in your dorm space. This can be a big help when you are planning to move in for the whole school season.

Dorm Mattresses Can be Made to be Comfortable for You

If you have been worried that you will not be comfortable sleeping on your dorm mattress, there are many ways to make sure that you will be able to sleep in comfort all year long.

You might be able to move your mattress in if you have an injury or other health reason that means that you need your own mattress in the dorm. Always be sure that you are working on your mattress needs well before your move-in date so that you can get your situation sorted out in time for your move-in day.

Mattresses can impact your health but you are able to make your dorm mattress comfortable with a topper and the sheets and blankets that you have brought from home.

You will be allowed to make your bed just the way that you want with added items that help ensure your comfort. Most people find that their dorm mattress is quite comfortable to start with.

Being able to sleep in comfort in the dorms is not usually a challenge even if you can’t move in your own mattress.

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