Storing Peeled Garlic in Fridge [Explained]

Garlic is a really enjoyable addition to many dishes and you might have found that this is one of the most fragrant and enjoyable herbs to add to your cooking processes.

One of the key things that you need to remember about garlic is that it needs to be stored properly to maintain its flavor. If you have just started cooking with fresh garlic or have decided to buy your first fresh garlic, you might not be sure how to store this herb.

Garlic is very flavorful, but only when stored properly. This means that you will need to know how to store it if you want to be able to use your garlic more than once before it needs to be thrown out.

Garlic is easy to store if you know the right tips and tricks to make this process easy for you.

If you are ready to learn how to store your peeled garlic in the fridge correctly, you need to read on!

Why Bother Storing Peeled Garlic in the Fridge?

Picture this: you’re in the midst of preparing a mouthwatering dish, and suddenly, you realize you forgot to peel the garlic. It’s happened to the best of us, right? That’s where the beauty of pre-peeled garlic comes in. Let’s explore the perks:

Extended Shelf Life:

Say goodbye to the days of garlic sprouting like little green aliens. Storing peeled garlic in the fridge keeps it fresher for longer, minimizing the risk of unwanted green shoots.

No More Mold Worries:

Moisture is the enemy when it comes to garlic. By keeping those peeled cloves chilled, you’re putting a stop to mold growth – ensuring your garlic stays pristine and ready for action.

Time-Saving Marvel:

Imagine having perfectly peeled garlic at your fingertips, ready to rock your recipes. It’s like having your kitchen assistant. The convenience is unbeatable.

How to Store Peeled Garlic in the Fridge?

When you have peeled your garlic, storage is much less straightforward than if you have not taken the outside layers off the bulb. This is because your garlic will be exposed to the air when you remove the outer layers which can lead to the breakdown of the clove and loss of flavor.

Prepare and Inspect

Peel the garlic cloves, ensuring each one is fully separated from its skin. Discard any cloves that show signs of damage, discoloration, or mold.

Make Sure is it Dried Off

Make sure that any garlic that you place in the fridge is not wet. Storing your garlic when it has become imbued with oils and other moisture can lead to mold and other issues, even when your garlic is put into the fridge.

This is one of the reasons that it is best to use your garlic right off and not attempt to store it.

Use an Airtight Bag or Container

When you have peeled your garlic and have realized that you cannot use it all, you will want to be sure to use a Ziploc bag or Tupperware to store the remainder of your garlic cloves that were prepared for use and then not needed.

The garlic that you store in this way might lose pungency over a few days, but it should be strong enough to be used for your meals over the next couple of days without complaint.

Label and Date

Label the container with the date of storage. This ensures you can keep track of how long the garlic has been in the fridge.

Consider Freezing Your Garlic

If you are going to use your garlic in the next couple of days, then you can easily store your peeled garlic in the fridge in an airtight container.

If you want to ensure that your garlic lasts longer than the next couple of days, freezing it is your only option. This is because the garlic oils will start breaking it down without true cold storage.

Organize for Easy Access

Consider organizing the garlic in a way that makes it easy to grab small portions without exposing the entire batch to room temperature. This is especially helpful if you use garlic frequently.

Improvements to Garlic Storage

If you have chopped up too much garlic and plant to use it the next day, you can make sure to add these considerations to your storage needs to keep your garlic fresh and ready for cooking.

These processes will not help your garlic to last more than the next couple of days, but the garlic that you have saved will be in much better shape than if you have not taken these steps before storing your garlic.

You will have better luck with chopped garlic if it is stored with olive oil in a bag or container. This oil will keep the garlic cloves fresh and ready to enjoy and it will keep them from losing moisture which can lead to a lack of flavor and other issues with texture.

You will also want to make sure that there are no segments of peel in the container that you have decided to store your garlic in. The peel can lead to contamination of your garlic that is chopped and ready to cook.

You will want to be sure that your garlic peel is not included in the storage container you have chosen for your prepared garlic.

How Long Can I Keep Peeled Garlic?

The shelf life of peeled garlic depends on how it’s stored and the conditions of storage. When properly stored, peeled garlic can last for an extended period.

Here’s a simple table summarizing the potential shelf life of peeled garlic based on different storage methods:

Storage MethodShelf Life
Refrigerated (Airtight)1 to 2 weeks
Frozen (Properly sealed)Several months
Commercially Peeled GarlicFollow package guidelines

How Do I Know When Peeled Garlic Gone Bad?

Determining whether peeled garlic has gone bad involves using your senses to assess its appearance, smell, and texture. Here are some signs that indicate peeled garlic may be past its prime:

Off Odor:

  • Fresh garlic has a distinct, pungent aroma. If the peeled garlic develops an off or sour smell, it’s a strong indicator that it has started to spoil.

Unusual Color:

  • Garlic cloves should be a consistent color. If you notice any green or blue discoloration, it could be a sign of sprouting or mold. Discard garlic with unusual colors.

Mushy Texture:

  • Fresh garlic cloves are firm and crisp. If the peeled garlic becomes soft, mushy, or slimy, it has likely started to deteriorate, and it’s best to discard it.

Mold Growth:

  • Visible mold is a clear sign of spoilage. If you see any mold on the peeled garlic, discard it immediately. Mold can spread quickly, and consuming moldy food is not safe.

Excessive Moisture:

  • If the garlic appears excessively moist or wet, it may be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Properly dry peeled garlic before storing it to prevent moisture-related issues.


  • Sprouting is a natural process for garlic, but it can impact the taste and texture. If you see green shoots emerging from the garlic cloves, it’s an indication that it’s past its prime.

Remember that the freshness of peeled garlic also depends on proper storage conditions. If you’ve stored it in the refrigerator or freezer following recommended guidelines, it should last longer without compromising its quality.

Peeled Garlic Can be Stored With Ease

When you accidentally chop up or prepare too much garlic for your cooking needs, you can save your garlic for a couple of days using these tips and tricks.

Making sure to add some olive oil to the storage container of the bag can keep your garlic from drying out and you will have better luck with your stored garlic if all the sections of peel are removed from the container as well.

Making sure that your stored garlic is used within the first two days will ensure a flavorful meal as well.

While you can store your garlic for longer than a few days after it has been peeled, the taste and the result of cooking with it will be much reduced.

It is always wise to throw out garlic that has been stored for longer than a couple of days and you should adhere to this rule. Peeled garlic is easy to store for a couple of days if you use these tips and tricks.

You do not need to throw out the excess garlic that you did not use for the meal that you are cooking and you can enjoy another meal soon with your leftover garlic with ease.

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