Can You Vacuum Seal Garlic? [Know the Truth]

If you love to have garlic on hand to season all of your food, you might be annoyed when you can’t keep your garlic fresh with ease. It can be hard to get through a whole garlic bulb in a reasonable amount of time, depending on how often you cook with this ingredient.

Thankfully, there is a good way to keep your garlic fresh for your use whenever you want to enjoy cooking with this ingredient.

You can vacuum seal garlic with ease, which makes it easy to have this lovely flavor ingredient on hand at all times.

You will need to make sure that you know the best ways to prepare your garlic for storage and be sure that you are careful about how you store your garlic for the best results.

If you are ready to learn more about how to vacuum seal garlic the right way, keep reading!

Can You Vacuum Seal Garlic?

Absolutely, you can indeed vacuum seal garlic to keep it fresh and flavorful. If you love having garlic readily available for your culinary adventures, vacuum sealing is a fantastic way to extend its shelf life.

Whether you choose to store whole cloves or prefer them peeled and ready, the key is to start with clean hands and ensure a meticulous sealing process.

For the best results, it’s generally recommended to store garlic cloves rather than pre-chopped ones. The cloves maintain more flavor, and it’s a time-saving choice for your meal prep.

Can You Vacuum Seal Garlic in a Bag?

Certainly, you can vacuum seal garlic in a bag. The process involves placing the garlic in a vacuum-sealable bag, removing as much air as possible, and sealing it using a vacuum sealer machine.

Whether you’re storing garlic in the freezer for long-term preservation or in the fridge for shorter periods, vacuum sealing is an effective method to maintain its quality.

Can You Vacuum Seal Garlic in the Fridge?

Yes, you can vacuum seal garlic for storage in the refrigerator. Vacuum sealing is an effective method for keeping garlic fresh for an extended period.

Storing vacuum-sealed garlic in the fridge is a convenient way to have fresh garlic readily available for your culinary needs over an extended period.

Can You Vacuum Seal Cooked Garlic?

Yes, you can vacuum seal cooked garlic. Vacuum sealing is a versatile method that can be used for both raw and cooked ingredients.

If you have leftover cooked garlic or if you’ve prepared a batch in advance, vacuum sealing can help preserve its flavor and extend its shelf life.

Can You Store Garlic Bulbs With a Vacuum Sealer?

You should not need to store your garlic if it is still wrapped up in its husk and has not been separated. A garlic bulb that has not been disturbed or opened can stay fresh for up to a year so long as there is no moisture and not much light where you are storing it.

Garlic will sprout in the fridge when it is stored long-term in bulb form due to the moisture and light inside the fridge.

Once your garlic has been peeled and opened up, however, it will only stay fresh for about a week. This is why most people just go ahead and strip off the husk and store the cleaned cloves for the long term with their vacuum sealer.

You will be able to store your vacuum-sealed garlic cloves for up to two years in the freezer and for about three months in the fridge. Make sure that you date all of the bags so that you don’t forget to use up the garlic that you stored a long time ago.

If you see that any of the bags are starting to lose their tight seal, use up this garlic first to avoid ruined garlic that needs to be thrown out.

Always be sure as well that you are not storing anything heavy on top of your garlic cloves since they can still bruise when they are in storage.

You will want to make sure that you keep your garlic in its own area where it will not be damaged or pressed down on by other items that are heavier than it is. This is true in the freezer as well as the fridge.

How to Vacuum Seal Garlic?

The first thing that you should do before you seal your garlic is to decide if you want to chop up your garlic or store it in individual cloves. It is almost always ideal to store your garlic in clove form, but this means that you still need to strip off the husk and clean up the cloves before you store them.

Taking the time to chop up your garlic is not really ideal in most cases when it comes to long-term storage. Your garlic will have more flavor and be more flexible for your use if you do not cut it up before you store it. You will put less work into your prep time as well if you just store the cloves whole in your vacuum sealed bags.

Be sure that you start with clean hands so that you do not seal bacteria into the vacuum sealing bags with your garlic.

Even though your garlic cloves are not exposed to the air, having bacteria in the sealed bag can still make your garlic go bad while it is in storage. At a minimum, it can impact the appearance and the texture of your garlic to store it with dirty hands.

How to Get a Good Seal on Your Vacuum Sealing Bags

When you are storing smaller items like garlic cloves, it can be tempting to store as many cloves as possible in each bag. This is not ideal as it can threaten the seal of the bag to have too many things stored inside each bag.

You will want to pick a portion of garlic that you will reasonably use at one time as well. Having to reseal garlic over and over can be a real pain. Storing in smaller portions is almost always the right choice when it comes to garlic storage with your vacuum sealer.

Make sure that you have a nice flat surface to seal the bags on as well. This can help you to get a better seal on each bag, and it can keep your garlic cloves from rolling around a bunch inside the bag and making a mess when you are trying to seal them up.

It is always a good rule of thumb to make a sealing station and to use this space free of other impediments to ensure a quality seal and a sanitary seal for each bag.

How Long Can You Vacuum Seal Garlic?

When you vacuum seal garlic, the storage duration can vary based on whether you store it in the refrigerator or freezer:

Refrigerator: Vacuum-sealed garlic can last for about three months in the refrigerator. It’s crucial to store it in a cool, dry place in the fridge to maintain its freshness.

Freezer: For longer-term storage, you can freeze vacuum-sealed garlic. When stored in the freezer, vacuum-sealed garlic cloves can stay fresh for up to two years. This extended shelf life makes it convenient to have a supply of garlic on hand for an extended period.

Garlic Stores Very Well When Vacuum Sealed

Garlic stores very well when vacuum-sealed, and you can get up to two years of storage time from your vacuum-sealed garlic cloves. Make sure to clean the cloves carefully and wash your hands before you store any garlic with your vacuum sealer for the best results.

Having fresh garlic on hand can be a big benefit for anyone who loves to cook and also for those who hate food waste.

Your vacuum sealer is ideal for storing all kinds of foods, and you will have great results with the prevention of food waste and convenience of storage when you use it consistently.

Always make sure that you have a good workstation set up for your vacuum sealing processes, and you will have no trouble storing garlic using this method.

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