Ziploc Vs Vacuum Sealed Bags: Which is Better?

If you like to store your food items to keep them fresh for the long haul, you will find that there are a few options that you can use for this need.

You might have gotten tired of your stored food going bad inside Tupperware or plastic bags and be looking for another, better option for your needs. There are some great choices that you can make for this need, the best of which are vacuum sealed bags.

Vacuum sealed bags are often compared to Ziploc bags, but this comparison is not accurate. There are some benefits of Ziploc bags but vacuum sealed bags will keep your food safe to eat for much longer.

There is nothing better than being able to store your food and know that you can eat it whenever you are ready to enjoy it.

If you are ready to learn more about Ziploc vs vacuum sealed bags, read on!

Benefits of Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are a classic storage solution. They are easy to use and affordable and can be sealed and resealed as needed. You will be able to use this storage solution for most of your needs for kitchen storage and they can even be used as freezer bags.

They come in many sizes and some of them are made to prevent freezer burn and other hazards of food storage in your home.

Cons of Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are not going to prevent the inclusion of air in the bag that can impact the quality of your food and allow it to spoil. Ziploc bags are not foolproof prevention for freezer burn either.

If you do not seal them correctly, Ziploc bags are no better than just wrapping your food in plastic wrap. You need to make certain that your Ziploc bag is not reused too often either because it might not actually seal properly after too many uses.

Chicken breast vacuum sealed ready for sous vide cooking

Benefits of Vacuum Sealed Bags

These bags are made to be sealed perfectly so that no air can get into them to affect your food. You will be able to seal anything that you want into these reusable bags and then you can use the vacuum sealing tool to remove the air completely.

This seals the food inside and makes sure that it will not spoil. There are various vacuum sealer products that you can use for this need and you will find that the right tool is out there for your needs both big and small.

Cons of Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum sealed bags are more expensive than Ziploc bags and you will have a small learning curve for their use. Vacuum sealed bags can be reused but there is a limit to how many times you can use them.

You might have to get more bags to keep your food safe for future enjoyment but you will get a lot of uses out of these bags when you consider how much more resilient they are than Ziploc bags.

Vacuum sealed bags are not as effective at sealing fully as canning jars and you might find that jars will serve you better than the bags.

Comparison: Ziploc vs. Vacuum Sealed Bags

Let’s lay it out visually:

FeatureZiploc BagsVacuum Sealed Bags
Freezer Burn ProtectionLimitedExcellent
Extended Shelf LifeLimitedExcellent
Equipment InvestmentLowHigh (requires a vacuum sealer machine)
Flexibility for Certain FoodsHighModerate

Factors to Consider Before Choosing One

Choosing between Ziploc and vacuum-sealed bags is like picking the right tool for the job. Here’s your checklist:

  • Types of Foods: Ziploc bags for everyday heroes, vacuum-sealed for the heavyweights.
  • Duration of Storage: Short-term buddies? Ziploc’s got you. Planning for the long haul? Vacuum-sealed bags are your ride-or-dies.
  • Cost Considerations: Ziploc bags are the budget-friendly pals. Vacuum sealers have an upfront cost, but they pay off in food freshness dividends.
  • Environmental Impact: If Mother Earth is your BFF, explore eco-friendly alternatives like reusable silicone bags or beeswax wraps.

Popular Myths and Misconceptions

Myth: “Ziploc bags don’t keep food fresh for long.”

  • Reality: They’re champs for short-term storage. Just don’t expect them to be time travelers.

Myth: “Vacuum sealing is too complicated.”

  • Reality: It’s like a fancy handshake. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

Why Should You Worry About Storing Your Food Properly?

You should be sure that you are vacuum sealing or freezing any food that you are not going to consume within a few days of cooking it. Even when kept at fridge temperature, foods can grow mold and bacteria after being cooked.

When the oxygen is removed from the product, it will be safe to eat for much longer, regardless of whether or not it has been stored in the fridge or pantry. You will get better tasting and fresher foods when you store them properly.

One of the other benefits of storing your food correctly is that you can make food in advance and then use it to provide meals all week if you are busy.

Food storage can make it possible to keep lots of great meals on hand for your needs. This can help you to eat healthier and protect your well-being for years to come.

Are There Various Kinds of Vacuum Sealers?

There are large units that dispense the plastic that is sealed around the food and also seal the bag when the process is complete. These are growing less common as more handheld vacuum sealing units are being sold for reasonable prices.

These tools are increasingly affordable and effective for your needs. You can get smaller units that are made just for sealing up reusable bags or you can get bigger units that can seal canning jars and more.

Vacuum sealers come in many shapes and styles and you can easily store all of your leftovers or canned goods with this tool.

This is a much easier way of storing food than many others out there and you will only have to practice a little to make sure that you know how to use the tool correctly.

Being able to save food and prevent leftovers from being lost to spoilage can be a huge benefit of using this tool for your needs.

Ziploc Bags and Vacuum Sealed Bags Can Prevent Food Spoiling

Ziploc bags might be the right solution for your needs but in most cases, vacuum sealed bags are the best way to save your food from spoiling when it has to be stored for a long time.

You can freeze your vacuum sealed bags or you can use them for dry storage and fridge storage as well. Vacuum sealers are easy to use and you will get great results from this tool for your food storage goals.

Food storage can be a piece of cake with these tools on your side.

If you are tired of losing food to spoiling and you want to prevent this from happening for good, you need to invest in the right food storage solutions.

Vacuum sealed bags are a great way to store your food and keep it safe to eat when it has to be stored for a long time.

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