Can You Vacuum Seal Grits?

Vacuum sealing is a great way to seal many kinds of foods. People who use vacuum sealers are thrilled to be able to save foods that would normally go bad in a few days and be able to keep them fresh for a long time.

Vacuum sealing grits can make them last a lot longer than any other form of storage for this kind of food product. Grits that have not been stored using a vacuum sealer will go bad in about five days.

You can definitely vacuum seal grits if you take some steps to prepare them first. This is a food that is not really ideal for any other storage method and that typically goes bad in a few days.

This can be frustrating if you are planning to make a large batch of grits and you don’t want to waste the portion that does not get eaten.

Vacuum sealing can be a great solution for all kinds of food storage needs, and grits are one of these food items.

If you are ready to learn more about vacuum sealing grits, you need to keep reading.

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How to Vacuum Seal Grits

Vacuum sealing grits is really ideal if you want to keep them fresh and good for the long haul. Vacuum sealed grits can keep for about two months in the freezer.

This is a great way to have a filling meal on hand when you need it if you don’t want to have to take the time to make grits each time you need them. If you are looking for quick breakfast options that require very little prep, this is a great option for your needs.

Grits do not store well in the fridge because of the moisture in this environment. They will need to be stored in the freezer once they are vacuum sealed so that they maintain their texture and flavor.

You will need to be sure as well that you do not put too many grits into each bag so that you do not compromise the seal of your bags.

The first thing that you need to do when sealing grits into vacuum sealing bags is to freeze them. Make sure that you freeze them into manageable portions as well.

You need to be able to place the frozen grits into the bags that you are using for storage, so you need to be sure that you do not freeze the grits into a solid sheet that will then have to be broken apart.

Always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before you start storing your grits as well. Food items that have bacteria sealed with them into the vacuum sealing bag will almost always go bad before they can be eaten.

Make sure as well that you have a flat surface to work with as you seal your bags. You will not want to have bubbles in the bags that can lead to the bags breaking their seals over time.

Mark the date that you sealed the bag on the outside as well so that you do not forget to thaw out and eat the bags that have been sealed for the longest.

This is a good practice with all vacuum sealed foods so that you do not waste food or have issues with bags losing their seals.

Grits can be stored for up to two months in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer. Make sure that you store your bags flat and that you are not placing them where the bags can be compressed or stretched.

When thawing out your grits, thaw them slowly so that they don’t lose their texture or get gummy and flat. This is the only challenge when storing grits, so you need to be sure that you are careful when thawing your grits out to be eaten.

Some Storage Tips

Make sure that you consider freezing your grits in small batches that are square so that they can be stored readily in your vacuum sealed bags.

You should also be sure that you do not make your squares much too large because large squares can stretch your sealing bags and make them fail.

It is also much easier to store grits that have been frozen in the right shape because the edges of the block will be less likely to break off or apart during storage.

Grits also thaw out better in smaller batches, which means that the overall flavor of your grits will depend on the size of the bricks that you store them in. This is one of the key things that you need to think about beyond just keeping the bags in good condition while they are stored.

The more even the layer of grits in each bag, the less likely it will be that your grits will go bad or lose their texture while they are sealed.

Grits Store Very Well in Vacuum Sealed Bags

Vacuum sealing bags are a great way to store your grits after you have made them. Make sure that you freeze your grits before you store them to make it easier to get them sealed into the sealing bags and to be sure that they will not end up in a blob at the bottom of the bag.

Your grits will store best when they are kept in an even layer in the storage bag, and this is why freezing them is really ideal for your storage needs. Make sure that you thaw your grits out slowly so that you do not ruin their texture and flavor by warming them too fast.

This is one of the only challenges with this form of storage for grits, so you need to be patient when you are thawing out your grits to be eaten after storage.

You will need to make sure as well to mark the storage date on your sealed bags so that you do not forget the grits that have been in storage for the longest.

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