Can You Vacuum Seal Popcorn?

Popcorn is one of the best snacks out there. Nearly everyone loves to snack on popcorn when they watch a movie or are out hiking or enjoying a day in the sun.

The trouble with popcorn is that it can get stale really fast once it has been popped. Even store-bought bags of popcorn change texture and flavor rapidly once the bag has been opened.

The good news is that you can actually store popped popcorn with your vacuum sealer! You can also store unpopped kernels, which is really ideal for camping or heading out on a trip with your favorite snack.

If you have never used a vacuum sealer for this storage, you have been missing out!

Salted popcorn in a wooden plate

How to Vacuum Seal Popcorn

Popcorn seals best when it is still in kernel form. You might not want to lug around the plastic jug that popcorn kernels are often sold in. A vacuum sealer can allow you to split up the unpopped seeds and store them in smaller amounts, ready to be popped.

If you have already popped some popcorn or you have bought a bag from the store, you can vacuum seal this form as well. You will just need to be sure that you are not storing too much in one bag so that the kernels don’t get crushed.

No matter how you seal popped popcorn, it will lose a little of its texture, but not enough to ruin the enjoyment of eating it.

Popcorn can be prevented from going stale so easily with the help of your vacuum sealer. You will never have to struggle through stale popcorn consumption again!

Make sure that you have a nice, flat surface to work with when you are sealing your popcorn. In either form, popcorn can be tough to keep centered in the storage bag without a flat surface to work on.

Also, make sure that you wash your hands well before you start sealing your popcorn. Bacteria from your hands can actually ruin your stored popcorn even when sealed with a vacuum sealer.

Tips for Storing Popcorn with a Vacuum Sealer

If you are going to store your popcorn with the help of your vacuum sealer, you will need to be sure that you mark the date you stored your popcorn on each bag.

Your popcorn will keep indefinitely in kernel form unless the seal on the bag happens to fail. This does not happen very often, but you should still remember to check the bags from time to time to make sure.

If you see a bag has begun to lose its seal, you will want to just go ahead and use that popcorn first to ensure that it does not go to waste. While kernels are really hardy, already popped corn is not as good at staying fresh if something happens to the seal on the storage bag.

Popped popcorn will stay good to eat for about a year if you use vacuum sealing bags to store it. You should also rotate the bags of popped popcorn once in a while to make sure that you do not forget some older bags that have slipped into the back of the cupboard.

Always make sure that you don’t place your popped popcorn in a place where it can be crushed, either. Unlike popcorn kernels, popped popcorn is easy to damage, and heavy items stored on top of it can still crush it flat.

You will want to be sure to store your popcorn out of the heat and light to help it last longer and retain flavor and texture.

Consider storing snacking-size amounts of popcorn in each bag. This makes it easy to take popcorn with you on vacation, a hike, or even to places like the beach.

You will also be glad that you will not have to throw out any popcorn that you didn’t get around to popping or eating after opening the storage bag.

Can You Store Various Kinds of Popcorn Together?

If you have both kernels and popped popcorn, you will want to store them in unique bags. The texture of these two items is not congruent and can affect the seal of your bags.

You should also be sure that you consider keeping unique flavors of popcorn in different storage bags. Stronger flavors in the same storage bag can override other flavors over time.

This is only really a risk for popped popcorn that you have seasoned with something or that has come from the store with seasoning or flavoring on it.

Also, be sure that any cheesy type of popcorn flavor is not stored in direct heat or sunlight. There is still milk in powder form in these flavoring components, and it can sour when exposed to the wrong conditions.

Many flavored items that you can buy at the store have milk products in their flavoring, so you should be wary of this issue with any store-bought products that include popcorn with added flavoring components.

Popcorn Can Store Really Well With the Help of a Vacuum Sealer

Popcorn is one of the best items to store using your vacuum sealer. You can keep popcorn fresh for a very long time with the help of this handy storage tool.

If you hate having to throw out stale popcorn or you wish you could bring unpopped kernels with you on trips, your vacuum sealer can help! Popcorn is very hardy when stored correctly, and your popcorn can be kept for a very long time when stored in this way.

Popcorn is a very convenient snack and an ideal option to bring with you on vacation or camping. You will love being able to store the perfect amount of popcorn for you and your family, all with the help of your vacuum sealer.

No more food waste and no more throwing out half the popcorn each time you make some to watch a movie!

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