Can You Vacuum Seal Hamburger?

No one likes to waste food. If you have a vacuum sealer, you probably purchased it to make sure that the food that you buy for yourself and your family does not go to waste.

There are so many things that you can preserve more effectively by vacuum sealing them, and you will find that you can save a lot of money and time this way.

If you hate taking the chance that your stored and frozen meat will get freezer burned, you need to look at your vacuum sealer as the answer to this dilemma.

You can vacuum seal hamburgers, and this is actually one of the best ways to ensure that your stored hamburger does not go bad.

You might have gotten tired of losing track of the meat that is stored in your freezer, only to find out that it has gone bad while it was shoved to the back of the freezer.

If this sound like you, you need to use your vacuum sealer to preserve your hamburger.

If you are ready to learn some more about if you can vacuum seal hamburgers, you need to keep reading!

How to Vacuum Seal Hamburger

The first thing that you need to remember when you are vacuum sealing hamburgers is that you want to have the right kinds of vacuum sealing bags for this need.

You want your hamburger to last for quite some time, so make sure that you have sturdy bags that will offer a really good seal, and that will not tear or break if you are moving things around in your freezer drawer.

The better your bags for this storage process, the less likely it is that you will lose some of your stored meat to damage or freezer burn.

You will need a flat surface for your hamburger sealing, and you will want the weight and a rolling pin. Storing hamburgers in equal amounts is important since almost every recipe calls for a specific amount of hamburgers in proportion to seasonings and other ingredients.

Make sure that you have room to lay the bags you are working with completely flat as well so that you can get a good seal on the bags. Some people use a cutting board near the vacuum sealer to make this part of the process easier.

Wash your hands before you do anything else. Bacteria from your hands can ruin anything that is vacuum sealed inside of it. Even if you think that your hands are clean enough, they probably are not.

You should just go ahead and wash your hands as a first step before you complete any kind of storage method for food.

  1. Weigh out your meat into 1-pound increments. You can do this easily if you have some added counter space to break up the batches of meat and place them in a row waiting to be sealed. If not, you can take care of this step and then move the pound of meat directly to your sealing surface each time you are ready to make a new storage bag.
  2. Place the hamburger in the middle of the bag space, and then roll flat so that there are no lumps or bumps. This helps get a better seal on the bag and makes it easier to defrost your hamburger quickly when you need it.
  3. Seal up the bag carefully and make sure that you test that the bag is fully sealed. There is nothing that is more distressing than a bag of meat that has gone back stinking up your fridge and freezer or later on making a gross mess when it warms up while defrosting.
  4. Label the bag with the date that you sealed it up, and then store it carefully in your freezer drawer.

How Long Will Hamburger Keep When Vacuum Sealed?

If you are storing your vacuum sealed hamburger in the fridge, you will get about two weeks of storage time from it. When you put your vacuum sealed bag into the freezer, it can keep for up to a year.

This is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a hamburger on hand that you can use once it has defrosted. When stored using this method, you will have no trouble getting your hamburger thawed and ready to use right away.

This is one of the biggest benefits of storing your hamburger using the vacuum sealing method, and being able to trust that it will not be freezer burned is another really nice benefit.

Getting rid of the packaging that raw meat comes in is always ideal, and it is so much easier to vacuum seal your hamburger than you probably would have thought.

If you are already using freezer storage bags for this need, you will have a much better experience with vacuum sealed bags, and you will be glad that you made the change.

Vacuum Sealing Hamburger is Easy

If you have been struggling with ways to keep your hamburger stored and ready to enjoy, you will want to get a quality vacuum sealer and use it for this process.

This is one of the most reliable ways to store meat products, and you will be glad that you can trust that your hamburger will be flavorful and will not be damaged by freezer burn.

Keeping hamburger good for up to a year is easy with this kind of storage solution, and you will also love how much space vacuum sealed hamburger saves in your freezer.

If you hate wasting food and you are tired of feeling pressured to get through the hamburger that you bought in a few days each week, you need to make the change to vacuum sealing.

This is one of the best storage methods for so many foods, and meat products are at the top of the list. Saving money and time is easy when you utilize a vacuum sealer or your hamburger storage process.

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