Can You Vacuum Seal Jalapeno Peppers?

Food waste is one of those things that most people hate to contemplate. It can be easy to forget about the fresh fruits and vegetables that you have purchased until they have gone bad without being eaten.

In the case of vegetables like jalapenos, it can be hard to use up an entire jalapeno before it is no longer fit to be eaten.

You can vacuum seal your jalapeno peppers if you want them to stay fresh for longer. Placing them in a vacuum sealed bag and freezing them will keep them fresh and ready to be used for as long as a year.

This is a great way to make sure that you don’t have to waste the peppers that you have purchased and to ensure that you do not get jalapeno on other things that you have in storage.

If you want to learn more about how to vacuum seal jalapeno peppers, you need to keep reading!

Tips for Vacuum Sealing Jalapeno Peppers

The first thing that you need to do is remember that jalapenos are full of capsaicin, which is what causes them to be spicy when you eat them.

You will not want to get this substance in your eyes or your nose, and it can be easy to transfer jalapeno juices to your skin when you are working on vacuum sealing these kinds of veggies.

Make sure to wear gloves when you are working on sealing up your jalapenos to ensure that their juices will not get onto surfaces or into your eyes and nose as you work.

You will also need to consider what method of preparation works best for your needs when it comes to storing your jalapenos.

You can store them whole, but this is not really ideal since you will then need to cut them up to use them. Plus, whole jalapenos can be tough to get a good seal on when using a vacuum sealing bag.

It is best to cut up your jalapenos into rounds or to dice them up so that you can add them to any recipe that you want as soon as they have been thawed out.

This is another reason that preparing your jalapenos with gloves on can be a really good idea. And you will be removing the chance that your hands might communicate bacteria to the jalapenos that are then stored inside the vacuum-sealing bags you are working with.

Consider as well that you will want to store a small amount of jalapenos in each storage bag, and chopping or dicing will make this much easier for you.

You will also have a much easier time storing these smaller batches of jalapenos since they will stack nicely and flat in your fridge or freezer.

Vacuum Sealing Jalapenos

Always be sure to seal your foods on a flat surface. This helps to keep the bag in the right position to get a really good seal, and it keeps food from clumping up at the bottom of the storage bags.

You do not want a clump of any kind of vegetable inside the vacuum sealing bag since this can lead to the food spoiling due to moisture trapped in the middle of the ball of food.

Jalapenos are best stored in small portions in smaller vacuum sealing bags. You are not likely to need to use a large amount of jalapeno at any one time, so sealing up the whole pepper or all of the jalapeno that you have prepared for storage doesn’t make sense.

Be sure that you label the bags that you have sealed with the date that you sealed them as well so that you don’t forget how long you have had them in storage.

It is wise to rinse off the exterior of the sealing bags that you have used to protect your jalapenos so that there is no jalapeno juice on the outside of the bag.

This can help to prevent cross-contamination in your freezer, and it can make sure that you don’t end up with jalapeno juice in your eyes or nose after you have handled your sealed peppers.

Be sure to give your jalapenos time to thaw out completely before you use them in your recipes. Resist the urge to try and warm them up in hot water or the microwave as well.

You will damage the texture and the flavor of the jalapenos when you warm them up too quickly. It is always a good idea to slowly let your jalapenos warm up to room temperature so that they are fresh and delicious when ready to use in a recipe.

Jalapenos can keep for up to a year in the freezer when vacuum sealed and for about two months in the fridge. This means that you will never have to worry about heading out to get jalapenos when you want to make a recipe that requires them.

If you have used the tips in this guide, your jalapenos will be ready to use as soon as they’ve had a little time to thaw out.

Vacuum Sealing Jalapenos is Easy

There are so many reasons that vacuum sealing is an ideal what to store food products. Fresh fruits and vegetables are always better off stored in a vacuum sealed bag as this keeps them fresh for a long time and protects their flavor and texture.

You will need to take some time to prepare your jalapenos for storage, and you will want to wear gloves as you are done with this process and as you are sealing them into their storage bags.

When you take the proper time to prepare and then store your jalapeno peppers, you will never need to worry about them spoiling before you can use them up.

You can also remove the worry that they will make everything in your fridge or freezer smell or taste like jalapeno.

Vacuum sealing jalapenos is a great way to prevent them from going bad and to make sure that you can keep this ingredient on hand for when it is needed.

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