Can You Vacuum Seal Cereal?

If you have a vacuum sealer in your home, you probably use it often to seal up fresh food items that you want to keep fresh.

You might also seal ingredients into vacuum sealed bags so that you can bake or cook without worrying about the ingredients going bad before you can use them. Vacuum sealers can be really helpful when it comes to storing all kinds of foods in your home.

You can vacuum seal cereal to make sure that it does not get stale or does not spill out of the flimsy bags that it comes in from the store.

Cereal is one of those items that tend to sit on the shelf of the pantry longer than a fresh food item might. This means that vacuum sealing can help you to prevent food waste and keep cereal on hand at all times.

If you are ready to learn how to vacuum seal your cereal to keep it fresh, keep reading!

How to Vacuum Seal Cereal

Cereal can be a little challenging to get into a vacuum sealing bag without it wanting to run to the bottom of the bag in a big ball.

Thankfully, if you do have an issue where all of your cereal wants to fall to the bottom of the bag, you won’t have issues with moisture trapped between the bits of cereal.

Most fresh food items cannot be stored long-term if they end up in a ball at the bottom of the bag, but your cereal will be fine.

Ideally, your cereal will store best if you make sure that it ends up in a flat and even layer inside the vacuum sealing bag. You will need a nice counter space that is flat to help make this part of the storage process easy.

Be sure that you do not overfill the bags, as this can lead to issues with the seal and might also cause you to have cereal escaping out of the bag as you are trying to seal it. You will also want to consider the portion of cereal that you would eat at any one time when picking out how much to put in each bag.

Sealing up a single-serving size of your favorite cereals makes it much easier to take your cereal with you on trips, camping, or even hiking.

If you seal up a small amount per bag, you will not have to worry about throwing out the cereal that you do not get around to eating, and you will find that it is much easier to store smaller bags of cereal as well.

Mark the date that you sealed your cereal on each bag to be sure that you can track which bags are the oldest and consume them first.

How Long Will Cereal Stay Fresh in Vacuum Sealed Bags?

Cereal can keep almost indefinitely when it has been vacuum sealed for storage. You will want to check the quality of the seal on the bags that you have in storage from time to time.

If there are bags where the seal has failed, just eat these bags first to prevent issues with staleness or texture. You will be able to store your vacuum sealed cereal in the pantry or the cupboard without issue as well.

Do avoid putting your cereal someplace hot or where there is a lot of light. Some cereals will fade, and others have enough sugar in them to get sticky if they are exposed to heat for a long period of time.

Keeping all of your dried goods that have been vacuum sealed in cool and dry places is always a good idea. If you have sealed your bags of cereal properly, you should be able to stack them with ease and just let them hang out until you need them.

Make sure that you always seal up food items with your vacuum sealer after you have washed your hands. Cereal is one of the least likely products to be impacted by bacteria on your hands when you are storing it.

However, you might still have issues with the longevity of your cereal if there are contaminants or bacteria on your hands as you are sealing the bags. It is always wise to seal up your foods with clean hands, just to avoid issues with the storage process and to prevent spoiled food.

Make sure that you do not let anything heavy fall onto your stored cereal, as it can still be smashed in vacuum sealed bags.

It can be easy to forget about this when packing for a trip or when placing your cereal in a storage location, so be mindful that larger items can still ruin your stored cereal by crushing it into powdery dust.

Cereal Stores Really Well With a Vacuum Sealer

Cereal is one of the easiest items to seal up for long-term storage using your vacuum sealer. Just make sure that you have a good, flat surface to work with when you are sealing the bags, and be sure that you do not overstuff the bags.

Also, be sure that you are attentive to having clean hands when you are working on any form of vacuum sealing project. While cereal is the least likely of many foods to be impacted by bacteria on your hands, it is still a good idea to have clean hands when working with your vacuum sealer.

Cereal can keep almost indefinitely when stored with a vacuum sealer. This can be a big relief if you are tired of throwing out the stale cereal or finding that the bag inside the box has split and made a huge mess.

If you like to take cereal camping or on trips with you as well, you will find that this storage method is the best for your needs.

Vacuum sealing dried goods like cereal is really easy, and it can make a big impact on how you keep these kinds of foods fresh.

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