Can You Vacuum Seal Dry Pinto Beans?

When you love to keep dry goods on hand, you know just how hard it can be to maintain their freshness in the original wrappers and bags that they are sold in.

It is an all-too-common story for someone to buy beans or rice and expect the products to hold up for years, only to find the bag has failed or torn.

Any product that is stored in the original bag will be likely to get damp, get too warm, or be exposed to too much oxygen to stay fresh.

The best way to keep dry pinto beans fresh is to vacuum seal them. This prevents waste and makes them much easier to store for the long haul. It also makes it easier to bring your dry pinto beans with you on a trip or camping.

Vacuum sealing is an ideal way to preserve many kinds of foods, and you will have great luck with your vacuum sealing storage process and dry pinto beans.

If you are ready to learn some more about how to vacuum seal dry pinto beans, you need to keep reading!

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How to Vacuum Seal Dry Pinto Beans

When you are planning to seal dry items that might want to escape as you are sealing them, you need a nice flat surface to work with. Make sure that your bags are thick and flexible enough to be able to get a good seal around this kind of object as well.

Always wash your hands so that you do not seal bacteria into the bags with your beans. Even dry beans can be impacted negatively by bacteria that are closed up into the sealing bags with them.

Make sure that you seal a small enough quantity of beans into the bags to keep the bag from getting too full. Bags that are too full will often struggle to hold a seal and might be easier to tear as well.

You will also waste less of your dry pinto beans if you store them in small portions so that you make the right amount each time for your needs.

Pinto beans are very easy to open and cook with if they are sealed in this way, but you cannot reseal the bags once you have opened them. This is why splitting the beans into serving sizes that you commonly use is a good idea.

Many people also add oxygen absorbers to the bag to be sure that there is no chance that moisture will ruin your dry pinto beans. These are premade products that you can easily purchase and that will help keep your dry beans stored for the maximum time that a vacuum sealing bag will allow.

Most foods cannot be kept for longer than a couple of years in a vacuum sealed bag, so these absorbers might not be needed. In the case of dry beans, you can store them for a very long time using this method, so oxygen absorbers can make all the difference in your storage experience.

Make sure that you are labeling your bags of dry beans with the date that they were sealed. This will prevent you from using up newer bags of beans first.

You will also want to ensure that you are storing your beans in a cool and dark place and that you are stacking them in such a way that they are not going to be torn or smashed while they are in storage.

If you are keeping an item for a very long time, you will need a careful storage solution for your vacuum sealed bags so that they are not harmed while they are waiting to be used.

How Long Will Dry Pinto Beans Keep When Stored This Way?

Dry beans of various kinds will keep for as long as five years when vacuum sealed. You will want to be sure that you check the seals on the bags that you have in storage once in a while and use up bags that are losing their seal first.

While this is not common, it can occur if the bag was filled too full or the beans were all pressed into a ball in the bag when the sealing process was completed.

Having your individual bags of beans labeled with the date they were sealed is a big help toward making sure not to waste your stored beans as well.

If you are careful to keep your dry pinto beans in a place that does not get hot or has exposure to moisture, your pinto beans will keep for a very long time.

This is a food product that is very simple to store when sealed properly. Vacuum sealing can make all the difference in your storage experience with this kind of food product.

Vacuum Sealing Dry Pinto Beans is Easy

When you get the hang of sealing up items like dry pinto beans, you will find that this is easily the best method for storing this kind of food. Always remove the dry pinto beans from the wrapper they came in and divide them into smaller portions for better storage performance.

Being able to keep all of your dry food goods safe and secure can help to prevent food waste. This storage method often works far better than storing these items in the bags they came from the store in.

Vacuum sealing dry pinto beans is easy, and it will make sure that you always have this food item on hand when you need it. You will just need to take a little time to divide up the bags of pinto beans that you have bought from the store.

Vacuum sealing is so easy that this will be no trouble, and you will be glad that you have made sure you will not waste your favorite dry goods.

Vacuum sealing is great for many kinds of food products, and dry beans are one of the best things to store using this method.

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