Can You Vacuum Seal Ice Cream?

Ice cream might seem like it would never spoil. However, we all know that ice cream does, in fact, go bad in the freezer, and there is nothing worse than flavorless ice cream with a weird flavor.

Ice cream only stays good for about a month when it has been opened before the freezer burn starts to set in.

If you are tired of dealing with freezer burn when you open your ice cream, you need to start vacuum sealing your ice cream.

Believe it or not, this is a great way to keep your ice cream fresh for longer! Since ice cream can go bad even when it has not been opened, this is a great way to ensure that you do not waste the ice cream that you have gotten to share with your family and friends.

If you are ready to learn more about whether or not you can vacuum seal ice cream, you need to keep reading!

How to Vacuum Seal Ice Cream

The process of vacuum sealing ice cream is really not that much different than vacuum sealing other liquids like sauces that need to be stored along with meat items or even soups.

Items that are best stored in the freezer will almost always survive for much longer when stored in vacuum sealed bags.

Before you do anything with your ice cream, you will want to wash your hands. The bacteria that is on your hands can be trapped inside the vacuum sealing bags that you are using for your storage process.

This can ruin the food that you are storing even while it is in storage in a very cold place like the freezer. Make sure that your hands are clean before you do anything else.

The next thing to do is to take the container off the ice cream. This will leave you with a round block of ice cream. This is what you want to seal up inside the vacuum sealing bag.

The carton is not necessary if you are storing your ice cream with a vacuum sealer, and it will no longer be needed.

Consider cutting your block of ice cream in half or even into thirds to make sure that you do not have to unseal the entire batch of ice cream just to enjoy a small amount of its deliciousness.

Once you have picked the size of ice cream blocks that you want to seal up, you will just need a flat surface to work with your vacuum sealer on.

A cutting board can work for this need, or you might even use your table in your kitchen. You will want to place the block of ice cream that you are sealing onto the flat surface to be sure that you get a great seal from the bag as you close it up.

This is another reason why smaller batches of ice cream are easier to seal up.

Once your ice cream is stored inside the vacuum sealed bag, make sure you label it with the date that it was stored. This will prevent confusion about which ice cream to use first.

You should be able to store your ice cream for up to a year using this method, but it is still a good idea to label the bags to prevent having to throw out ice cream that has gone bad.

What About Alternate Ice Cream Types?

Make sure that you check the ingredients of different kinds of ice creams. When these products are not made with regular milk, they will not keep for as long as regular milk products will.

Alternate kinds of ice cream often do not have the stabilizer and freshening agents in them that other more mainstream brands will include.

Organic and all-natural products can also have coconut or other oils in them that can break down rapidly over time.

If your ice cream is one of these organic or all-natural brands, you might only be able to store your ice cream for a couple of months without it going bad.

Make sure to check on the ice cream that you have stored using this method just to make sure that the color does not look off.

Vacuum sealing is a great means for storing food, but alternate foods might not have the shelf life that other foods do no matter how they are stored.

Consider as well that you will want to use thick enough bags that your ice cream will not be torn open while it is stored. There are lots of other items that we store in our freezer bins that can have thick bags or bags with sharp edges on them.

This is the kind of thing that can tear vacuum sealing bags and lead to spoiled food. The best vacuum sealing bags are thick enough to protect food without being hard to work with.

Vacuum Sealing Ice Cream Can Make Sure It Lasts a Long Time

If you have gotten tired of your ice cream getting stale or freezer burned, it might be time to start using your vacuum sealer to make sure that your ice cream lasts as long as possible.

Vacuum sealing ice cream is easier than you might have thought, and there is nothing that says that you cannot store all of your ice cream using this method.

Since ice cream can go bad before it is even opened up, you might want to make a habit of just storing your ice cream using this method from the start.

Using the tips that we have discussed in this article, you should have no trouble getting your ice cream into vacuum sealed storage with ease.

Do make sure to consider organic or alternative kinds of ice cream when storing them in a vacuum sealed bag. These ice creams never last as long as regular ice creams due to the components that they are made with.

Even a vacuum sealer will not make organic ice cream last as long as regular brands.

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