Can You Vacuum Seal Sliced Potatoes?

Potatoes are one of the things that are easy to store if you have a vacuum sealer. There are so many ways that you can choose to store your potatoes as well, from sliced to mashed.

If you love potato dishes but hate trying to find the time to prep them in order to cook a full meal, you are not alone!

Vacuum sealing sliced potatoes can make a big impact on your ability to make wholesome meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

You will also prevent food waste, which can save you money and make you feel better about buying food products in advance for a few weeks of meal prep at a time.

Learning how to vacuum seal sliced potatoes can add a really useful storage tip to your arsenal of food preparation tactics.

Fresh raw sliced potato on wooden cutting board

Preparation of Potatoes for Vacuum Sealing

Potatoes store best when they are prepared carefully for vacuum sealing. You cannot just seal a whole potato into a vacuum sealing bag, as it will go bad or lose its flavor and texture.

This means that you need to prep your potatoes before you seal them up and store them. Always make sure that you start by peeling your potatoes.

No matter which way you are planning to prep them before you store them, you do not want the skin on the potatoes because this can introduce bacteria into the storage bag.

Once the potatoes have had their skin removed, you will want to rinse them carefully and make sure that you have removed all the peeling debris from their surface. Pat them dry and then slice them into the size slices that you prefer.

You should consider keeping the slices fairly thin so that it’s easier to get a good seal on your vacuum sealing bags.

You can also choose to cube your potatoes, but they will probably have a better texture if you slice them into thinner slices. It’s also easier to store your frozen potatoes in the freezer if they have been cut into thinner slices.

How to Vacuum Seal Sliced Potatoes

Make sure that you allow your potato slices to dry out some after they have been cut. You can also just use a paper towel and pat them dry. This will prevent an excess of moisture from being sealed into the bags with the potatoes.

When the items that are stored in vacuum sealing bags are too wet, they can lose their flavor and texture while they are in storage.

Wash your hands before you place any potatoes into the storage bags that you are planning to use. Your hands can inadvertently add bacteria to the storage bags, which can make your food spoil while it is in storage.

This is always a good first step for any vacuum sealing effort. Also, make sure that you have a flat surface to work on so that you can get your potato slices into an even layer that will allow a good seal on the bag.

Never seal too many potatoes into one bag, as this can make the seal fail over time. You will want to consider how many potatoes you need for the meals that you most commonly make.

If you seal too many potatoes into each bag, you might end up wasting food that you can’t consume in a single meal. The smaller your batches of stored potatoes, the better their storage life will be and the easier it will be to cook with them.

Also, be sure that you seal the potatoes in a fairly flat layer. This will help with storage, and it will also assist with freshness and texture.

Most things that are stored in vacuum sealing bags need to be stored as flat as possible to enable them to retain their texture and their flavor over time.

How Long Do Potatoes Stay Good When Vacuum Sealed?

Potatoes can be stored in vacuum sealing bags for about a year. You will need to mark the bags with the storage date so that you are sure that you do not forget to use the oldest batches first.

You might find that your potatoes taste the best if you use them within six months of storage, but they can keep for up to a year without losing texture and flavor in most cases.

Make sure that you do not place heavy objects on top of your sealed potatoes since this can press them too flat and ruin their texture.

This is especially important when you first place them in the freezer, as they will not be frozen enough to withstand incorrect storage very well.

Your potatoes should be allowed to come up to room temperature on their own when you want to use them. Trying to heat them up from frozen too fast will ruin the flavor and the texture.

Plan to move the potatoes that you want to eat onto the counter or into the fridge to slowly thaw out so they can be used for cooking.

Vacuum Sealing Potato Slices is a Great Way to Have Potatoes on Hand

If you love to cook with potatoes, you should consider slicing them and then vacuum sealing them. This is a great way to be sure that you can have potatoes on hand at any time once they have thawed out.

The freezer is the best place to store your sliced and vacuum sealed potatoes. They will keep for six months to a year when stored in the freezer.

Having potatoes on hand for all your cooking needs is easy when you use your vacuum sealer to store your potato slices.

This is a very simple way to avoid food waste and to be sure that you have the prepared potatoes on hand that you need for a variety of different dishes.

Just use the tips in this guide to be sure that you get the best storage experience from your vacuum sealed potatoes.

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