Can You Vacuum Seal Granola?

If you love snacks that you can carry with you on a hike or when you are traveling, you probably really like granola. This is one of the best snacks to bring with you on adventures, and kids and adults alike are usually fans.

Granola keeps really well, but you might want to be sure that you don’t have to throw out any granola that has gone stale.

Keeping your granola fresh and easy to travel with is simple when you own a vacuum sealer. You will be able to keep granola on hand almost indefinitely with this storage option.

Granola already stores well for long periods of time, but vacuum sealing will keep it perfectly fresh and delicious for years at a time.

Homemade granola with yogurt and blueberry. Healthy Breakfast.

How to Vacuum Seal Granola?

If you are ready to start vacuum sealing your granola, you need to make sure that you have a nice flat surface to work on. It is important to get the granola stored in a nice, even, and flat layer in the storage bag to ensure a good seal on your storage bag.

You will also want to be sure to seal small amounts of granola in each bag to make sure that you don’t have sealing issues with your vacuum-sealing bag.

Always wash your hands before you start sealing your granola. You should always make sure that your hands are clean when you start vacuum sealing. You can introduce bacteria into the sealing bag if you are working with dirty hands.

These bacteria can actually impact the food that you are sealing, even in the freezer or cold storage. Cleaning your hands should always be one of the first things that you do.

Once your hands are clean and your workspace is clear and prepared, you will need to lay out the granola in a nice, even layer. Make sure that it does not shift around as you seal it. This will ensure a good seal on the bag and make sure that you have a nice envelope of granola to store.

Your granola will not need to be kept cold like other foods that you probably seal with a vacuum sealer. You can place it in your cupboard or pantry, and it will keep almost indefinitely so long as the seals on the bags are preserved.

You should still mark the date on the bags that you have sealed so that you remember to check on their seals from time to time. You can just consume any bags that have begun to lose their seal first to make sure that your granola doesn’t get stale.

Consider vacuum sealing small amounts of granola that are ideal for snacking rather than large amounts. Your goal when using a vacuum sealer is usually to avoid things getting stale or going bad, so if you keep the portions to a reasonable size, you will prevent food waste.

Granola is usually just enjoyed as a snack, and you can easily carry around a small pouch of granola as you hike or travel. Making sure to seal the appropriate amounts of food when you are using a vacuum sealer can be very helpful for a lot of reasons.

How Long Will Granola Last When It Has Been Vacuum-Sealed?

Granola can last for many years when it has been vacuum sealed. You will find that you can put your granola in storage in the pantry and not think about it again until you need it.

Even years later, your granola should be fresh and delicious if you have sealed it correctly when you placed it in storage.

Marking the date on the stored bags is a good idea just because you might want to be sure to open and consume any older bags that might be likely to lose their seal. However, this will not lead to the granola being dangerous to eat.

If you don’t mind stale granola, you could still eat granola that has suffered issues with its vacuum sealing bag.

What Kinds of Granola Can I Vacuum Seal?

You can vacuum seal any kind of granola that you enjoy. Do be sure that granola with very large chunks caused by dried fruit and other sticky ingredients is broken up a bit as they are stored.

Having large lumps in the bags can lead to seal issues that you will want to avoid. It can also be hard to store your vacuum sealed granola if the bags are really lumpy and bumpy.

Vacuum sealing granola with any kind of fruit or candy in it doesn’t require any special process for preparation.

When you are sealing very wet items or fresh food items, you do sometimes have to do some preparation work, but granola does not require this kind of effort.

Granola Seals Very Well in Vacuum Sealing Bags

If you have never used your vacuum sealer to store your favorite granola, you have been missing out! This is one of the best ways to keep granola crunchy and fresh and to ensure that you always have a snack on hand that you can just grab and take with you.

If you love granola, being able to store small amounts of it in your vacuum sealing bags can make it much easier to travel with and much easier to tuck into a bag or other kind of storage item.

Granola is one of the best snack items to store using a vacuum sealer. Chips and other more fragile foods do not store well in vacuum sealing bags as they can become broken.

Granola, however, has a long shelf life and stores really well using this method. For those who want snacks that are easy to carry and which can be taken along on all kinds of adventures, granola is the right snack for you.

Your vacuum sealer can make it easy for you to have access to granola whenever you want to snack on something healthy.

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