Can You Vacuum Seal Green Beans

Green beans are one of the best vegetables that you can preserve for future eating and they can be preserved in a bunch of different ways.

Many people are aware of the traditional options for this need, such as canning. People who love green beans love to preserve their own for enjoyment all year round.

You can vacuum seal green beans with ease if you follow the right process.

This is not a difficult process and you can use this instead of canning if you would rather have a simple process to store your beans. This is a really great way to store beans with ease.

If you are ready to learn more about how to vacuum seal green beans, you need to read on!

What is Vacuum Sealing?

Vacuum sealing is a process by which you seal items inside a specially made bag that can be sealed fully to keep air out and the food in.

This is a process that can be done easily with lots of different kinds of sealing bags depending on your storage goals. You will be able to use freezer bags for your storage needs with ease but you can also use different bags for fresh storage.

Vacuum sealers are a lot less expensive than they used to be. You can easily invest in a vacuum sealer for your home now and use it to seal up more than just green beans with ease.

These are handy storage tools that more and more people are adding to their kitchens.

How to Vacuum Seal Green Beans

This process will make sure that you can vacuum seal your green beans with ease every time. You will be able to trust this process to work perfectly for your needs each time if you follow the steps right each time.

  1. Boil the green beans and then drop them into an ice bath.

2. Towel dry the green beans thoroughly.

3. Use your vacuum sealer per the instructions that come with your machine to set up the machine for sealing your beans.

4. You will want to be sure that the beans are dried out enough to be stored correctly.

5. Most vacuum sealers work by folding the plastic storage product for the bag over the contents of the bag. You will then use the machine to suck out the extra air and seal it.

6. You can place your vacuum-sealed bags into the freezer and then take them out as needed for your eating enjoyment.

7. Be sure to mark on your bags the date that they were sealed and the date that they will need to be used so that you do not lose track of the products that you have stored in your freezer.

Some Tips

These tips will help you to be able to have a better experience with your vacuum sealing experience. You will get better results when you use these tips for your sealing processes. Using a vacuum sealer is not hard.

There is a small learning curve that can be alleviated by learning these tips to prepare for your vacuum sealing process before you get started.

1. Prepare the Food Correctly

You will want to be sure that you are preparing the food that you are storing correctly. This can include drying out items that are cooked wet and making sure that you are not going to be storing them with too much moisture trapped inside the bag with the food.

It is often easier to store dry food than food that has to be steamed or cooked in water first due to this consideration.

2. Use the Soft-Seal Option

The soft seal setting on some newer machines can help to seal veggies and other things that have to be stored with a little bit of moisture in them.

This can help to make sure that your bag seals correctly and that the items that are contained in it are not crushed when the bag is sealed. This can save a lot of time for your sealing process with softer food items.

3. Know Your Machine

You need to know your vacuum sealer before you start using it. Each machine is made with different features and functions that can change how it performs.

You will need to consider what kinds of sealing you are planning to do before you pick a machine that is not really made to seal up the kinds of food that you are typically trying to preserve.

4. Know How Long Foods Last

You will get a set amount of time from foods that you store. You should not assume that all of the foods that you store will last for years. You will get 10-12 months from green beans stored in this way.

Other foods might store for longer than this. You need to look at the average storage times for different kinds of foods and be sure not to exceed the safe eating timeframes for the foods that you are storing.

One way to make sure that you do not lose track of the amount of time that something has been stored is to mark on each store item what date it was stored and what is the last day to enjoy it.

Vacuum Sealing Green Beans is Easy

You will find that vacuum sealing is a really easy choice to make when you are thinking about how to store the food that you want to have on hand throughout the year.

These machines are easy to operate and they can store lots of different food types with ease. You will love that you can preserve the various foods that you want to enjoy all year long with this machine.

If you are thinking about vacuum sealing green beans, you will find that this is a very easy way to take care of this storage need.

This is much easier than canning and you will get months of quality storage from your vacuum-sealed green beans. 

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