How to Store Green Onions in Water

Green onion is a flavorful ingredient that can be used in many dishes or even in salads and other fresh meals. Nearly everyone loves this flavorful vegetable, but it can be hard to keep it fresh and have it on hand all the time.

If you hate wasting food, you have probably wished that you could figure out a way to preserve your green onion for longer.

Storing green onions in water can be a very effective way to keep them fresh for a long time.

You will just need a jar, some water, and a good place for your green onion. Once they are placed in the jar, they will stay fresh and even continue to grow!

Imagine being able to preserve your vegetables by letting them continue to do what they were made to do!

If you are ready to learn some more about storing your green onions in water, you need to read on!

Storing Green Onions in Water

The first thing that you will need to do is get a small jar to store your green onions in. This jar might be a canning jar or a jam jar, or it can be something smaller.

It just needs to be deep enough to cover the roots of your green onion. DO NOT cut off the roots of the green onions, or this will not work.

You will need to put about an inch of water in the bottom of the jar and place the green onions in the water. You can leave them rubber-banded together so that they will stand up more effectively.

Simply place your green onions in the water near a windowsill out of the way. This will give them the light and air that they need to keep growing!

You can change the water out every couple of days as needed and just use your green onions when you are ready for them.

There is a shelf-life to this process, but you might get another two weeks or so of storage time out of your onions if you store them like this.

Do not put your onions that are in water into the fridge. The cold water will shock them and probably make them wilt.

This process only works if the onions are placed on the counter or in a room temperature area where they can get air and light.

What About Using a Wet Paper Towel?

If you don’t have access to a jar of some kind, you can use water to store your green onions in a different way.

This method also requires that you do not cut the roots off your green onion before storing it. You will need to wrap your green onions in damp paper towels and then place them into a plastic bag.

Put this bag on the window sill just like you would have done with the jar. Change out the wet paper towels as needed to keep the onion fresh.

Make sure that you wash your hands before using this storage method, as you can impart a lot of bacteria to the paper towels and make your green onions rot.

This is a really good storage method in a bind, but you will probably only get about another week or ten days out of your green onions when you use it.

The plastic bag environment is not really ideal for keeping the right balance of air and light on your green onions, and they might get too wet, too cold, or not get enough light.

You will certainly get longer from your green onions using this method than just storing them in the fridge, but you will have better luck overall with the jar.

How Do I Know If My Green Onions Have Gone Bad?

There are some key signs that your green onions have gone bad, and you will not mistake the signs once you know what they look like.

Obvious signs like browning on the sides or in the interior of the onion stalks are a bad sign, and a slimy feeling is also key to telling if your green onions have gone bad.

A lack of smell or a bad smell is also a good indicator that your green onions are not good any longer. If they are wilting or they are curling up at the ends, you can probably use them right away, but if you wait too much longer, they will be no good for your purposes.

Green onions are usually quite obviously bad when they are past their prime, so you should not have to guess if they are good to eat or not.

The water storage method will prevent them from rotting or molding, and this can be a big benefit for your needs if you are concerned about cooking with onions that have gone bad.

Storing in any way that allows it to continue to grow will always make for a fresher food item for a long period of time.

Storing Green Onions Doesn’t Have to be Tough

If you are tired of wasting food and you are sick of getting green onions at the store and only using half of the bunch before they go bad, the water storage trick is for you!

There is no better way to store green onions if you want them to last for the long run. You will be able to find a place for your green onions in water anywhere in your kitchen.

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to store green onions, and you will not regret having learned to use them.

The next time that you want to store some green onion that you are planning to use in a week or so, you just need to get out a jar and fill it with some water!

Letting your green onions grow will keep them fresh and ready to eat whenever you need them!

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