How Long Do Green Onions Last in the Fridge

Green onions are a delicious ingredient in many recipes. If you love to cook, you probably use green onions frequently in your recipes. You might also use these vegetables for salads and other kinds of fresh meals.

If you love to cook with green onion, you probably realize that these veggies do not always last as long as you might want them to.

You have some options to make them last longer, and this can help you reduce waste when you are cooking with this ingredient.

If you are ready to learn more about the way to store green onions in the fridge, you will need to keep reading!

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How Long Do Green Onions Last in the Fridge?

Green onions will last for about two weeks in the fridge when they are stored correctly. The process that we will detail later in this article can make a big difference in the overall storage time that you can get from your green onions.

When you do not follow these steps, you might find that your green onions will not last for more than about 4-5 days.

Adding as much as a week to your storage time can make it much easier to have green onions on hand every time you want to cook something with them.

This is a great way to prevent waste in your kitchen and to make sure that your green onions are flavorful when you are ready to use them.

The Right Way to Store Green Onions in the Fridge

This process will make your green onions last much longer than you likely thought was possible.

Taking the time to store your green onions properly can help you to prevent waste and make sure that you have green onions on hand whenever you need them.

  1. Remove the rubber band that is holding the bunches of green onions and throw away the bag that you brought them home from the store in. This is often a source of bacteria that can lead to the breakdown of your green onions, so getting rid of the bag makes a big difference in your storage process.
  2. Wash the green onions thoroughly and remove any dirt, debris, or dangling outside skin from the green onions. Making sure that your green onions are clean can help them to be easier to store long-term.
  3. Cut off the roots of the green onion. These are the most likely to be dirty and have mud and other organisms attached to them. This is also a part of the green onion that you will not use for cooking, so getting rid of it will save you time in the long run.
  4. Cut the green onions in half so that they will fit into a Ziplock bag. You will want to trim the green onions evenly so that they will fit neatly into the bag. This helps to make it easy to press the air out of the bag when you are ready to secure it.
  5. Remove moisture from the green onions with a paper towel. Any vegetable that you want to store should never be stored when it is wet because the moisture that is sealed into the Ziplock can lead to mold and decay.
  6. Put a paper towel around the green onion. You will want to be able to fully wrap the green onion up before you put it into the plastic storage bag. Layering paper towels can be a good method to protect your green onion and to prevent issues with moisture damaging the outer layers of your bundles of green onion.
  7. Place the white part of the onion into the middle of the paper towel and then wrap the green onions in paper fully. You will want to be sure that you do not press them together tightly, and you will want to be sure that you can press the onions mostly flat. Repeat this process with the green end of the onions.
  8. Seal the bag and press out the air as you do so. Make sure that you place the bag in the fridge where it will not be pressed down by heavy objects. Bruising will ruin your green onions and make them more likely to break down.

One of the best parts of using this method to store your green onions is that you can actually take out what you need and store the rest for later as you need this ingredient.

You will want to be sure that you wash your hands before you open the bags and put the green onions back. This will help to make sure that no bacteria get into the bag with your stored veggies.

This storage method will add many days to the lifespan of your green onions, and it is easy to undertake.

This is a much better method than just leaving your green onions in the bags that you put them in at the store and hoping for the best.

Being able to store your green onion for up to two weeks will save you a lot of money and time when you are cooking each week.

Green Onion is Easy to Store

There are many vegetables that are hard to store, but this vegetable is a really good choice if you want to be able to store your ingredients for more than a few days.

Taking the time to prepare your green onions for storage is well worth it if you don’t want to lose part of your green onions each week.

Taking the time to prep is always a good choice, and you can easily make your green onions last for nearly two weeks when you take this time.

Always make sure that you wash your hands before you store your green onions and take the time to cut and prepare them correctly.

This will give you many days to use your green onions for any kind of recipe that you want to make!

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