Why Soak Onions Before Pickling?

Pickling onions are a great way to make them last and make them taste amazing. Pickled onions can also be used in many different dishes or as part of appetizers and other menu items.

This is actually not a hard process to complete, and if you want to pickle your own onions, you just need to know how to do so.

One of the key steps that are involved in pickling onions is soaking them. This is an important step in the process and one that you cannot skip.

If you have never completed this process before, you need to keep reading to learn more about why soaking is so important to the end result of your work.

Always make sure that you have the right onion storage container on hand for your needs so that your onions are fresh and ready to be pickled.

If you are ready to learn about why you need to soak onions before pickling, you need to read on!

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Why Soaking Matters

Soaking your pickling onions before you pickle them opens them up and makes them soft enough to absorb the brining solution and other flavorings that you have placed in the mixture with them.

When you soak these onions, you are actually going to soak them with cold water and pickling vinegar in most cases. This is the first step of the brining process that makes them last for a long time without loss of texture or flavor.

The soaking process takes at least 24 hours, but some people let their onions rest for as long as 48 hours.

This helps draw the natural onion oils out and makes sure that the onion will stay crisp at the same time as being soft. Without the soaking step, your onions will not taste good and might be hard and chewy.

The soaking process is really important to the end result because it changes the onions into the right kind of product for the pickling process to work.

You will find that some kinds of onions need to soak longer than others to achieve the right level of softness and crispness. Many people use different soaking times for larger onions than for smaller ones.

This is because the larger onion will take longer to get soft all the way through, and the small onions can get waterlogged much for quickly than these other sizes of vegetables.

What is the Process of Preparing Pickled Onions?

The process to prepare for the pickling step will take about two days in most cases. You will not have to do a lot of work for this step of the process. It mostly takes care of itself.

You will need to peel and trim your onions, and then you will want to wash them off to remove any remaining peel or debris that is stuck to them.

The next step is to prepare the brining solution. Brining is what draws the excess oils and moisture out of the onions to make them ready for canning and pickling.

You will need to boil water and dissolve 2 tbsp of salt into the water. Next, you will add 1 pint of cold water. You can simply multiply or divide this ratio by more or fewer onions.

You will then drop your onions into the brine and cover the container loosely.

Leave them overnight and check the consistency of the onions. They might need longer if they are still tough and hard to pierce with a fork. You can soak for up to two days if you are not seeing the changes or inconsistency that you are looking for.

Rinse the onions and get them ready for the bringing process. You can leave the onions to drain in a colander while you are preparing the next steps of the process if you wish.

Brining is done with 1 tsp of spices per pint of vinegar. There are various kinds of pickling vinegar that you can use for this part of the process. You will simply boil this combination of items, boiling longer for increased flavor.

Use a sieve to remove the spices, and then let the pickling mix cool. This is the mix that will be poured into the containers in which you are canning your onions. Usually, these will be sterilized jars that have canning lids that fit on top.

When you are ready to pickle, you just add the soaked onions to the jars and then add the pickling liquid. You can then seal up the jars and let the process do its magic!

Your onions should be ready to eat after a couple of weeks. Make sure that you leave a little gap at the top of each container to make room for some release of air during the pickling process.

Pickling Onions Makes Them Delicious and Preserves Them

When you are trying to think of ways to make your onions last longer, pickling is a really good choice to make. Not only does this add flavor to the onions, but it saves them in a state that keeps them good for many months.

Pickled onions can be made using any recipe that you wish, and you will have your own snack or added flavor ingredient on hand in your pantry at all times.

This is a very simple canning process compared to many other processes out there, and anyone can do this to preserve their onions.

You can use this soaking and brining process for all kinds and varieties of onions. You will need to refer to recipes if you are not sure how much spice to use in each kind of onion pickling process.

Some onions will have more natural oils than others and need a slightly different flavor profile to really shine once they have been pickled.

Pickling is really easy, and if you take the time to soak your onions properly before you put them into the pickling jars, you will get great results each time.

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