Can You Freeze Fried Onions?

Fried onions are really delicious, and you might enjoy adding them to many dishes that you eat. One of the things that can detract from enjoying fried onions is that you will usually make more of them than can be eaten in a single meal.

Onions are not as easy to store when they are cooked, which can lead to some confusion about how to store them properly.

Raw onions are easy to store if they are not cut already. Having a quality onion keeper can make a big difference in your storage situation. This can help you to prevent the waste of onions that you have not used yet.

If you like to stock up and have onions on hand for cooking all the time, this is the right way to keep them from going bad.

If you want to learn more about how to freeze fried onions, you need to keep reading!

How to Freeze Fried Onions

There are a few ways to freeze fried onions, and this will help you to make a big batch and enjoy them later as needed.

Remember that you can store fried onions in the fridge for a couple of days, but they will go bad after that. You will not want to count on your stored onions that are in the fridge for any longer than 48 hours or so.

Being able to freeze your onion is really important if you are not planning to use them before a couple of days are out.

You will be able to keep your onion good for a really long time compared to storage in the fridge in Tupperware.

1. Use Ice Cube Trays

This is one of the best ways to store your fried onions. Best of all, it’s really simple as well. You will probably want to get some ice cube trays that are not used for anything else.

However, the oils from the onion will impact the flavor of other things that are frozen in the trays after even one use of freezing onions.

To use this method, you will need to just scoop some onions into each slot in the tray. Make sure that you do not press too many onions down into the slots.

You can press the onions flat with a spoon or knife. When you want to have fried onions again, you will just pop out as many cubes of onion as you want for your meal.

You will need to thaw them over the course of an hour or so, but they will warm up quickly and be ready to be used.

2. Muffin Tins

Rather than the ice cube trays, muffin tins can be a really good option for your onion storage needs. You will use the same process overall to freeze your cooked onions with this tool.

Simply put some plastic wrap into the cups and then drop a scoop of onion into each slot in the tin. You can wrap the plastic on top of the onions if you wish as well.

You can easily stack muffin tins if you have a lot of onion to store, but muffin tins can take up more space than ice cube trays. If you have a really small fridge and freezer, this might not work for your needs.

This can be a better way to store a large amount of onion all at once, but keep in mind that it will take a while for these onions to thaw since there will be more onions in each slot in the tin.

3. Freezer Bag

This is the easiest way to store a large amount of onion, but you will have to deal with the fact that you will need to thaw the entire batch at once when you need onion for something.

Make sure that you use a quality freezer bag, and also be sure that you smooth all of the onion flat inside the bag. Press out all of the air in the bag and then seal it carefully.

You can sometimes break off a small corner of the onion in the bag when you need some for cooking. This will only work if you make the onion patty very thin in the bag.

Keep this detail in mind if you want to be able to use a small amount of onion here and there rather than thawing the whole bag for your next cooking need.

How to Thaw Frozen Fried Onions

You will have the best luck maintaining the texture and flavor of your onions if you thaw them slowly.

You should also be sure that you thaw them somewhere out of the sun or heat. Letting the onion thaw slowly is really important to prevent them from becoming soft or squishy.

When you store onions this way, you will be able to get about a month or two out of each batch. Being able to take small batches out of the freezer at a time will also prevent wasting onion by defrosting too much at one time.

Freezing Fried Onions is Easy

If you have been frustrated by trying to freeze onion and use it again, later on, you just need to use these tips and freezing methods to keep your onion fresh.

These are simple methods for preserving your onion as well, so you will not have to prepare in advance or learn any kind of unique skills to store onions this way.

If you are tired of wasting onion after you have cooked it, you will want to consider using these storage methods. Even if you are not going to make frozen onion in large quantities all the time, you might not want to waste the onion that you have made for a recipe.

This is why these storage styles are really useful. You can easily store your prepared onion without having to worry about buying special products or adding any time to your cooking process.

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