Can You Vacuum Seal Raisins?

If you love things like raisins for your oatmeal in the morning or for a quick snack, you might be worried about buying a large amount and having them go bad before you can eat them.

This kind of snack is often most affordable when purchased in bulk amounts, but then you risk having your stored raisins spoil.

Thankfully, you can vacuum seal your raisins to make sure that they don’t go bad. This is the perfect storage solution for raisins if you like to take them camping or on hikes as well.

Keeping food like raisins ready to eat and fresh is very simple when you have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen.

If you are ready to learn more about how to vacuum seal raisins, you need to keep reading!

Why Does Vacuum Sealing Help Store Raisins For a Long Time?

You might be wondering why you need to take the time to vacuum seal your raisins. After all, raisins can keep for up to a year in their original packaging.

The thing that you need to remember about raisins is that they are high in sugar and they are sticky, which can change if they are exposed to moisture.

Your raisins might dry out or even grow mold if they are not kept in the right storage location or if they are exposed to heat and wet between snacking sessions.

Raisins can also g bad due to contact with the bacteria on your hands. If you are delving into a bag with your bare hands to take out a portion of raisins each time you want some, you will be risking the whole bag going bad.

Add to this that the resealable bags that raisins are often sold in can be hard to get sealed well once they have been opened the first time.

Moths and ants might also invade your stored raisins if your pantry or cupboards are not completely sealed from outside invaders. There are many different risks that can impact raisins and lead to them being thrown out before they can be eaten.

Thankfully, vacuum sealing can prevent all of these problems from impacting your stored raisins.

How to Vacuum Seal Raisins

The first thing that you should do before you vacuum seal your raisins is wash your hands. Bacteria from your hands can be sealed into the bags with your food and make your stored raisins go bad.

You do not want to have this kind of unhappy surprise when you get out a bag of stored raisins only to find they have gone bad.

You will need a flat surface to seal your raisins on, and you should be sure that you do not stuff your vacuum sealing bags too full. Bags that are bulging with raisins will not get a tight seal and might end up going bad over time.

Plus, if you are not going to be eating all the raisins in each bag after you have opened it, you might still end up wasting food. Once you have handled part of your stored raisins, you will want to be sure not to seal them up again.

Always make the date that you sealed your raisins on each bag so that you don’t lose track of the amount of time that you have had your raisins in storage.

It can be easy to forget things at the back of the pantry, only to have them spoil while they are sitting around waiting for their turn. Marking the date on your vacuum sealing bags is a good rule of thumb to prevent this issue.

How Long Will Raisins Keep When Vacuum-Sealed?

Raisins will keep for up to three years when they have been vacuum sealed. This is much longer than the year that you can expect them to be good for if you keep them in the bag they came home in from the store.

You will also be able to split up a large bag of raisins into snack-size pouches really easily, which can be a huge benefit that prevents waste.

Having raisins stored in snack-size amounts will keep you from handling the other raisins that you are not planning to eat, and it will prevent the raisins from getting dried out.

For those who love to camp or hike, these smaller stored amounts of raisins are also really ideal from a convenience perspective.

Raisins are a really ideal food for these kinds of situations, and if you have taken the time to split a large bag of raisins up, you will be ready for any trip or outdoor adventure.

Commercially-dried raisins last longer than sun-dried raisins, so be sure that you check which way your raisins were dried. You will probably end up with a storage time of about two years instead of three for sun-dried raisins.

Never package your raisins with moisture-absorbing products, as these can cause your raisins to grow botulism.

Raisins Can be Stored With Ease for Years

If you have a vacuum sealer, you can easily store raisins for two to three years. Always make sure that you are working with clean hands when you seal your raisins and that you take the time to mark the date on the bags that you have sealed.

Storing your raisins in the pantry or a cupboard away from heat and sunlight will be easy once they are split up into individual sealing bags. This method of storage also makes your raisins ready to head out on adventures like hikes or camping.

Raisins already keep for a really long time, but it can be tough to eat a large number of raisins within a twelve-month period. If you love raisins and hate throwing out part of every big bag that you get for the store, your vacuum sealer can help you break this cycle.

Being able to stop food waste in its tracks can be easy with a vacuum sealer in your kitchen, and you will love that raisins store so readily using this method.

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