Can You Vacuum Seal Donuts?

If you love donuts, you know that donuts that have been left out on the counter for more than 24 hours can be stale and dry.

This can seem like a real crime if you have a lot of donuts left over when you have purchased a box, and you don’t want them to go bad before they can be enjoyed.

While donuts are not that expensive, if you hate wasting food, this can be a real sore spot for you.

It can be hard to store donuts in a way that preserves them well. Donuts tend to want to get stale and dry out readily, even when placed in a Ziploc bag or placed in the fridge.

This might mean that you have wondered about storing them in vacuum sealed bags. This is actually a reasonable plan so long as you are not worried about the cosmetic part of the effect of the storage process using a vacuum sealer.

You can enjoy donuts that stay much fresher using a vacuum sealer, but they might not be as pretty as they were when they were brought home from the bakery.

If you are ready to learn some more about whether or not you can vacuum seal your donuts, read on!

How Long Can You Keep Donuts Fresh in Vacuum Sealed Bags?

Donuts that are vacuum sealed might keep for as much as two weeks. This is not really a food that freezes well, so you will probably not be able to keep your donuts fresh for months at a time like some other foods that you use the vacuum sealer to store.

Vacuum sealed donuts will still keep for much longer than donuts that are stored in other ways, however, which can make this storage process well worth it for your needs.

Make sure that you consider as well that cream-filled donuts or donuts with milk-based toppings will still need to go into the fridge if they are not eaten within a day.

You can breed a lovely mix of bacteria in these frostings and fillings when you don’t keep these kinds of donuts cold.

While the vacuum sealing process will keep out bacteria in the environment, you will inevitably have sealed some bacteria into the bag with the donuts from handling them. This can lead to spoiled donuts that you will want to avoid having to throw out later.

How to Vacuum Seal Donuts

When you are considering vacuum sealing donuts, make sure that you are not going to be really depressed about the frosting or toppings being ruined by the storage process.

Vacuum sealed bags can easily seal down so tightly over the frosting and toppings on your donuts that they will not look like they did when they were purchased.

This will probably not impact the taste of your donuts at all, but this can be a sad surprise for some people who really care about the perfection of the frosting when they go to eat their donut of choice.

To seal your donuts in vacuum sealed bags, you will need to place them on a flat surface and make sure that you are not stuffing too many donuts into each bag.

If you overfill the bag, it might not seal properly, and this can lead to spoiled or dried-out donuts that are no fun to eat. You might also find that the smashing of the top of the donuts is much worse when you put too many inside the bag.

Consider storing donuts of the same shape together as well to help with the bag sealing properly.

Make sure as well that you are using the right weight bags as really heavy bags might be too rigid for sealing up such soft products. Smashing your donuts flat will not make them fun to eat later, so having the right weight of the bag for the job is always a good idea.

If you are storing old-fashioned donuts or cake-like donuts, you might be able to store more donuts in each bag because they will hold their shape much better than softer and fluffier donuts.

These donuts can be frozen for a few weeks as well, with much less damage to their texture and flavor.

Make sure that you thoroughly defrost your donuts before you eat them from the freezer. Heating them when they are frozen will only make them mushy in the middle and burned on the edges.

It is always best to let your frozen baked goods thaw completely before you try to eat them. Also, be sure that you do not microwave your donuts for too long as this can make them crispy and can change their texture significantly.

The original fluffy texture of donuts is very hard to preserve, even when you are using a vacuum sealer to store them, so be realistic about what your stored donuts will be able to hold up to when reheating them.

Vacuum Sealing Can Work for Donuts

While donuts are not the ideal food to store with a vacuum sealer, you can still use this method of storage to make sure that your donuts do not go to waste.

Be sure that you are careful about where you put your vacuum sealed donuts so that they do not get smashed, and be sure that you are not keeping crème-filled donuts on the counter.

While your donuts might get a little smashed when they come out of the vacuum sealed bag, you will still get to enjoy a donut that tastes pretty much like it did when you bought it from the store.

Donuts are a really delicious snack, and if you hate the thought of wasting donuts that have not been eaten, you will want to be sure that you have a vacuum sealer on hand.

This can help you to store your donuts for a few weeks, and you will not have to lament wasting donuts because they are hard to store.

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