Can You Vacuum Seal Pancake Mix?

Pancake mix is one of those things that can sometimes sit around for way too long in your cupboards. This can lead to it going stale or just not rising like it would have when it was new.

You cannot store your pancake mix in the fridge because the moisture in the refrigerator can make the milk powder in the pancake mix spoil.

This can lead to an issue when storing pancake mix since that only leaves storage in the cupboard or pantry.

If you hate wasting food and you are tired of losing your pancake mix to spoiling, you need to consider vacuum sealing your pancake mix to store it.

This is a convenient solution from the standpoint of space-saving as well, so there are two benefits to this kind of storage process.

Being able to keep your pancake mix fresh for much longer can be a really nice benefit, and you can even store it in set amounts to be used when you head out camping or traveling.

If you are ready to learn more about whether or not you can vacuum seal pancake mix, you need to keep reading!

How to Vacuum Seal Pancake Mix

The first thing that you need to do when you are going to vacuum seal pancake mix is to make sure that you wash your hands.

If you introduce bacteria into the storage bags that you are sealing up, you will end up spoiling your pancake mix even inside the vacuum-sealed bag.

Make sure that your hands are clean first before you handle anything that you are vacuum sealing for long-term storage.

You will also need a flat surface to work with as you seal your pancake mix and the right kind of vacuum sealing bags. You will want a bag that is a little thicker and more flexible so that your pancake mix does not spill out of the bag or the seal is not broken while your pancake mix is stored.

Having the right sealing bags can make a big difference in the amount of time that you will get from your storage process.

Once you have the proper workspace sorted out, you are ready to start vacuum sealing your pancake mix. You have a couple of options when you do this. You can just seal the whole unopened package of mix inside a vacuum sealing bag and call it good.

This will work just fine, and this is a very easy process to use if you have a fresh and unused pancake mix that you want to preserve.

However, if you want to break up your pancake mix into smaller portions or the box of pancake mix has already been opened, you will want to break up your mix into increments and seal.

You will also want to be sure that you are not trying to put too much pancake mix into any one bag, as this can impact the seal on the bag.

It is usually a good rule of thumb to just put one batch worth of pancake mix into each vacuum-sealed bag.

You can also choose to freeze your vacuum sealed pancake mix, so a single batch or mix is a good idea if that is your goal. Moisture is less likely to impact the freshness of your mix when it is stored in the freezer if you store it in smaller amounts.

If you are storing your pancake mix in the cupboard or the pantry, make sure that it is not stored somewhere in the light, or that gets hot.

You will also want to be sure that the bags cannot be punctured and that bugs or other chewing pests cannot get into your stash of pancake mix either.

Storing properly is still required even if you have vacuum sealed your pancake mix. The vacuum sealing process will keep air and moisture out but only for so long if you place your pancake mix in a really challenging storage situation.

This is why you need to contemplate where you want to store your mix pretty carefully just to be safe. There is nothing worse than thinking that you have some pancake mix stored that has gone bad before you could enjoy it.

How Long Will Pancake Mix Keep When Vacuum Sealed?

When you vacuum seal pancake mix, you can expect it to last about two years when stored at room temperature. In the freezer, your pancake mix can last pretty much indefinitely.

It might start to be a little less flavorful and fluffy after a couple of years, however. Make sure that you mark the storage date on each package so that you do not tempt fate and miss out on using the pancake mix that you worked hard to store.

Vacuum sealed food items of all kinds will keep longer when they are stored in the right place. This might be the freezer, or it could be a cool and dark place.

Just make sure that bugs and moisture cannot get into the place that you have chosen for your pancake mix storage, and you should get the maximum lifespan from your storage efforts.

Vacuum Sealing Pancake Mix Can be Easy

Vacuum sealing is a really convenient and effective way to store this kind of food, and you will love this solution if you want to travel with pancake mix on hand.

The boxes and bags that these kinds of products usually come in are not ideal for long-term storage, so vacuum sealing can make all the difference in your ability to store and ultimately use your pancake mix.

Always make sure that you wash your hands before you start the packaging process, and be sure that you mark the date on all the sealed bags of pancake mix as well.

Having a good way of tracking when items have been vacuum sealed can help make sure that no food goes to waste in your house.

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