Can You Vacuum Seal Tofu?

If you love tofu, you know how hard it can be to get through a whole package unless you are making a large meal of some kind.

Tofu does not keep for very long when stored in the fridge or once the bag is opened. This can make it very frustrating to buy tofu with the plan to use it in many of your meals.

You might find that your tofu goes bad before you can go through even half the block in some cases!

However, tofu can be vacuum sealed, which makes it easy to save the leftover tofu that you have not cooked yet. This means that you can keep your tofu around for many weeks without worries about it going bad.

You can also choose to break it up into smaller portions to be used for specific meals without having to open up the entire block each time and risk it going bad.

If you are ready to learn more about whether or not you can vacuum seal tofu, you need to keep reading!

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Can I Vacuum Seal Tofu With Seasonings or Sauce?

Tofu is almost always seasoned with something, and this is a common question when considering whether or not to store your tofu with a vacuum sealer. You can seal your tofu plain or with a sauce on it and store it with ease.

You will just need to be sure that you do not have too much sauce in the vacuum sealed bags because this can cause the bag’s seal to fail during the time that your tofu is stored.

This is more commonly an issue when storing tofu in the fridge than when it is stored in the freezer, so you might not need to worry about this factor if you are going to be freezing your tofu.

Make sure that you are careful about compressing the tofu too hard as you seal it so that you do not smash it into a pulp as you are trying to contain the sauce.

How to Vacuum Seal Tofu

No matter which way you decide to store your tofu, you will need to have clean hands. You do not want to introduce bacteria into the sealed bags with your tofu in them.

Bacteria in the bags of tofu can make them go bad despite the fact that your bags are vacuum sealed shut. You should always have clean hands no matter what food you are vacuum sealing.

Once you have gotten your hands ready, you will need to decide if you are going to divide your tofu up into smaller blocks or store it in the larger block that you get it in from the store.

Either method is fine, but you can more easily use your tofu for individual meals when you cut it up into smaller pieces. This is also an easier way to store your tofu with a vacuum sealer as well.

This is because the seal on the bag will be better with a bunch of smaller shapes in the bags rather than one big block.

If you are sealing with sauce included, make sure that you do not get too much sauce in each bag, and be careful not to press the bag too flat as you are sealing.

You might have to figure out what is the right balance of sauce to tofu if you are having issues with the bag compressing your tofu too hard. This can be the most difficult part of sealing in your tofu in a pre-made marinade.

Make sure that you have a flat surface to work with, and be sure that you can keep the tofu in a smooth layer as you seal each bag.

You do not want a clump of tofu at the bottom of the sealed bag because moisture between the layers of tofu might impact the texture and the flavor or make it go bad.

How Long Does Tofu Keep When It Has Been Vacuum Sealed?

Tofu will keep for about a week in the fridge when it has been vacuum sealed and for about a month in the freezer. The texture of tofu can be impacted by the cold after this month has elapsed, so make sure that you mark each bag with the sealing date.

It can be helpful to stack your tofu bags in order so that you are using the oldest bags first to avoid wasting food.

The freezer can be hard on items that are stored with a lot of moisture in them. If you make sure to consume your tofu before the month is out, you should have no trouble with spoiling.

However, if you forget about a bag of tofu, it might be wise to just throw it out. It will probably taste bad and have a really unpleasant texture if it has gotten too old.

While this tofu might not make you feel bad, it will probably not be a bunch of fun to eat, and it might ruin the other items in the dishes you are making as well.

Storing Tofu Can be Easy With a Vacuum Sealer

If you have a vacuum sealer on hand, you can easily store many kinds of food items. Tofu can be hard to use fast enough when you are making small meals with a single brick, but a vacuum sealer can save the day.

Having the ability to break up the larger brick of tofu into smaller batches can be a big benefit to using your vacuum sealer as well. Many people hate wasting food, but having a vacuum sealer can prevent this problem.

If you are passionate about storing your food items to prevent waste, then you need to be sure that you have a vacuum sealer on hand to take care of this need.

There are so many foods besides tofu that you can store with ease using your vacuum sealer, and you will be so glad that you are not throwing out a bunch of food each month due to waste.

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